IWC returns to Clearfield, PA on Saturday night April 29th, 2017! Clearfield Carnage 2 kicks off the action at 7:30 PM and we always bring the best and brightest of IWC to our home away from home. Several matches have been announced here already, including a huge tag team main event, The Fraternity celebrating their tag title reign, and more. We have even more for you right now…

It’s a six man tag as Team Storm – Jack Pollock, Jaxon Argos, & RC Dupree –  takes on the unlikely trio of Chest Flexor, Remy LaVey, and Keith Haught! The leader of the Sexy Talented Dudes Flexor took up arms with Remy & Haught at Night of the Superstars 6 during a wild 8-man tag team match that saw them (and partner Lumberjack Leroux) pick up a victory over Marshall the Bull, Jami Jameson, & The Mega Plowers. That same weekend was the worst so far in IWC for Team Storm. At High Stakes, Jack Pollock lost to Andrew Palace, while Argos & Dupree lost to Remy & Haught. At Night of the Superstars, the trio lost a handicapped match to Palace and “The Big Guy” Ryback! Will Team Storm’s losing streak continue or will they be able to get the win over these fan favorites?

The street tough Santana Diamonds will be in action this Saturday Night! The Clearfield fan favorite takes on IWC’s self proclaimed resident fashionista Calvin Couture. These two men could not be more different than one another, and their differences will be hashed out inside the squared circle for all of Clearfield to see! Will Calvin leave Clearfield with a victory or will Diamonds whoop him back to the runway? 

Before Andrew Palace challenges Wardlow for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship at IWC Aftershock 2.0, he will take on the IWC rookie who nearly took the gold home on his first night, the “Country Hammer” Jami Jamison! Jamison is now armed with the guidance of IWC legend Marshall The Bull. Can the “Country Hammer” make a statement with a win over the current number one contender or will the frenetic energy that is Andrew Palace pick up another win on his path to Wardlow?  

Officer Dan Murphy is on a quest to demand respect and bring authority to IWC – but in two weeks he takes on one of the most dangerous men on the roster, undefeated MMA fighter Shane InYaFace! Can Officer Murphy add another one to his file or will Shane show why he’s one of the toughest competitors IWC has?