JULY 22nd, 2017
Results by Nick Lendl – Photos by Damian Lynch

Kevin Blackwood & Upper Echelon (PB Smooth & Colby Redd) def. James Drake, Mr. Grim, & Ian Maxwell
Andrew Palace def. Gringo Loco
Team Storm (Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree) def. Jock Samson & Shane InYaFace in a flag match
IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow def. Jack Pollock
Anthony Henry def. Chris LeRusso, Jonathan Gresham, and DJZ to become #1 contender to the IWC Super Indy Title
The Sexy Talented Dudes (Corey Futuristic & Billy Ruxpin) vs. Marshall Gambino & Jami Jameson was ruled a no-contest
LuFisto def. IWC Women’s Champion Britt Baker to win the title
Daniel Hooven def. Bulk Nasty in a 10-minute $10k Challenge
John McChesney def. IWC Super Indy Champion Adam Cole to win the title

The IWC summer tour continued this past weekend as we returned to the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA to present a huge, first-time event. It was IWC Threat Level Midnight!

The main event saw IWC Legend “Big League” John McChesney take back the IWC Super Indy Title from defending champion Adam Cole! The former Ring of Honor World Champion had just won the title in June after outlasting seven other men in the 16th annual Super Indy Tournament and had actually requested the match with McChesney himself. This win only adds to the legacy of “Big League” in IWC, however McChesney unfortunately suffered a shoulder injury during the course of the match and as of this writing, we’re still waiting for an update on the new champion.

The undefeated IWC World Heavyweight Champion, Wardlow, was able to overcome what was seemingly a constant 3-on-1 situation as he retained his title against Jack Pollock with Team Storm members Jaxon Argos and RC Dupree looming at ringside. During the course of the match the referee was knocked down and Team Storm took advantage of “The Man with War in his Name,” whaling on the champion with a steel chair!

To the surprise of the Court Time crowd, Andrew Palace’s music hit! After a hard fought victory over Gringo Loco earlier in the night, was Palace actually going to aid Wardlow against Team Storm? Pollock wasn’t going to wait to find out. He waited for Palace in the ring, steel chair in hand, but there was no Palace. Jaxon Argos entered the ring to stand next to his leader Pollock, but thinking it was Palace attacking from behind, Pollock nailed Argos with the chair! This miscommunication would cost Team Storm as Wardlow was able to capitalize and slam Pollock for the three count.

Following the match, IWC Owner Justin Plummer made his way to the ring with a microphone in hand. Plummer talked about IWC’s next event, Caged Fury on August 19th and announced that Wardlow would defend the World Heavyweight Title on that night against Jimmy Vegas inside a Steel Cage! But that wasn’t all… Plummer said he was sick and tired of the war between Andrew Palace and Team Storm and it needed to be settled once and for all. He announced that at Caged Fury Team Storm would Face Andrew Palace and two partners in a War Games Match! To the chagrin of Plummer, Pollock laughed at the announcement, brushing off the War Games concept as he felt nobody would step up to team with Palace, but he was wrong.

Palace found partners quickly in the form of Jonathan Gresham, who entered the ring to stand by Palace’s side, and the returning Darin Dinero, whose entrance rocked the Court Time Sports Center! Caged Fury on August 19th is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest nights in IWC history!

For months now, Dan Hooven has been calling out Bulk Nasty in backstage interviews and on Social Media. What’s more is Hooven continues to get the upper-hand on the 300 pounder every time they’re in the ring together! It’s safe to say Bulk is fed up. Last month at IWC Summer Vacation, manager BC Steele offered $10,000 to Hooven for him to show up at Threat Level Midnight and get in the ring with Bulk Nasty one more time. Admirably, Hooven accepted the challenge, perhaps not even for the money, but for his pride!

