AUGUST 19th, 2017
Results by Nick Lendl – Photos by Damian Lynch

The Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor & Corey Futuristic) def. The Mega Plowers (Jock Samson & Magnum CK) and Jami Jameson & Marshall Gambino
Dennis Jackson def. Chris LeRusso
Locked & Loaded (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.) def. IWC Tag Team Champions The Fraternity (Channing Decker & Trent Gibson) to win the titles
Gory def. Anthony Henry, Suge D, and Joey Janela to win the vacant IWC Super Indy Title
Bulk Nasty def. Daniel Hooven in a steel cage match
IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow def. Jimmy Vega$ in a steel cage match
IWC Women’s Champion Lufisto def. Katie Arquette in a steel cage match
Andrew Palace, Darin Dinero, & Jonathan Gresham def. Team Storm (Jack Pollock, Jaxon Argos, & RC Dupree) in a War Games steel cage match

IWC returned to the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA this past weekend as we presentedCaged Fury, an event featuring four championship matches along with three Steel Cage matches and a huge War Games main event!

The year 2017 so far in IWC has been centered around the feud between Andrew Palace and Team Storm. Months of costing Palace matches, backstage attacks and 3-on-1 ambushes led Palace to recruiting two friends of his own in an attempt to finally eliminate the threat of Team Storm. A Steel Cage Match wouldn’t be enough to settle the score, however. IWC Owner Justin Plummer announced last month at Threat Level Midnight that this would finally come to an end at Caged Fury in War Games!

Since debuting in IWC late last year, Jack Pollock has consistently been in the main event picture. With Jaxon Argos and RC Dupree by his side, the three make up Team Storm, IWC’s most dominant faction. Andrew Palace is perhaps the top name in all of IWC, however. He’s a two-time Superstar of the Year and many thought by now he would have become IWC World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately for Palace, Pollock and his cronies have continually stopped that from happening. Pollock has claimed over and over that he didn’t come to IWC for Andrew Palace, he came to become World Heavyweight Champion. It was clear that the landscape of IWC would change with the result of this epic encounter!

Palace recruited Jonathan Gresham, the 2 time Super Indy Tournament runner-up and Ring of Honor standout, as well as the returning Darin Dinero, competing in an IWC ring for the first time in over a year! Argos and Gresham entered the match first, and thanks to the one man advantage Team Storm secured in a coin toss earlier in the evening, RC Dupree entered the fray next and began to double-team Gresham with Argos!

Darin Dinero was the second entrant for Team Palace, evening the odds, but only for a brief moment, as Argos was able to pin Gresham for a three count, securing the first elimination forTeam Storm. Dinero would knock off RC Dupree, eliminating “The Eccentric Artist,” but the one man advantage would continue for Team Storm as Jock Pollock made his way into the cage! Dinero was somehow able to hold on until Andrew Palace evened the match as the final entrant in War Games!

A brawl ensued and after the eventual eliminations of Argos and Dinero, it came down to what the fans wanted to see from the get-go: Palace vs. Pollock! Neither man would back down as the match became more and more violent. Both were a bloody mess as weapons were introduced to the match, culminating in Palace delivering a huge Hernia Driver to Pollock from the top rope onto a pile of thumbtacks on the mat below for the final three count! Palace had done it! He had finally defeated Jack Pollock! The crowd stood in appreciation for both men as Palace sat in the ring frozen, realizing that now he could finally put Team Storm behind him and look forward to what he’s wanted all along… the IWC World Heavyweight Championship!

Wardlow and Jimmy Vegas have seemingly been at each other’s throats for months now and each time these two huge men have stepped in the ring with one-another there hasn’t been a clear-cut winner. This trend would continue at Caged Fury, even with both men locked inside a Steel Cage for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship. Vegas was poised to escape the cage and become World Heavyweight Champion once again, but was stopped at the door by the returning Dylan Bostic!

“The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling” hadn’t appeared in IWC since being forced to leave the company due to a pre-match stipulation at last year’s Caged Fury event. It didn’t take long for Bostic to show the fanswhy he was there as he slammed the cage door into the face of Vegas, leading to Wardlow climbing out of the cage and retaining his title!

Vegas was furious to say the least. Following the match he called out IWC Owner Justin Plummer and demanded a match with Bostic! Plummer explained that Bostic doesn’t work for IWC and the match wouldn’t happen. Vegas began to get more and more aggressive with Plummer, grabbing him by the collar and threatening him until Plummer succumbed to the 275 pounder’s demands. Plummer reinstated Bostic and promised Vegas a one on one match. It was certainly an uncomfortable, humiliating experience for Justin Plummer and I wouldn’t be surprised if a hefty fine or suspension is issued to Vegas.

