Super Indy XII Results

Super Indy XII – June 15th, 2013
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Facade def. Jimmy Rave in the quarter final round of the Super Indy XII Tournament
  2. Extreme Tiger def. Bobby Fish in the quarter final round of the Super Indy XII Tournament
  3. Mr. 450 Hammett def. Corey Hollis, HD Cannon, & Mike Rayne in the Second Chance 4-Way to qualify for Super Indy XII
  4. Gory def. Kyle Matthews in the quarter final round of the Super Indy XII Tournament
  5. ACH def. Shane Strickland in the quarter final round of the Super Indy XII Tournament
  6. IWC Super Indy Champion Anthony Nese def. Mr. 450 Hammett in the semi final round of the Super Indy XII Tournament
  7. Facade def. Extreme Tiger in the semi final round of the Super Indy XII Tournament
  8. Gory def. ACH in the semi final round of the Super Indy XII Tournament
  9. Super Hentai def. Andrew Palace
  10. Dalton Castle & Logan Shulo def. Team Big League (John McChesney, Jimmy Nutts, & Joseph Brooks). Castle earned the fall, which earns him a future IWC World Heavyweight Title shot.
  11. Facade def. IWC Super Indy Champion Anthony Nese and Gory in the final round of the Super Indy XII Tournament to win the title


IWC’s 12th annual Super Indy Tournament has been a launching pad for stardom, a place where dreams are either realized or terminated, and the most wide open, competitive night of the IWC calendar year. Every year, it gets tougher and tougher to predict a victor, and the journey through this field of (officially) 10 was one that will be talked about for a long time to come.

First-round action kicked off with “The Neon Ninja” & the man who never lost the Super Indy Title last year, Facade, as he went one-on-one with a man making his IWC return after a nine year absence Jimmy Rave, as Facade bested the young veteran and shattered Rave’s hopes nine years in the making. In what many consider an upset, Team Big League’s only representative in the tournament, Bobby Fish, was eliminated first-round by the AAA standout Extreme Tiger. ACH & “The New Flavor” Shane Strickland awed fans with an amazing dance-off before escalating in a game of can-you-top-this?” of seamless agility and incredibly physical strikes until ACH showcased his true attitude, charisma, and especially heart to move on. The animalistic Gory was able to defeat the Georgia-standout he had attacked back at “Night of Superstars”, Kyle Matthews. Finally, in the “Second Chance 4-Way” featuring four previously eliminated stars in from qualifying matches (Mike Rayne, Mr. 450, Corey Hollis & HD Cannon), it was Mr. 450 living up to his namesake and moving on into official tournament contention.

Semi-final competition opened with Super Indy Champion Anthony Nese (who, as is customary, receives a bye in the semi-finals due to holding the championship) combining his amazing raw power with deceptively quick speed to best Mr. 450, while Facade survived a high-octane battle with Extreme Tiger, winning via Dread Lock. Gory rounded out the three by matching ACH speed-for-speed, with quite a bit of ruthlessness added in, solidifying our three-way final.

As Facade & Gory battled one another, re-kindling a years-old rivalry last seen in IWC when Gory defeated Facade in a cage last summer, Nese attempted to out-smart them by staying out of sight and picking his spots. Once Facade realized Nese’s plan, he manipulated Gory into revisiting some of their old tag team days together, as they (perhaps just instinctively hit Nese with an elaborate double team move, before (under hesitation from Gory) both hit their famed Buddy Moonsault. The re-visitation of these old years and memories he had long since suppressed sent Gory absolutely over the edge. Ignoring the Super Indy Title prize, Gory aimed to spray Facade with his trademark red mist, though Facade ducked, causing Gory to inadvertently mist the referee, leaving Gory immediately disqualified. With it down to one-on-one, Nese and Facade battled feverishly, with Nese even knocking one of Facade’s teeth out, bloodying the mouth of the Aerosol Assassin. With both men battling on the turnbuckle, Facade was able to get Nese into position for a Super Arashikage Driver, ending the match, writing what many call a wrong when he was forced to forfeit the gold last December, and avenging his loss in the finals a year ago. Congratulations go out to Facade for possibly the biggest win of his career and his third Super Indy Title victory!

Speaking of titles, Logan Shulo & Dalton Castle found themselves at odds – either beat Team Big League’s Jimmy Nutts, Joseph Brooks and IWC Champion John McChesney with whichever man who earns the fall challenging McChesney for the gold at Caged Fury 2013, or lost the match and have NEITHER Logan or Castle be allowed to challenge for the championship for one year’s time. This match was made by Team Big League Executive Consultant Norm Connors, with clearly the plan in mind to create dissension between Logan & Castle, and eliminate the two top threats to Team Big League & The IWC Title. While the plan worked throughout the match, with both Logan & Castle’s tag inexperience, coupled with Team Big League’s 3-on-2 advantage becoming key factors, things spun out of control. Shulo took pleasure over profession for a moment, kicking Norm Connors off the apron as revenge for the many times he had been screwed over in the past, while Castle gained retribution from his prior title matches by scoring the pin, behind Shulo’s back. Both Dalton & Logan had heavily debated over whom would get the pin, so this likely doesn’t sit well with “Heavy Metal Jesus”. However, Dalton Castle will meet John McChesney for the IWC Title the summer!

Someone not on the title front these days is the Super Indy Innovator, the man who started it all, Super Hentai. Reports suggest this Founding Father has been the subject of ridicule from Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vega$ as of late, who feel Hentai has been on a slump. So when Chest Flexor’s associate Andrew Palace issued an open challenge, Hentai was very quick to accept, decimating Palace, Flexor and fellow flunkies Brian McDowell and Corey Futuristic in the process. Hentai sending a message to the Fathers, the fans, perhaps even himself, his losing streak is finished. Following the match, Hentai was confronted by Justin Idol (who was on hand to support HD Cannon for his match) issued a challenge for a six-man tag at Proving Ground next month. This will be the first time we see Idol in a ring since tearing apart the IWC contract he was offered some months ago.

One more story broke in regards to Proving Ground. A very angry (even by his standards) Marshall Gambino interrupted what was, up to that point, a very dubious live edition of “Chair Shot Reality” featuring online wrestling pundit Justin LaBar to lay a challenge to Blue Collar Slaughterhouse next month… in an old fashioned Gambino Streetfight!

How will these and other stories develop as we march into another red hot summer of IWC action?!