A New Era Results

A New Era – February 22nd, 2014
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Luke Gallows won a battle royal to earn a shot at the IWC World Heavyweight Title
  2. Gregory Iron def. Andrew Palace
  3. Justin Idol def. Colin Delaney
  4. Asylum def. Blake Morris
  5. Team Big League (Joseph Brooks & John McChesney) def. Al Snow & Jimmy Nutts
  6. Ethan Page def. Jay Flash
  7. IWC Tag Team Champions The Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor & Brian McDowell) def. KnightRiders (Remy Lavey & Sam Cassidy)
  8. IWC Super Indy Champion RJ City def. Facade
  9. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dalton Castle def. Luke Gallows

The “Era of the Peacock” officially got underway this past Saturday at the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA, as Dalton Castle’s new-found championship reign was immediately placed in peril thanks to a twenty-plus man over-the-top-rope Battle Royal to determine the night’s #1 contender. The battle royal was won by a man not even scheduled to appear two weeks prior, the 6’7″ near-300 pound Luke “DOC” Gallows, who made immediate headlines by not only eliminating Jimmy Nutts to win the battle, but also by his entourage, which included the lovely Amber O’Neal and significantly less lovely Justin LaBar. It was clear LaBar was not only living up to a promise to help John McChesney take care of Nutts, but also had his sights set on representing all IWC singles champions.

Gallows’ battle with Dalton may be remembered as one of the most hard-hitting IWC Title matches in recent times, as Dalton was tested in ways he rarely has been, being out-sized and out-powered. LaBar and O’Neal’s presence didn’t help matters, however, when their involvement led to Gallows accidentally making contact with Amber, Dalton was able to swoop in and, in an amazing showcase of power, muscle the 300 pounder over his head from nearly ground-level, bridging up with his German suplex to retain the championship, proving Dalton is on top to stay.

The scheduled Jimmy Nutts/John McChesney confrontation didn’t go down as expected. After Nutts had eliminated McChesney from the Battle Royal, “Big League” lost it, and he & Joseph Brooks assaulted Nutts after the match until the legendary Al Snow, Brooks’ scheduled opponent for the night, came out to even the sides. With that, a tag team match was signed for later in the night! McChesney & Brooks made sure to take no chances, jumping Snow & Nutts from the blindside before the bout, neutralizing Nutts while isolating Snow for much of the contest. While Al was able to help Jimmy attain a fraction of the revenge he may have been looking for, the cohesion and conniving nature of Team Big League led to them stealing a victory when the faction’s bodyguard, the mammoth Rex Lawless, returned after nearly a year away from IWC, to decimate Team Big League’s competition, allowing McChesney to pin Nutts afterward. In spite of the endorsement of Snow & the IWC fans alike, Nutts was unable to even the score with his former employer McChesney. Will Jimmy Nutts find another ally to help him fight his war with a once-again expanding Team Big League?

IWC Super Indy Champion and alleged Mr. Sports-Entertainment himself, RJ City, met the man who has held that championship three times already, and endured Colt Cabana and Johnny Gargano to earn the opportunity, “Neon Ninja” Facade. With LaBar plotting strategy with Luke Gallows for later in the night, RJ was flying solo for the first time in many months, however our cameras did overhear RJ & LaBar discussing some sort of plan that was in place. The match saw Facade battle with the heart & desire that Super Indy was built on, while RJ attempted to showboat and hot dog, and spit in the face of the type of match style and mindset that made Super Indy what it has been for nearly 12 years. As the determination of Facade drove him forward, it was a third attempt at his “Dread Lock” submission hold that trapped RJ center of the ring, seconds from tapping. However, just then, the lights were mysteriously turned off and a video of Anthony Nese appeared on the video screen. Nese delivered a message to Facade regarding their scheduled match this upcoming weekend in Clearfield, where the winner will face “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles at Night of Superstars this April, and by the time the video had ended and the lights had returned, RJ was already waiting to roll up Facade and steal another victory, keeping the Super Indy division held hostage in his grip.

Chest Flexor & “Kingpin” McDowell, the Sexy Talented Dudes, were set to defend the IWC Tag Team Titles against The Founding Fathers, however an alleged medical issue involving Dennis Gregory left the match-up post-poned. This created a golden opportunity for rookies Sam Cassidy & Remy LaVey, who seized this opportunity to call out the champions, a week before a scheduled match between the two teams in Clearfield. However, Flexor refused to put the titles on the line. A bizarre series of events, which included Flexor (dressed vaguely like a cow), ringing the bell on his own, running backstage, coming back out the other side of the building before being counted out, and sneaking up behind his opponent to get the win. While the victory stands, the elaborate series of events led to IWC Owner Chuck Roberts decreeing Remy & Sam are deserving of a rematch in Clearfield… only it will be for the IWC Tag Team Titles!

In other action, the inspiration “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron returned to defeat a far-too-cocky Andrew Palace… Justin Idol scored a hard-fought victory over Colin Delaney… and newcomers scored big on this night, as the mammoth Canadian known as Asylum continued his unbeaten streak by making short work of another newcomer in Blake Morris, and “All Ego” Ethan Page defeated a game “Ballistic Missile” Jay Flash. All eyes are on this next crop of IWC stars as they immediately become game-changers.