Combat in Clearfield 5 Results

Combat in Clearfield 5 – November 9th, 2013
Clearfield County Fairgrounds – Clearfield, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion def. Facade
  2. Bobby Fish def. Andrew Palace
  3. Jimmy Vega$ def. HD Cannon via DQ
  4. Dalton Castle def. Shane Taylor
  5. Dennis Gregory def. Joseph Brooks
  6. Marshall Gambino, Sam Cassidy, Bronco McBride, & Keith Haught def. Remy Lavey & The Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor, Brian McDowell, & Corey Futuristic)
  7. Logan Shulo def. Michael Elgin
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney def. Justin Idol via DQ


AWith five weeks away until a monumental Winner Take All spectacular in Elizabeth, IWC’s stars made a stop back in Clearfield for our latest “Combat In Clearfield” extravaganza. We were welcomed with open arms once again, but the stars of IWC had nothing but pain and anger in mind as we approach another major time-point in IWC’s existence.

The dynamic for Winner Take All was almost drastically altered when a NEW IWC Champion was crowned as Founding Father Justin Idol defeated IWC Champion John McChesney via pinfall to claim the crown following his signature Spirit Crusher. However, shortly afterward, the decision was overturned when the official assigned to the contest Troy Davis overruled the referee who had made the three-count, Jake Clemons. Troy had been violently shoved through a guardrail several minutes earlier while attempting to separate a fracas on the outside between members of The Founding Fathers and Team Big League. Davis ruled McChesney the winner via disqualification, and Idol’s dreams vanished as quickly as they had been realized. Following the match, a Founding Father/Team Big League war had erupted, one McChesney coyly attempted to avoid, before being thrown into battle by a near-by Dalton Castle, as the “Party Peacock” showed the Champion he may be closer to John – and the title – than McChesney may be ready to admit.

Dalton’s night wasn’t any easier, narrowly pinning 375-lb Team Big League enforcer Shane Taylor. Before the match, Taylor’s body count continued to grow as the “Notorious” one got into a fracas with Logan Shulo, whom he injured in September and will meet one-on-one at Winner Take All, a fracas so intense that announcer Justin Plummer was inadvertently splashed and injured by the mammoth Taylor, abruptly ending the fan-voted live edition of IWC Aftershock. Curiously, Taylor, a Team Big League member or at least it would seem, was represented not by Norm Connors… but by Justin LaBar. Does this play into some of the tense altercations Norm and LaBar have had in recent months? Following Dalton’s defeat of Taylor, McChesney blasted his top challenger from behind, throwing him back into the ring at the mercy of his enforcer. The champion had sent a message, will he be able to parlay this into retaining his championship? And what factor will Norm Connors have in that battle as Special Referee? Does Dalton have a chance in his last attempt? Can we trust Norm? Who’s in charge of who here?

Logan Shulo scored what some would call the biggest win of his career with a victory over “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. The Canadian-born strongman, whose losses in 2013 can be counted on one hand with several fingers left over, certainly lived up to his reputation as a top conditioned powerhouse. Shulo’s attempts at creating a weakness on the thick frame of his opposition had mixed results at best, as Logan found himself in a rare situation of being out-powered. In the end, what we thought would be a battle of powerbombs – Halo Bomb vs. Elgin Bomb, came down to a monstrous Lariat after several disorienting strikes to the head, giving Shulo a win — and respect — he truly earned. But can he survive someone even larger, who has already put Logan on the shelf, in the form of Shane Taylor December 14?

IWC Super Indy Champion Zema Ion’s dislike of Clearfield put the champion back into defensive mode, and we saw a bit more of the “old Shiima” than we may have expected. Pompous, hair-obsessed, and insecure, Clearfield brought out the worst in Zema, but perhaps the most ruthless and cutthroat as well. An on-going hairspray vs. spray paint battle of pride between Zema and challenger Facade made this a stark contrast from their Court Time encounter three weeks ago. Said hairspray may have factored into the conclusion of that match, but Zema no doubt has all focus on Winner Take All when he can finally get his hands on RJ City, one-on-one, to avenge months of mocking, ridicule, and RJ’s shameful assault on Zema as Zema was recovering from serious surgery. There will be no way for RJ to avoid his contractual obligations this time, these men will do battle December 14!

In other action… Founding Father Dennis Gregory found a bit of a sentimental side, but certainly not a “soft side”, as he defeated Team Big League’s Joseph Brooks on behalf of the Big Brothers & Big Sisters organization on hand that evening… ROH World Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish bested STD Andrew Palace in a match originally scheduled for Retro Reunion… HD Cannon scored an upset pinfall victory over Jimmy Vega$ after Jimmy’s temper allowed him to be distracted by the official. However, after seeing this photo from IWC photographer Daniel Hooven, IWC referee Jake Clemons reversed his decision, awarding the match to Vega$ via DQ after seeing Cannon clearly holding Vega$ tights while Vega$ arm is under the ropes… Marshall Gambino, Keith Haught, Sam Cassidy & Bronco McBride may have comprised the most in-congruent foursome in IWC history but their years of separate tag experience propelled them to a win over STDs Chest Flexor, Brian McDowell, Corey Futuristic (w/Ginger) & Remy Lavey.