Super Indy XIII Results

Super Indy XIII – June 14th, 2014
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski
Photos from Daniel Hooven

  1. Facade def. Ashley Sixx, Justin Idol, Joe Brooks in the Last Chance Four-Way to qualify for Super Indy XIII
  2. IWC Super Indy Champion RJ City def. Andrew Palace in the opening round of Super Indy XIII
  3. Matt Taven def. Low Rider in the opening round of Super Indy XIII
  4. Sammy Guevara def. Petey Williams in the opening round of Super Indy XIII
  5. Ethan Page def. Louis Lyndon in the opening round of Super Indy XIII
  6. Jimmy Nutts vs. John McChesney ended in a ref stoppage
  7. Facade def. Chris Sabin in the semi-final round of Super Indy XIII
  8. IWC Super Indy Champion RJ City def. Matt Taven in the semi-final round of Super Indy XIII
  9. Sammy Guevara def. Ethan Page in the semi-final round of Super Indy XIII
  10. IWC Tag Team Champions the Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor & Brian McDowell) def. Haught & Cute (Keith Haught & Colin Delaney)
  11. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dalton Castle vs. Jimmy Vega$ ended in a no contest
  12. IWC Super Indy Champion RJ City def. Sammy Guevara and Facade in the final round of Super Indy XIII to win the tournament


Facade, Sammy Guevara, and Andrew Palace

IWC’s 13th annual Super Indy Tournament proved to be unlucky for nine souls who chose to enter a very competitive field of ten, all with the common goal of the salvation of the Super Indy Title from the tyrannical reign of “Sports Entertainment”.

Justin IdolIn the annual Second Chance Super Indy Scramble, “The Neon Ninja” attempted to become “Super Indy Samurai” officially once more, but had a long road ahead – he began the night in great fashion, besting Founding Father member Justin Idol, Team Big League member Joseph Brooks, and inspirational cancer survivor Ashley Sixx, a win over three men just for the privilege of competing against the ensuing nine. Facade had the longest odds, but perhaps the hardest drive.

RJ City vs. Andrew PalaceIn round number one, defending Super Indy (aka “Sports Entertainment”) Champion RJ City bested young STD Andrew Palace, but with his own feet illegally on the ropes, proving the competition, respect, and honor built through 12 prior Super Indies meant little to RJ & associate Justin LaBar. Matt Taven, whose tournament success propelled him to the longest ROH TV Title reign in history, saw much the same success here with a victory over the unpredictable 21-year old Low Rider. “All Ego” Ethan Page defeated the highly underrated Louis Lyndon, perhaps best known for the Aeroform tag team, and in perhaps one of the biggest upsets in Super Indy history, 20 year old high flying sensation Sammy Guevara pinned former TNA World Tag Team & X Division Champion Petey Williams.

Chris Sabin vs. FacadeRound number two saw Facade show his unwavering resolve, pulling off a major upset of his own. Chris Sabin, who himself won Super Indy 3, was downed by Super Indy 12 winner Facade, in spite of Sabin having not wrestled beforehand, receiving the Super Indy Championship bye. Sammy Guevara continued the Cinderalla story of the year, by scoring a surprising win out of nowhere over an overly-conceited Ethan Page. RJ City scored another dubious victory, perhaps the first ever countout win in Super Indy Tournament history, further marred by the fact the countout was achieved after Justin LaBar had sneakily tripped Taven up at ringside to prevent Taven from answering the referee’s ten count.

RJ City and Justin LaBarHistory was sure to be made in the final round as we saw the youngest athlete to ever reach the finals (Guevara) vs. the man trying to become the only to ever win back to back Super Indy Tournament (Facade) vs. the man trying to become the only to successfully defend in Super Indy (RJ). Guevara was the first to be eliminated, under questionable circumstances as it appeared he had been blinded after RJ had procured Facade’s spraypaint, but not before a dazzling aerial display that earned the respect and adulation of all in attendance. But fittingly, it was the two men most synonymous with Super Indy’s recent past battling for the crown… and it was Justin LaBar helping RJ City create chaos… with referee manipulations, folding chairs, and a hard shot to the head with the Super Indy Championship belt that led to the unthinkable. RJ City was STILL Super Indy Champion, and used every dirty, cDalton Castle vs. Jimmy Vega$liched, and unspectacular method in the book to get there. The pageantry and pedigree of Super Indy… Super Hentai, AJ Styles, Colt Cabana, Sterling James Keenan, Delirious, Larry Sweeney, Jerry Lynn, Johnny Gargano, Facade… all of their effort over the years desecrated and spit on by the way RJ City opted to win this tournament.

The IWC Title match erupted into mass chaos, as unfortunately someone overstepped their welcome. Joe Rosa chose to behave very obnoxiously and disruptively during the Dalton Castle title defense against Founding Father Jimmy Vega$, to the point the ire was raised of other Founding Fathers Dennis Gregory & Justin Idol. A verbal altercation turned physical between the Fathers and Rosa’s bouncers, leading to everyone being separated. A hot-tempered Vega$ took his attentions to the VIP area as well, and before we knew it, Rosa had sent his bouncer into the ring to assault everyone. Their success was mild, as Dalton & Vega$ rebounded and shared an unexpected moment of respect and solidarity as security sorted out the ringside mess. The question remains why has Rosa targeted the Founding Fathers and what are his true intentions here??

The Unsanctioned Match between John McChesney and Jimmy Nutts started completely out of hand and only spiraled further into chaos from there. A brawl across the entire building, endangering fans, staff, and other wrestlers alike, was what was expected based on the high personal and professional stakes this feud had grown to. The brawl continued onto the balcony, however, when things began to go too far. Nutts & McChesney began battling dangerously close to the railing, actually attempting to hurl one another over the side, a 15 foot drop or so to the floor. Unfortunately, things escalated to an unfortunate degree from there, and John McChesney ended up in free-fall, then unconscious. We’ve received no updates as of this writing, but our thoughts are with John, just as they are with any IWC competitor in a time of turmoil or tragedy.

Chest Flexor & “Kingpin” McDowell also proved successful on the night, successfully defending the IWC Tag Team Titles against former champions “Haught & Cute” – Keith Haught & Colin Delaney. However, Chest & company were given a none too friendly reminder of their future in the form of Marshall The Bull’s business adviser Madisynn, who teams with Marshall to challenge for the Tag Team Titles next month in White Oak.

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