JUNE 24th, 2017
Results by Nick Lendl – Photos by Damian Lynch

Jack Pollock def. Keith Haught
Gory def. Sless Taylor
Chris LeRusso def. Beastman
Andrew Palace def. Jaxon Argos
Bulk Nasty def. Santana Diamonds
IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow def. Jimmy Vega$ via count-out
Katie Arquette def. Jinx
Marshall Gambino & Jami Jameson def. Lawless & Order (David Lawless & Officer Dan Murphy), Upper Echelon (Colby Redd & PB Smooth), and the Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor & Corey Futuristic)

The summer continues to heat up after the historic 16th annual Super Indy tournament last month! This past weekend we made our debut in Beaver Falls as IWC presented its second June event, appropriately named Summer Vacation!

The Tag Team division was showcased in the main event as four championship-hungry teams battled in a wild No Disqualification match. Beaver Falls native Jami Jameson returned home and perhaps stole the entire show with a huge Moonsault from the top of the balcony, crashing down on his opponents below! This momentum led he and his partner, IWC veteran Marshall “The Bull” Gambino, to victory as they defeated The Upper Echelon, Cory Futuristic and Chest Flexor of the STD’s, and Officer Dan Murphy and his debuting partner, “The Gavel” David Lawless. With this big win, Jameson and Gambino earned themselves an IWC Tag Team Championship opportunity when IWC returns to Beaver Falls in October!With that event still months away, it’s safe to say the rest of the Tag Team division will be gutting for their spot.

It was anything but a Summer Vacation for Team Storm as they had their hands full throughout the evening. The night started off in the right direction for the group as Jack Pollock picked up a win over Keith Haught, but things quickly turned for the worse as Andrew Palace was able totemporarily shut the mouth of the obnoxious 2016 Rookie of the Year, Jaxon Argos, defeating him with the Hernia Driver! It wouldn’t be their last appearance however…

Following a victory from IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow over Jimmy Vegas, Pollock made his presence felt, reminding the champion that he’s the Number One Contender to the title! A brawl ensued injuring referees, staff members and even Justin LaBar that culminated with Wardlow and Vegas coming to blows yet again while Pollock escaped unscathed! Can Pollock dethrone the undefeated Wardlow at Threat Level Midnight on July 22nd and bring the championship to Canada?

Bulk Nasty defeated Santana Diamonds in quick fashion, but the real story came after the match as manager BC Steele invited Santana’s run-in buddy, Dan Hooven, to face “The Human Crime Scene” again next month at Threat Level Midnight. The caveat? Steele has offered up$10,000 for Hoven to step in the ring with the 300 pounder one last time! Will the former ringside photographer show up on July 22nd? Judging by the heart Hooven has shown over the last few months, my guess is that it would have taken a lot less than ten grand!

Chris LeRusso isn’t about to let the events of last month’s Super Indy event stall his quest to regain the title. Following an impressive victory over The Beastman, LeRusso promised that he hasn’t forgotten about Adam Cole or the Super Indy Title. Unfortunately for LeRusso, a poll is currently making the rounds on where fans can vote on who Adam Cole’s first challenger should be. With names like Jonathan Gresham and John McChesney as options on the poll, combined with the lackluster relationship LeRusso has with most of the IWC fans, “The Heir Apparent” may be forced to wait a little bit longer for his rematch…

In other action, the career of Katie Arquette continues to be on the rise as “The Queen of the Silver Screen” picked up a win over Jinx, and Gory defeated “The Hashtag King” Sless Taylor in a faced-paced back and forth matchup!

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