Reloaded Results

Reloaded – January 24th, 2015
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski
Photos from Daniel Hooven

  1. Virgil def. Corey Futuristic
    VIP Joe Rosa & Jimmy Vega$ def. Darin Dinero & Joseph Brooks to win the vacant IWC Tag Team Titles
  2. John McChesney def. Jimmy Nutts
  3. IWC Super Indy Champion Andrew Palace def. Facade, Krimson, and Bryan Bowers
  4. Wardlow def. Nickie Valentino
  5. Colin Delaney def. Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match
  6. Asylum def. the Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor, Corey Futuristic, & Lee Ryans) in a handicapped match
  7. RJ City def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dalton Castle to win the title
  8. Tommy Dreamer def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion RJ City to win the title

New IWC Owner Justin Plummer hits the reset button! A nice of unexpected twists and surprises all surrounding the shaping of a new era IWC for the upcoming year!

The special stipulation of all championship match challengers to be decided via a randomly generated drawing was jeopardized at the top of the show by RJ City & the still-ailing Justin LaBar. Citing LaBar being manhandled a month ago by Matt Hardy, Jimmy Nutts & Plummer himself, the wheelchair-bound LaBar had legal documentations with threat of lawsuit unless RJ City was granted a rematch with Dalton Castle TONIGHT! Upon seeing the documentation, and seeing what was at stake to lose, Plummer had no choice but to acquiesce to not only the match. but to RJ’s special stipulation of a Submission Match. RJ looked to lock in his “Goodnight Everybody” sleeperhold, while Dalton attempted several submission moves, as he was without a specialty hold, putting him at a decisive disadvantage. LaBar (now miraculously out of his wheelchair) factored heavily, creating several diversions, and allowing RJ to slip in with Dalton’s IWC title belt and knock out the champion with a swift blow to the head. RJ hurriedly applied “Goodnight Everybody”on a now lifeless Dalton, as the referee turned to see the action. With Dalton motionless and unable to defend himself in the sleeper, the official had no choice but to call the match and via referee stoppage award the bout and the IWC Title to RJ City.

But, just as it seemed as though we were once again on a long road of RJ City dominating, conniving and politicking with a major championship, Plummer re-appeared with a reminder – it’s still contractually demanded that ALL championships be defended in a random drawing tonight! With that, the Reset Button appeared on the screen, randomly selecting RJ’s new-found title challenger… “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer limped and staggered to ringside, the victim of what many may call an upset as he was defeated by former protege Colin Delaney in an Extreme Rules match. Colin had spent many years claiming Dreamer to be a “loser” and that Colin did not want to end up like Dreamer. Colin may have gotten the Tommy Dreamer monkey off his back temporarily with his victory, but he was no doubt less than enthused when Dreamer was able to hit RJ with the Spicolli Driver to shock the IWC wrestling world and become the new IWC Champion! A triumphant and emotional Dreamer celebrated by donning an IWC logo T-Shirt and thanking the huge crowd in attendance, but how will this effect the IWC Title picture moving forward?

Andrew Palace’s Super Indy Title defense saw three challengers – “Neon Ninja” Facade being the announced challenger as well as two foes randomly determined by the Reset Button, young Lance Storm Academy graduate Bryan Bowers, and a major X-factor – the debuting “Embodiment of Evil” Krimson. Krimson has terrorized promotions in multiple states & countries with his eerie presence, macabre nature, and thirst for pain and violence. In this elimination bout, Krimson’s emergence was enough to leave a major impression on rookie Bowers, who was distracted and eliminated early, unfortunately dashing his dreams for the moment. Krimson, who is NOT what one would fashion a Super Indy-type competitor, showcased his intentions were not aimed at the title, when he blatantly blinded Facade with his mysterious red mist, causing Krimson to be eliminated via disqualification. Palace, whose battles with Facade were filled with, at times, bitter rage, and at other times, hard-earned respect, was very torn on what to do as the match came down to he and a blinded and pained Facade. However, the conflicted young man did what he needed to, pinning Facade to retain the title, although it was clear no one was pleased about the circumstances. How will this affect the extremely rocky Palace-Facade dynamic moving forward and what are Krimson’s intentions after ruining a compelling Super Indy Title battle?

New IWC Tag Champions were crowned and it was the LAST two people you’d think – in this match, not only were both teams randomly selected by the Reset button, but so too were the individual MEMBERS of those teams, making for some very odd allegiances. The Reset Button gave us – Team Big League member Joseph Brooks & Faces of Change member Darin Dinero vs. Leader of the Faces of Change Joe Rosa & Founding Father Jimmy Vega$. Rosa & Vega$, needless to say, have had a very heated rivalry for many months, culminating in Rosa nearly retiring Vega$ a month ago. The match immediately descended into chaos as Founding Fathers members Vega$, Dennis Gregory & Super Hentai brawled once again with Rosa, Dinero & Roger Corpo of the FOC, and Justin Idol, a month removed from betraying his Founding Father brothers, made a bee-line for Hentai as well. When things settled down, the tension was still thick between Vega$ & Rosa, whose tags were very physical and never wanted. Dinero’s allegiance to Rosa clouded his judgement in working with Brooks. It was a difficult dynamic made even more complicated by the fact Vega$ and Rosa were VICTORIOUS… and NEW IWC Tag Team Champions! Can Rosa & Vega$ possibly co-exist well enough to survive teaming with one another again??

“Big League” John McChesney and Jimmy Nutts’ war was over a year in the making, delayed an extra six months due to the serious knee injury to Jimmy thanks to Matthew Justice & Justin LaBar. Nutts was in perhaps the best shape of his career, and did not miss a step in his time away. McChesney was perhaps in a renewed mental state, following advice from men like Matt Hardy and Chuck Roberts to re-consider his allies and business practices. McChesney wrestled a more focused match than he had in many months previous, and was narrowly able to escape Nutts following three precise superkicks. LaBar, Justice & Brooks appeared at the end of the match, at first seemingly in line with McChesney, but John soon made it clear he was tired of LaBar taking credit for the success of Team Big League. As a heated McChesney began to place his hands on LaBar, Justice & Brooks pounded two-on-one. In perhaps the most unexpected moment of the night, Nutts entered the ring, chair in hand, to aid McChesney. As McChesney & Nutts stood side by side in the center of the ring, perhaps it finally dawned upon them both who was the real reason the two had such a violent falling out and who was really pulling the strings. Are McChesney & Nutts now aligned against LaBar & the remainder of Team Big League?

In other action, Asylum continued his path of dominance, disposing of Chest Flexor, Corey Futuristic & “Wild Child” Lee Ryans in convincing fashion in a handicap match. However, the odds may be a bit more evened shortly, as Asylum saw the re-appearance of Krimson, who seemed to have a foreboding warning to the dominant Canadian… “The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling” Dylan Bostic, along with the “Miley Cyrus of Professional Wrestling” Ray Lyn made their IWC debuts in obnoxious, loud, and brash fashion, but they soon had to literally eat their own words when Bostic fell to Keith Haught and his Haught Mess… In perhaps the cruelest twist of the Reset Button, an impromptu challenge from Corey Futuristic led to his opponent randomly chosen to be… Virgil. One Million Dollar Dream later, and it was over. Then, Virgil paid an homage to his buddy Ted DiBiase by placing some money down the throat of his fallen opponent. But, come on, it’s Virgil, of course he picked the money back out of his mouth and pocketed it… The monstrous Wardlow continued his dominance in his second appearance, putting away former IWC Tag Champ “Old School Muscle” Nickie Valentino.

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