Uncivil War Results

Uncivil War – March 9th, 2013
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney def. Dalton Castle via reverse-decision DQ
  2. Andrew Palace def. HD Cannon in a Super Indy Qualifying match on behalf of Bobby Fish. As a result, Fish enters Super Indy XII.
  3. Logan Shulo def. Jimmy DeMarco via DQ
  4. Keith Haught & Colin Delaney def. IWC Tag Team Champions The Founding Fathers (Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vega$) to win the titles
  5. Team Big League (Jimmy Nutts & Joseph Brooks) def. W.A.R. (Aiden Veil & Jordan Lennox)
  6. Justin Idol def. Chest Flexor
  7. IWC Super Indy Champion Anthony Nese def. Mike Rayne
  8. Logan Shulo, Dalton Castle, & W.A.R. (Aiden Veil & Jordan Lennox) def. Team Big League (John McChesney, Jimmy DeMarco, Jimmy Nutts, & Joseph Brooks in an 8-man elimination tag match


March 9, 2013 at the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA saw all of the fallout of Norm Connors’ threatened lawsuit on the IWC organization for being struck by Logan Shulo at the end of “Payback” this past January. With his lawyer present, Norm opted to go another path in his goal to absolute IWC power… rather than lengthy court battles with owner Chuck Roberts, Norm has had himself legally appointed as Executive Consultant to Team Big League, giving him instant influence over all of IWC’s top matches & the IWC Title. Chuck Roberts, not to be outdone, showed his power reigned supreme… and announced the main event of John McChesney defending the IWC Title against “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle would be FIRST match on the card! An unprepared champion, still clad in street clothes protested vehemently but to no avail. Chuck’s plan seemed to work, as Team Big League’s interference & use of a steel chair backfired, as Dalton hit McChesney with a German suplex, the momentum of which caused McChesney to strike HIMSELF in the head with a chair he was holding upon impact, knocking himself cold, allowing Dalton to capture the IWC Title! As everyone in attendance celebrated a new champion, Norm Connors emerged again with newly re-hired referee CJ Sensation to overrule the title win, stating a foreign object (the chair McChesney had been holding) was used illegally to help Dalton win (although Dalton never touched the chair nor brought it into the match). As a result, CJ and the match’s original referee Troy Davis had no choice but to agree to return the title to McChesney. Some pointed to this as a suspect way for CJ to make his return, based on a long history as a Norm Connors loyalist, though that line of thought has not gone past speculation. Regardless, the damage was done and Dalton was once again shafted by McChesney & company out of IWC’s top title.

Meanwhile, Logan Shulo’s mystery opponent turned out to be the man who played one of the biggest hands in causing Logan to lose the IWC Title, the man who served as special referee in that screwjob “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco. It was Jimmy’s first match in nearly 11 months, but of course Executive Consultant Norm Connors was ringside. Norm even dared Logan to find a fan from ringside to stand in Logan’s corner, and Logan found one… a huge individual who was just as large — if not larger — than Shulo. However, it seemed Team Big League was a step ahead of the pack again, as this unknown fan entered the ring at one point, not to assault Jimmy… but to attack Logan! Security staff ejected this man out the front door, and DeMarco left with him (though would return). It seems as though a ringer was planted in the crowd to once again humiliate Logan Shulo.

Further added to the Team Big League stranglehold, Jimmy Nutts & Joseph Brooks scored a sneaky win over W.A.R., Aiden Veil & Jordan Lennox, using the ropes for illegal leverage on the fall, as well as exploiting the still-injured shoulder of Veil that was severely damaged months ago during a number of Nutts’ selfish outbursts to his former best friend. After this win, McChesney chose to come out to get his licks in to work off his frustration of earlier, though Big League was followed by Dalton, then DeMarco, then Shulo to incite an all-out 8 man brawl. Chuck Roberts made the match to take “Uncivil War” to a new level… all 8 men would compete in a 4-on-4 Elimination Rules match… tonight!

Team Dalton took the advantage early by offing Brooks, but Team Big League rallied to eliminate both WAR members. Dalton & Logan rallied however to excommunicate Nutts & DeMarco, leaving McChesney alone with the two men he had shafted worse than anyone… former IWC Champion Logan Shulo and would-be IWC Champion Dalton Castle. Both men wanted their shot to get revenge, and both men wanted to beat the champion. It was only right that we saw both men’s signature moves… Shulo’s powerbomb & Castle’s German suplex, utilized en route to pinning the champion, making Dalton & Logan sole survivors. While Team Big League has added some serious clout in their Executive Consultant, they found out first hand their power will be tested in very physical fashion.

Elsewhere, new Tag team Champions were crowned as the popular team of the re-rejuvenated Colin Delaney & the unique Keith Haught defeated The Founding Fathers, represented here by Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vegas. It was the Founding Fathers’ mouths that led to their undoing, as a pre-match dare by Gregory for anyone to step up to them, was answered minutes later by Matt “HD” Cannon, who was violently confronted by Jimmy Vegas. The distraction led to Delaney & Haught going on an Excellent Adventure mid-ring on Gregory to officially capture the titles! Congratulations to both men!

Super Indy Champion Anthony Nese retained over “The Man Made For Prime Time” Mike Rayne, handing Rayne his first loss in his IWC career. However, the big story came after the match. Out of nowhere, the lights turned to black, and when they came back on Gory was in the ring, blinding Rayne with that red liquid mist, much as he had done to Logan Shulo at Payback. There was no Norm Connors or whistle-blowing to speculate upon here, so what were Gory’s true movites? Is he working for a greater power or is he just out to spread pain and misery to all he can?

Justin Idol has earned a full-time IWC contract to compete in-ring, defeating Chest Flexor in what became his final hurdle to climb to earn his spot, after John McChesney had placed Flexor in charge of ending Idol’s career. However, after the match, as Chuck Roberts congratulated Justin, hand-delivering Idol’s new contract, Justin simply crumpled it up and threw it to the ground. Has Idol refused the contract he worked six months to attain? Why?

Injured Team Big League member and ROH World Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish unfortunately was unable to compete due to a knee injury, but selected Andrew Palace as his surrogate to compete against HD Cannon in the first Super Indy XII Qualifying Match. Palace picked up a big victory, and on the surface it seemed that Palace had reached a career milestone of qualifying for Super Indy in just his rookie year! However, due to the wording of the contract signed between Fish & Palace, drafted by Executive Consultant Norm Connors & his esteemed lawyer, Palace unknowingly won the spot in Super Indy XII… for Bobby Fish!