While Hooven showed a tremendous amount of heart during the match, the size difference was too much for him to overcome and it was only a matter of time until “The Human Crime Scene” would be declared the winner. Just when Hooven looked to be finished, run-in buddy Santana Diamonds made his way to ringside and stole the bag of money! This infuriated Bulk and distracted him long enough for Hooven to take advantage, using the flash on a camera hidden under the ring to momentarily blind the 300 pounder and roll him up for the three count! Bulk Nasty, now more embarrassed than ever, left the ring in pursuit of Diamonds as Hooven (and his money) celebrated thesurprising win!

Britt Baker’s impressive reign as IWC Women’s Champion came to an abrupt end at Threat Level Midnight as she was dethroned by the dominant LuFisto! She becomes only the second Women’s Champion in IWC history as Baker became the inaugural champion in December of last year and had been unbeaten since. A show of sportsmanship and respect after the match, Britt shook hands with LuFisto and congratulated her on the win. The feel-good moment was quickly ended when Katie Arquetteappeared at the entrance way, along with Calvin Couture.

“The Queen of the Silver Screen” complained about being constantly overlooked in IWC and not getting the opportunities she feels are deserved. This was a classic example of “Be Careful what you Wish for” as LuFisto took to the microphone next. She agreed with Katie, saying she deserves more opportunity in IWC, which is why on August 19th at Caged Fury LuFisto is going to defend the Women’s Title against her… inside a Steel Cage! Arquette was speechless. Her and Couture stood in dismay as the thought of what she had gotten them into began to sink in!

Anthony Henry outlasted Chris LeRusso, Jonathan Gresham and DJZ in a Fatal-Four Way Elimination Match to be named Number One Contender for the Super Indy Championship! Things started off according to plan for LeRusso and manager BC Steele as LeRusso was able to eliminate DJZ with a roll-up and then eliminate Gresham flowing a cowardly attack from behind by Jaxon Argos with the Canadian Flag! Unfortunately for “The Heir Apparent,” that’s where his plan backfired as LeRusso was eventually pinned by Henry, once again putting him in the back of the line for another shot at the Super Indy Title! Henry is the Number One Contender, but with McChesney’s injury, he may be forced to wait for his opportunity at the title.

Team Storm’s obnoxious duo of RC Dupree and Jaxon Argos were able to pick up a win over Jock Samson and Shane InYaFace in a Tag Team Flag Match. Shane was subbing for an injured Magnum CK who was unable to compete after being attacked earlier in the week along with Samson by two masked men. Obviously Magnum got the worst of the attack, as his Mega Plowers partner Samson was cleared to compete and he wasn’t. Following the loss, Jock refused to shake the hand of Shane and quickly exited in the ring. This is very uncharacteristic of Jock Samson to say the least and Shane, along with the IWC fans, were left in confusion.

A Tag Team Match pitting Marshall Gambino and Jami Jameson against The STD’s never really got started as Officer Dan Murphy appeared at ringside early on in the match to demonstrate his “authority.” Things quickly got out of hand as the two teams, along with Murphy, ended up trading blows around the ring. At one point Chest Flexor tried to insert himself into the match as a substitute referee, but was unsuccessful in his attempts. Whatever Officer Dan’s plan may be, he is certainly getting the attention of Justin Plummer… just not the way he should be.

In other action, The Upper Echelon teamed with Kevin Blackwood to defeat Ian Maxwell, Mister Grim and James Drake in a bonus Six-Man Tag Team Match!

Next up on the IWC calendar is Caged Fury on August 19th when we will once again be at the Court Time Sports Center for a night full of action! Already announced is the huge War Games Match between Team Storm and Andrew Palace, Jonathan Gresham and Darin Dinero, as well as two Championship Steel Cage Matches pitting Wardlow vs. Jimmy Vegas for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship and LuFisto defending the IWC Women’s Championship against Katie Arquette! Plus, The Fraternity defend the IWC Tag Team Titles in an Open Challenge. Check back here on and on Social Media for the latest updates! Tickets are on sale now!