Mountain State Madness 5 Results

Mountain State Madness 5 – August 25th, 2013
Wells School Building – Newell, WV
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Aiden Veil def. Alvin Alvarez
  2. The Founding Fathers (Dennis Gregory & Justin Idol) def. HD Cannon & Sam Cassidy
  3. RJ City def. Shane Strickland
  4. Logan Shulo vs. Anthony Nese went to a time limit draw
  5. IWC Super Indy Champion Facade def. Andrew Palace
  6. Harley T. Morris def. Corey Futuristic
  7. Ray Rowe def. Bobby Fish
  8. Nevaeh def. Sassy Stephie
  9. Dalton Castle, Keith Haught, & Colin Delaney def. Team Big League (John McChesney, Jimmy Nutts, & Joseph Brooks)
  10. Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Bronco McBride & Matt Segaris) def. Marshall Gambino & Brian McDowell in a steel cage match


The cage was assembled once again in Newell, WV in a special outdoor event for IWC Mountain State Madness 5 as four physical brawlers were trapped in one confined area. It was without question the biggest win of the careers of Matt Sagaris & Bronco McBride, in spite of the attack a night prior, were able to defeat Marshall “The Bull” & Brian McDowell, but pinning Marshall, no less, a huge feat in their unofficial home. Could tag title gold be far behind for BCSH?

During another live “Chair Shot Reality” segment, Justin LaBar & RJ City essentially gloated about their attack to Zema Ion a night prior, until Zema emerged from the locker room. Unable to compete obviously, Zema wanted to give his hometown fans a treat… so Zema was given the power to make a match between RJ City and his opponent… Shane Strickland. However, the relationship RJ has with LaBar is proving to already pay off, as it was LaBar throwing water into the eyes of Strickland, distracting him enough for RJ to apply his signature sleeper hold he calls “Goodnight Everybody”.

Super Indy Champion Facade makes it 2-0 on the weekend, successfully defending against STD Andrew Palace. The match was noteworthy for a breathtaking dive by Facade off the top of the ring truck onto all members of the STDs down below.

It was a slight measure of revenge, as Dalton Castle, Colin Delaney & Keith Haught avenged their respective losses from the night prior, scoring a big six-man tag victory over Team Big League’s John McChesney, Jimmy Nutts & Joseph Brooks. Furthermore, it was Castle who scored the pin over McChesney, proving once again that Dalton CAN defeat the IWC Champion… but will he be able to capture another title opportunity??

Huge news saw the Founding Fathers represented by Dennis Gregory and… Justin Idol?! We’re not sure what went down between the time we spotted Jimmy Vega$ toss Idol the Founding Fathers T-shirt and this match, but whatever did certainly had a profound effect on Justin, who was more than willing to sneak attack, punish, and defeat (illegally) a team of his OWN students of HD Cannon & Sam Cassidy. What has motivated Idol’s sudden change of heart??

In other action, Ray Rowe avenged his loss a night prior, by sending Bobby Fish to “Death Rowe”… Logan Shulo & Tony Nese battled to a ten minute time limit draw in a very evenly matched war of perennial title contenders… Nevaeh bested Sassy Steph in Women’s action with her own feet on the ropes for leverage… Young Aiden Veil got back on the winning track beating the much larger debuting “Solution” Alvin Alvarez… And life-long Newell native Harley T. Morris had a successful IWC debut when he defeated Corey Futuristic.