Night of the Superstars 2 Results

Night of the Superstars 2 – April 13th, 2013
Meadville Area Senior High School – Meadville, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Kyle Matthews def. Corey Hollis in a Super Indy XII Qualifying Match
  2. Rocky Reynolds def. Zema Ion
  3. HD Cannon & IWC Tag Team Champions Colin Delaney & Keith Haught def. The Founding Fathers (Dennis Gregory, Jimmy Vega$, & Super Hentai)
  4. Dalton Castle def. Andrew Palace
  5. IWC Super Indy Champion Tony Nese def. Michael Elgin & Kid Kash
  6. Little Kato def. Bad Boy Brian
  7. W.A.R. (Aiden Veil & Jordan Lennox) def. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino)
  8. Vader def. Chest Flexor & Corey Futuristic
  9. Goldust def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney via count-out
  10. Goldust, Colt Toombs, Facade, & Logan Shulo def. Team Big League (John McChesney, Rex Lawless, Jimmy Nutts, & Joseph Brooks)

Team Big League Pays The Piper 

IWC’s second sojourn to the Meadville, PA area for “IWC Night of Superstars 2” proved to be a massive success for all involved, except for perhaps Team Big League, who found themselves incredibly close to losing the IWC Title and a whole lot more.

John McChesney’s evening started crashing a very special edition of “Piper’s Pit” featuring the legendary Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, son Colt Toombs, and an old rival from days gone by, “The Bizarre One” Goldust. While Piper & Goldust shared some painful memories from their Hollywood Backlot Brawl, it was clear there was a large amount of mutual respect between the two today. One man who showed respect for neither legend was McChesney, who crashed the party and insisted it was he who should have been in the “Pit” with Piper. This raised the ire of just about everyone, and it led to IWC Owner Chuck Roberts overuling the decision to make McChesney’s match with Goldust non-title, and the son of the son of a plumber would now get a shot at wearing IWC gold!
McChesney certainly was well aware of the risk involved as, when it came to match time, the rest of “Team Big League” was in tow – Jimmy Nutts, Joseph Brooks, and bodyguard Rex Lawless. Rather than battle for IWC’s top prize, McChesney chose to intentionally get himself counted out, and then aimed to mug the Golden One four-on-one. This brought out some re-enforcements – former IWC Champion Logan Shulo, the returning Facade, and the son of the Hot Rod, Colt Toombs! The battle lines were drawn and a spectacular eight man tag was made for the night’s feature match!

But just as you thought you had all the answers on the night, it was the Rowdy one that changed the questions once again! Roddy Piper found himself ringside, causing chaos by physically upending Jimmy Nutts, allowing son Colt to get the knockout shot that was won him many an MMA fight as well, and lead to victory. McChesney’s night still wasn’t done, as he suffered Shattered Dreams not just figuratively, but literally as well, before being put to sleep by Colt in an homage to his dad.

Perhaps the only men who had WORSE nights were the alliance of Chest Flexor, Andrew Palace, and Corey Futuristic, along of course with Flexor’s valet Ginger. All three were upset over not being booked for a match on this night, so they all had open challenges issued. Palace’s ample mouth led to him squaring off with “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle, who told Andrew he reminded him of a young Dalton… brash and talented, but not mature enough to realize what truly matters. That being the fans. It was the “Party Peacock” flying high at the end of this contest with a big victory.

Flexor & Corey called out anyone…. and they got VADER. The 458-lb “Rocky Mountain Mastadon” made quick work of both men, flattening each with a Vader Bomb and reminding us all what time it truly was.

Super Indy XII is this June and in addition to Bobby Fish and whomever the defending champion is, we can add Kyle Matthews to the field after his defeat of Corey Hollis. Kyle is a rapidly rising talent out of the state of Georgia who’s trained in his home-base as well as the Zero-One Dojo, and was even the recipient of the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club’s “Future Legend” award. Kyle will fit right in with the Super Indy field, and has his shot to make history this summer.

Speaking of Super Indy, the champion Tony Nese survived his toughest test to date, overcoming both “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and a man who’s found success everywhere he’s been, Kid Kash. Nese was able to sneak in and catch a lucky pin on Elgin while holding the tights, but would certainly have the pay for his injustices less than 24 hours later.

We Are Rockstars, Aiden Veil & Jordan Lennox, scored the biggest win of their tag team careers by far by upsetting the most successful 2-man tag unit in IWC history, Mickey & Marshall Gambino. Blue Collar Slaughterhouse created a diversion ringside, sending a message to the Gambinos hours before their battle with them at Mountain State Madness, allowing WAR to capitalize and infuriating the brothers Gambino… even moreso than usual.

In other action, it was hometown hero Rocky Reynolds picking up a big win over Zema Ion, the IWC Tag Champions Colin Delaney & Keith Haught joining forces with HD Cannon to defeat former champs Dennis Gregory, Jimmy Vega$ and Super Hentai, and in a special attraction midget match, Little Kato, son of the legendary Lord Littlebrook, defeated Bad Boy Brian.