Combat in Clearfield 4 Results

Combat in Clearfield 4 – November 10th, 2012
Clearfield County Fairgrounds – Clearfield, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Bobby Fish won a battle royal to earn a shot at the IWC Title later in the night
  2. Sebastian def. Will Calrissian
  3. John McChesney def. HD Cannon
  4. Dalton Castle, Keith Haught, & Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Bronco McBride & Matt Segaris) def. Team Big League (Marshall Gambino & Chest Flexor), Corey Futuristic, & Super Hentai
  5. Gregory Iron def. Andrew Palace
  6. Colin Delaney def. Dennis Gregory
  7. Aiden Veil & Jordan Lennox def. The One Nighters (Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino)
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Logan Shulo def. Bobby Fish


IWC’s return to Clearfield, PA saw the largest battle royal in IWC history, as nearly 30 stars ranging from established veterans to rookies in their first opportunity collided with one another to determine the night’s opponent for IWC Champion Logan Shulo. With Shulo watching from commentary at ringside, the herd thinned to the final three – John McChesney, Team Big League member Bobby Fish, and Dalton Castle. While McChesney had tunnel vision toward Logan, his big mouth came back to haunt him. Justin Idol, still attempting to work his way through Team Big League to earn his IWC contract back, took offense to yet another incident of McChesney belittling and insulting many of his students from the Iron City Wrestling Academy who were participating in the match. Idol’s diversion led to a McChesney elimination from Dalton Castle. However, as quickly as that took place, Fish had snuck up behind Dalton and eliminated him, leading to the signing of the evening’s main event.

McChesney accompanied Fish to ringside for his main event battle, as one would think if he himself could not gain the IWC Title, at least having it within Team Big League would be a top priority. However, Logan unexpectedly had Dalton Castle in his corner. Both Dalton & Logan were upset at McChesney for involving himself in their championship match against one another at No Excuses a month ago, and Dalton wanted to make sure Logan did not get screwed as he himself had at that event. After over 15 minutes of intense competition, McChesney attempted one too many times to involve himself, was chased to the back, and with the playing field back to one-on-one, Shulo powerbombed Fish to retain the title. Now, Logan enters a rare, historic Title vs. Title bout with Super Indy Champion Michael Facade at the quite aptly named Winner Take All… and it will be in a Thirty Minute Ironman Match! Which man will leave holding TWO championships next month?

Colin Delaney shocked many with what some call an upset win over Dennis Gregory to earn a Tag Team Title opportunity against the Founding Fathers at Winner Take All as well. Colin has a long history of success in singles & tag ranks… can Colin secure a regular IWC roster spot with a title win after pinning one of the most decorated athletes in IWC history?

With Dalton Castle’s scheduled match with Bobby Fish obviously changed, the “Party Peacock” ended up in tag team competition, joining the fun & energetic Keith Haught and the no-nonsense Blue Collar Slaughterhouse in 8-man action against Team Big League’s Marshall Gambino, Chest Flexor, Founding Father member Super Hentai (angry over Haught eliminating him from the battle royal) and a fourth partner hand-chosen by Chuck Roberts… Corey Futuristic. Several stories unfolded in this battle, most notable Marshall Gambino’s refusal to assist Flexor at the end of the match, leading to a Castle & company victory after a chaotic and hectic battle.

In other action, John McChesney finally scored his first victory over Matt “HD” Cannon after three failed attempts… The exciting young tag team of Aiden Veil & Jordan Lennox, fresh off of ridding IWC of James Nutter permanently, got their official partnership off on the right track with a victory over former IWC Tag Champs Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino… “Handicapped Hero” and the CM Punk-endorsed Gregory Iron (with the lovely Lady Heather at ringside) defeated the young and overly-arrogant Andrew Palace… And Clearfield native Sebastian picked up a big win over self-proclaimed “Fanny Pack Champion of the World” Will Calrissian.