Friday Night Fights Results

Friday Night Fights – September 27th, 2013
White Oak Athletic Association – White Oak, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. IWC Tag Team Champions Team Big League (Jimmy Nutts & Joseph Brooks) def. Keith Haught & Colin Delaney
  2. Zema Ion def. Brian McDowell
  3. HD Cannon def. Remy Lavey
  4. Ashton Amherst def. IWC Super Indy Champion Facade in an unsanctioned non-title match
  5. Dennis Gregory def. Sam Cassidy
  6. Bronco McBride, Mike Rayne, & W.A.R. (Aiden Veil & Jordan Lennox) def. Marshall Gambino & The Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor, Andrew Palace, & Corey Futuristic)
  7. Logan Shulo def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney via DQ


At IWC’s return to the White Oak Athletic Association on September 27, 2013, we had hoped to answer several pivotal questions surrounding Team Big League and various rumors and uncertainties that have abounded in recent weeks, but we left that night perhaps more perplexed than ever before.

IWC Champion “Big League” John McChesney stepped into battle against the man he initially screwed out of the title last December “Heavy Metal Jesus” Logan Shulo, their first one-on-one meeting since that fact. Team Big League’s Executive Consultant Norm Connors had stated, for the second time, that Team Big League were barred from ringside in this match (a promise he also made at the IWC Title match at Caged Fury, yet still saw the interference of Joseph Brooks). Furthermore, both Norm as well as Justin LaBar were not in attendance, leaving us unable to pursue the details of their harsh in-ring confrontation from a month ago. However, McChesney made it clear in his pre-match interview that HE himself ran “Team Big League” and that’s why, even though Team Big League were banned from ringside, he was sending Jimmy Nutts & Joseph Brooks (who were still celebrating an earlier victory, successfully defending their titles against Colin Delaney & Keith Haught following Brooks using his now-trademark confetti gun as a weapon) back to the tech area to do commentary with myself. My attempts at gaining more details out of either man were limited at best, as McChesney and Shulo waged war in what was quickly becoming among the most physical IWC Title matches in quite some time. As Logan gained the edge after 15 intense minutes of battle, Brooks ran toward ringside in a mirror image of Caged Fury with, surprisingly, Nutts trailing behind apparently trying to talk Brooks out of it. Did Brooks get caught up in the heat of the moment? Was Nutts trying to remind Brooks of the stipulation? Or are these men on different pages altogether? It didn’t matter, as Chuck Roberts had both men forcibly ejected from the building to make sure this match had a decisive winner.

As action continued, and Logan seemed en route to regaining the IWC Title, it was apparently John McChesney had an even bigger shocker in store… the 350-pound-plus “Notorious” Shane Taylor made his return to IWC after a several year hiatus. Shane, one of the original Team Big League members but NOT currently one, leaving him fair game to get involved one would think, brought the entire match to a stand-still. Shane decimated Shulo with several splashes, crashing his frame down onto Shulo both from the mat as well as the second rope. Members of the IWC locker room poured into the ring to attempt to stop the madness, but McChesney and Taylor were already half-way to the exit. But, with Norm promising no interference, are we being duped again by the shady business practices of Connors, or did John McChesney call an old friend to take care of matters his own way?

Arguably a huge upset transpired, I say arguably because the victory may very well disagree with that assessment, Ashton Amherst has defeated Super Indy Champion Facade. The match was unsanctioned, so the Super Indy Title was not at stake, and this victory does not necessarily ensure Ashton a future title opportunity. Action had broken down with the insertion of a steel chair, as well as the official being knocked loopy following inadvertently being caught in the crosshairs of a Facade high-risk maneuver once, and being pulled into harm’s way by Ashton the second time. Ashton proved his manipulative ways to be effective, ending Facade’s night with The Ashton Experience (formerly known as Sterling James Keenan’s MK Ulta). What does this mean for Facade’s state of mind heading into his title defense October 19 against a man who never lost the Super Indy Title after winning a Super Indy Tournament a couple years back, Egotistico Fantastico?

When it came time for a live Chair Shot Reality with Justin LaBar we were instead joined by… Justin Plummer? The IWC Aftershock host admitted he played a bit of a prank on LaBar thanks to some friends of his working airport security delaying LaBar’s sojourn home, and as a result LaBar (nor RJ City) would be present. Therefore, Plummer conducted his own interview, with the recently cleared-to-return Zema Ion, who was the victim of a shameless attack when City kicked Ion in the stomach while Ion was still recovering from surgery a month ago. While Zema directed his aggressions toward City & LaBar, he was interrupted by an STD… Chest Flexor of the Sexy Talented Dudes to be more specific. Flexor & his gang surrounded Ion, issuing a challenge to the former X-Division Champion, before “Kingpin” Brian McDowell jumped Zema to begin the match. Zema was able to overcome the power and anger of McDowell to put the big man away with a cringe-worthy armbar submission, hopefully en route to a showdown with RJ City.

Elsewhere on the card, Marshall Gambino’s alliance with the STDs fell apart en route to an 8-man tag victory for Aiden Veil, Jordan Lennox, Bronco McBride & Mike Rayne (substituting for the injured Matt Sagaris) over Marshall, Chest Flexor, Andrew Palace & Corey Futuristic…. Dennis Gregory continued to wage war with IWC’s next generation by besting “The Natural” Sam Cassidy… HD Cannon defeated Remy LeVay en route to a hopeful one-on-one showdown with his former mentor turned Founding Father member Justin Idol.