Retro Reunion Results

Retro Reunion – October 19th, 2013
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Paul London & Jordan Lennox def. Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne
  2. RJ City def. Bobby Shields
  3. Jimmy Vega$ vs. HD Cannon went to a no-contest
  4. Shiima Xion def. IWC Super Indy Champion Facade to win the title
  5. IWC Tag Team Champions Team Big League (Jimmy Nutts & Joseph Brooks) def. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)
  6. Dalton Castle def. Dennis Gregory with special guest referee Jimmy Korderas
  7. Shane Taylor def. the Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor, Brian McDowell, Andrew Palace, & Corey Futuristic) in a handicapped match
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney def. Bobby Fish


IWC’s annual October offering at the Court Time Sports Center underwent a bit of a facelift for the 2013 installment and what resulted was one of the most unpredictable events in recent time, melding elements of the past and present to equate to what looks to be a very prosperous and unpredictable future.

There was certainly no way to predict how the “Pick Your Poison” portion of the evening went, as both Dalton Castle and IWC Champion John McChesney both got to pick the night’s opponent for the other, hot off the heels of the announcement they would meet one final time for the IWC Title this December at Winner Take All — with Norm Connors as Special Referee. Norm has claimed he will call it down the middle, and insists he’s called for a shortcut-free Team Big League for quite some time, going as far as to claim only Jimmy Nutts from Team Big League has kept in contact with him, as well as having a heated still-shrouded-in-mystery public confrontation with Justin LaBar over LaBar’s communications with others in the group. But the question remains – how much can we trust Norm? Does his past track record speak volumes here or is there something deeper at work? Regardless, Dalton Castle, who has come so close time and again and fallen just short through no
fault of his own, will have a huge obstacle to overcome and the weight of the world on his shoulders on December 14.

Dalton’s task wasn’t much easier on this night, as McChesney selected IWC’s only 5-Time Champion Dennis Gregory to test Dalton. Every the crafty veteran, Gregory was sure to broker some future title shots for his Founding Father stable before competing, though McChesney’s acquiescence may have been all for naught, as Dalton was able to best the timeless veteran. However, the referee for this bout happened to be 22-year veteran of WWE ring wars Jimmy Korderas, among the most honest and upstanding officials in the industry. The same can not be said when Norm Connors dons the stripes on December 14.

Meanwhile, Dalton may have gotten further inside the head of McChesney than ever before, as the “Party Peacock” selected McChesney’s own Team Big League ally and ROH World Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish to oppose the champion. While McChesney seemed somewhat reluctant to battle his partner, Fish seemed to embrace it, perhaps feeling he himself has something to prove. While Fish took the champion to his limit, the cagy McChesney escaped in tact in preparation for Dalton, but again, with the conflicting stories in Team Big League, combined with this match we just witnessed, it seems Team Big League may be in further disarray than ever before. Or at least we’re led to believe so.

We had thought Zema Ion was in San Diego, CA as part of the TNA Bound for Glory weekend festivities, and because of that RJ City & Justin LaBar had no qualms about appearing and running their mouths about the damage they’d inflicted to Zema during a live Chair Shot Reality back in August fresh off of Zema’s surgery. After a competitive defeat of Bobby Shields, RJ was greeted by Zema’s image on the video wall. While we had figured it was a pre-recorded message from California, we were all shocked to see the lights go on, and discover Zema in the ring staring down RJ! As City & LaBar bailed, it was clear Zema would have to wait another day to score his retribution, but he had another huge plan in place!

With Super Indy Champion Facade in need of an opponent that night, Zema decided to put his own spin on “Retro”, reverting back to his Shiima Xion name, and challenging for the title that helped propel his career into a worldwide success – the IWC Super Indy Title. It was a first-time one-on-one meeting for IWC, and it led to history being made as after about 15 minutes of intense competition, Shiima’s return home netted him his second reign as Super Indy Champion! Not only does Shiima get his career back to its winning ways in huge fashion, but a message is also sent to RJ City – Shiima is healthy and ready for battle!

One man sadly not ready for battle is Aiden Veil of WAR (We Are Rockstars). Young Aiden suffered his latest in a continuous stretch of shoulder injuries earlier this week in training, and was unable to join partner Jordan Lennox against the two U.K. prodigies Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne. However, WAR had a surprise in store, and a huge one at that – Paul London, former WWE star and current ROH competitor had made his long-awaited IWC debut to team with Lennox. The “Intrepid Traveler” certainly proved to be a more than suitable surrogate partner, as the IWC fans were ecstatic to see the unparallelled athleticism and unique personality that is Paul London, who led his team to victory with his breathtaking Shooting Star Press. Could this be only the beginning for Paul London’s IWC career?

In other action… Shane Taylor, fresh off of injuring Logan Shulo at Friday Night Fights at the behest of John McChesney, defeated all four Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor, Brian McDowell, Andrew Palace & Corey Futuristic) in a 4-on-1 Handicap Match… IWC Tag Team Champions Jimmy Nutts & Joseph Brooks retained their titles by defeating Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick (Aeroform) in a match that saw Nutts need medical attention afterward due to a yet-unidentified knee injury… Jimmy Vega$’ temper got the better of him, as his relentless aggression toward HD Cannon led to a disqualification victory for the youngster.