Caged Fury 2014 Results

Caged Fury 2014 – August 23rd, 2014
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski
Photos from Daniel Hooven

  1. Colin Delaney def. Low Rider
  2. Flex Appeal (Bobby Shields & Nickie Valentino) def. KnightRiders (Remy Lavey & Sam Cassidy)
  3. Jock Samson def. Keith Haught
  4. IWC Super Indy Champion RJ City def. M-Dogg Matt Cross
  5. IWC Tag Team Champions The Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor, Brian McDowell, & Corey Futuristic) def. The Founding Fathers (Justin Idol, Dennis Gregory, & Jimmy Vega$) via DQ
  6. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dalton Castle def. DJ Zema Ion
  7. Sammy Guevara def. Facade, Matt Taven, and Andrew Palace in a four-way Steel Cage Match to determine #1 contender to the IWC Super Indy Title
  8. Team Big League (John McChesney, Joseph Brooks, & Matthew Justice) def. Team DeMarco (Jimmy DeMarco, Aiden Veil, & Marshall the Bull) in a WarGames Steel Cage Match

IWC Caged Fury 2014 marked the return of one of the most grueling and dangerous matches in pro wrestling – “WarGames” brought Team Big League – John McChesney, Joseph Brooks, and Matthew Justice, the man responsible for Jimmy Nutts’ knee injury – against Team DeMarco – the returning Jimmy DeMarco in his final match, young Aiden Veil, and a rejuvenated re-born Marshall The Bull! Tables, chairs, and the usual violence and unpredictability that follows IWC cage matches and Jimmy DeMarco were prevalent. As the bodies began to pile up, it was old friends and rivals DeMarco and McChesney left inside the steel, one fall to a finish. It was McChesney, who was able to break his 0-3 losing record to DeMarco inside a cage, to finally one-up his long time rival. At least for a moment. As Justin LaBar hit the ring to celebrate and get his extra shots in, it was Norm Connors who appeared to reveal who Chuck Roberts had recruited as the minority owner of IWC… it was Jimmy DeMarco! DeMarco cleared the ring with a bit of help from the injured Jimmy Nutts, and stood tall to the respect of his peers and fans alike!

Controversy reigned in several areas, perhaps most notably the Super Indy #1 Contender’s Cage Match. As Andrew Palace, Matt Taven, Sammy Guevara, and Facade battled in breathtaking fashion for supremacy, culminating with Facade walking across the top of the cage to crossbody onto the bodies beneath, things were falling apart on the outside of the ring, with STD members Flexor & McDowell attempting to get involved to aid Palace. As the referee was forced to leave his post to escort the intruders away, Facade had crawled through the cage door, effectively winning the match. As a fatigued Facade crawled around ringside to celebrate, Sammy Guevara began to exit the cage as well. The referee returned to see Sammy leaving the cage, but Facade’s body obscured from view. The official had no choice but to call what he saw and proclaim Sammy the winner, sending Facade into an uncomfortable rage. Equipment and staff were damaged and injured in what can only be called an embarrassing tantrum. Facade had a very legitimate gripe, but took his emotionsmuch too far. We can hope he will be more rational once cooler heads prevail. But congratulations are in order as Sammy Guevara moves onto a Super Indy Title bout!

The IWC Title match featured “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle against – not Shiima Xion, no, not even Zema Ion – but DJ Z. The Bromans’ running buddy was in full on obnoxious DJ mode, and made it a point that he was here for the paycheck and the championship — but the “Era of the Peacock” continued. After a barrage of mind games, back and forth, the deadlift German of Dalton wins out once again.

While the story in the IWC Tag Team Title scene is usually the STD’s clever yet underhanded means of retaining their championships, which happened yet again under questionable circumstances as they defended against The Founding Fathers. However, the true hot newscame following the bout. “VIP” Joe Rosa, without bouncers, acting alone, entered the ring to confront all three Founding Fathers. As Chuck Roberts and IWC security attempted to settle the brewing tension, the lights went out, and another video appeared of the Faces of Change. As the video ended, and the lights came back on, and Chuck’s IWC security were now wearing the Faces of Change masks. An all out assault commenced on Jimmy Vegas, Dennis Gregory & Justin Idol, as Rosa restrained Chuck Roberts, forcing him to watch the carnage. Serious damage was done to the Founding Fathers, including piledrivers and a severe torture-rack-style backbreaker to Idol, who has a history of dehabilitating back issues. The question remains – why? Why do this to IWC? Why align with Joe Rosa? Rosa’s motives are clear, out to change the company, starting with the “old guard” – and now he has the army to get it done.

Super Indy Champion (or, in his eyes, Sports Entertainment Champion) RJ City, as always with Justin LaBar annoyingly by his side, was challenged by the American Ninja Warrior, “M-Dogg” Matt Cross. Cross dazzled with his array of gymnastics and parkour style maneuvers but the Tough Enough alum was the latest to fall victim to a Justin LaBar distraction, leading to another notch on RJ’s belt thanks to “Goodnight Everybody”. Will anyone be able to liberate the Super Indy Title and the spirit of Super Indy??

Flex Appeal, the “Flexiest & Sexiest Superstars in IWC” made their official debut together, as Bobby Shields & Nicki Valentino were ableto score a big win over the Knight Riders, Cassidy & LaVey, who’ve been riding a wave of momentum lately. Shields, while unsuccessful with less-compatible partners last month, proved he could get the job done with someone on the same wavelength. After the match, things got worse for the Knight Riders, as another team member they beat a month ago, Bronco McBride appeared along with Jock Samson, who assaulted both Knight Riders with a steel cowbell. This brought out Keith Haught & Colin Delaney to protest, and while Colin already had competed in a great match defeating Low Rider, this led to an impromptu Jock vs. Haught clash. Haught showed the same tenacity that nearly won him the Super Indy Title a month ago, but the chaos caused by the country boys simply proved too much for Haught & Cute. Colin’s attempts to thwart Bronco’s interference accidentally tripped up Keith on the top rope, leading to a Jock victory, and a very frustrated Haught & Cute.

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