Combat in Clearfield 7 Results

Combat in Clearfield 7 – November 8th, 2014
Clearfield County Fairgrounds – Clearfield, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski
Photos from Daniel Hooven

  1. Sebastian def. Facade
  2. Team KATO! (Kato, Bryan Bowers, Sam Cassidy, & Remy Lavey) d. Team STD (Chest Flexor, Corey Futurustic, Foxx Vinyer, & Lee Ryans)
  3. VIP Joe Rosa def. Jimmy Vega$ via DQ
  4. Asylum def. John McChesney
  5. Dennis Gregory def. Darin Dinero
  6. IWC Super Indy Champion Andrew Palace def. Joseph Brooks
  7. Dalton Castle & Keith Haught def. RJ City & Colin Delaney

IWC’s eleventh outing to Clearfield, PA marked the officially countdown to possibly the biggest even in IWC in the past several years – Winner Takes All 2014 takes place on Saturday December 13, but we didn’t need to wait long to see the stage set and battle lines drawn for what will be a memorable night of grudge matches.

IWC Champion Dalton Castle & “The Bearcat” Keith Haught may have been more lucky than good when they eeked out a victory over Dalton’s top contender RJ City and Keith’s now former friend and tag partner Colin Delaney, but the outcome left little, if anything, settled between the parties. Colin spent much of the bout avoiding Haught altogether, and no one was able to secure a clear cut advantage over anyone thanks to continued involvement of Justin LaBar on behalf of RJ & Colin. However, when RJ publicly stated his intentions to challenge Dalton for the IWC Title earlier in the night during a live Chair Shot Reality, IWC Owner Chuck Roberts had a very unique proposition…. he’d grant RJ a title match at Winner Takes All, but he better be confident he can win… because if he loses, Dalton will get five minutes in the ring with Justin LaBar! RJ was quick to accept the terms, raising the stakes big time for his representation. Either RJ will leave Winner Takes All as IWC Champion or LaBar will get his butt kicked in front of everyone at the Court Time Sports Center!

The Super Indy Title issue continues to heat up as well, just weeks away from NEW Champion Andrew Palace defending against Facade in a Ladder Match. Facade was in action against hometown hero and Clearfield native Sebastian, with Palace watching from the aisleway. However, when Facade caught wind of Palace’s presence, the Neon Ninja went into another gear, grabbing a steel chair and attempting to use Sebastian to send a violent message to the titleholder. Palace interceded on Facade’s plans, however, grabbing the chair, and causing enough of a distraction to lead to a huge upset with for Sebastian. An angered Facade fired back later in the night, physically involving himself in Palace’s title defense against Joseph Brooks. Facade even went as far as to say on commentary that he would rather challenge Brooks for the title than Palace! Facade’s attempts to make that a reality came up short, however, as Palace recovered from the distraction to put away Brooks with the Hernia Driver. But will Palace be so lucky when he enters into one of Facade’s specialties, the same match style that led to Facade’s very first Super Indy Title, the Ladder Match? Palace has never experienced it before but to keep his title, he’ll have to beat one of the best at it December 13.

The Faces of Change/Founding Fathers warfare continued, in spite of there already being several downed soldiers. Neither side was at full strength, but that didn’t make things any less physical. Dennis Gregory picked up a big victory over the so-called “sure bet” of the F.O.C. Darin Dinero, while the most volatile confrontation in this war saw its own one-on-one battle, that being Jimmy Vega$ with the man behind the F.O.C. “VIP” Joe Rosa. An injured but still dangerous Roger Corpo was ringside representing the Faces of Change in each match, but his involvement with Rosa & Vega$ was especially newsworthy. Corpo’s crutch had been passed in to VIP as a weapon, but the object found itself into Vega$’ hands, and the temper of Vega$ absolutely exploded. Vega$ snapped, striking Rosa with the crutch several times, earning a disqualification for himself. However, perhaps this way Rosa’s plan. Vega$’ temper caused him to lose the match… on December 13 at Winner Takes All the Founding Fathers will battle the Faces of Change in a match where the Founding Fathers’ careers are on the line. If Vega$ loses his cool again next month and is disqualified, the Founding Fathers lose and must retire! Will one of the biggest keys to the Founding Fathers’ recent success end up their ultimate downfall?

Asylum was able to emphatically avenge a recent loss to the #1 ranked best wrestler in IWC history, “Big League” John McChesney. It took that skill, Justin LaBar, and a pair of brass knuckles to keep the big ex-rugby standout down before, but the big man was much more keen to Big League’s plans this time around. LaBar was caught red-handed trying to pass in the knucks and promptly ejected. McChesney was left to his own devices, and there, the true dominance of Asylum shone through, pinning McChesney emphatically 1-2-3 with his version of Dr. Death Steve Williams’ Doctor Bomb. While there was a slight bump in the road along the way, it appears we are now starting to see how truly powerful and formidable Asylum can be. But how will this impact the state of mind of John McChesney knowing that Justin LaBar’s OTHER plan that blew up in his face, is coming to Winner Takes All, that being Matt Hardy, who battles “Big League” in Elizabeth, PA!

In eight-man tag team action, the veteran KATO!, accompanied by the lovely Madisynn, led his team of exciting young tag team The Knight Riders (Sam Cassidy & Remy LaVey) and the rookie Lance Storm-trained Bryan Bowers to victory over the bizarre team of Corey Futuristic, Chest Flexor, “Wild Child” Lee Ryans, and Foxx Vinyer, with of course Ginger at ringside as well. Sam, Remy, and Bowers are arguably the three most promising young prospects in IWC today. How will they shape the future of this company as we approach 2015?

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