Katie Arquette’s quest for the lead role in IWC’s Women’s Division will have to be put on hold for the time being as “The Queen of the Silver Screen” was defeated by IWC Women’s Champion LuFisto in a Steel Cage Match! Before the match began a video was played of Arquette’s cousin David, the actor and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, wishing her luck. And luck she would surely need when stepping inside a Steel Cage with the intimidating, much bigger champion.

Arquette had Calvin Couture with her at ringside and at one point,Couture even entered the cage on Katie’s behalf, but was quickly disposed of! Arquette brought an array of weapons into the cage to gain an advantage, but it only came back to haunt her as she was nailed with a brutal steel chair shot to the face, allowing LuFisto to escape the cage and retain her title!

Arquette was motionless. It was several minutes before Calvin Couture and several IWC Staff members were able to get her out of the ring. At Caged Fury, LuFisto proved her dominance in her first title defense andthe question now becomes who will be the woman to take the championship from her? We may be on the verge of our next history-making title reign…

After defeating Adam Cole last month at Threat Level Midnight to recapture the IWC Super Indy Championship, “Big League” John McChesney revealed a shoulder injury that would unfortunately sideline the IWC Legend and require surgery. Due to this, McChesney would be forced to relinquish the IWC Super Indy Title at Caged Fury.

A new champion was crowned following McChesney’s surrender of the title as Gory outlasted Anthony Henry, Suge D and “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela in a fast paced Fatal 4-Way match to win the vacant championship. Following the match, the always classy McChesney entered the ring and personally handed the title off to new champion Gory in a truly special moment!

Gory now has a huge target on his back as a flock of names are in line for an opportunity at the title, but the IWC veteran has been Super Indy Champion before. And now that he has the title again, “The New Age Plague” will surely do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t slip away!

The Fraternity spent the last few months boasting about their historic IWC Tag Team Title reign, the longest in company history at 483 days walking into Caged Fury. Channing Decker and Trent Gibson had become so confident that last month at Threat Level Midnight they issued an open challenge to any tag team in all of space and time to show up at Caged Fury for a Tag Team Title shot. They probably now wish they hadn’t… The challenge was answered by Ganon Jones Jr. and Duke Davis, collectively known as Locked N’ Loaded!

The obnoxious Tag Team Champions used their typical antics to attempt to gain the unfair advantage, but after well over a year, their luck had finally run out. The Fraternity were outsized and outmatched by the challengers and ultimately defeated. Shock filled The Court Time Sports Center as Locked N’ Loaded had ended The Frat’s history making reign, on their first night in IWC! The Tag Team scene in IWC continues to heat up as another new team has entered the picture… and they’re the champions!

Since trading in his camera for a pair of wrestling boots at the beginning of 2017, Dan Hooven has had a roller coaster of a rookie year. Nobody has ever doubted his heart, perhaps just his sanity… Hooven got himself mixed up in the business of the 300 pound Bulk Nasty and has been poking fun at him on Social Media ever since. In fact, on two separate occasions, despite questionable circumstances, Hooven actually picked up victories over the big man at Aftershock in May and again last month at Threat Level Midnight!

There would be no questionable outcome this time, however. Hooven agreed to face “The Human Crime Scene” one more time at Caged fury and this time, it would be inside a Steel Cage! Before the event even started the match was in doubt as it was revealed that Hooven hadsuffered a torn MCL and wasn’t actually cleared to wrestle. An injury that usually takes at least 4-6 weeks to heal, Hooven was only on week 3. As mentioned above, nobody has ever questioned Hooven’s heart or guts. Against the wishes of Justin Plummer and probably most fans in attendance, Hooven ignored doctor’s orders and entered the cage. Hooven showed he wasn’t scared or intimidated by the much larger Bulk Nasty, but there was no way Hooven could overcome these odds, and he didn’t.

Bulk finally silenced the former ringside photographer, absolutely destroying Hooven in the Steel Cage! Having the chance to easily escape the cage multiple times during the course of the match, Bulk declined. He wanted to send a message to Hooven, and the rest of the IWC locker room for that matter. The match finally ended when Bulk caught Hooven and drove him into the mat below with a thunderous Powerbomb. Only then did Bulk decide to leave the cage and take the win. Hooven needed medical attention after the match and was helped getting back to the locker room where he was eventually diagnosed with a concussion. After the destruction at Caged Fury, let’s just hope this is over…

Corey Futuristic and Chest Flexor represented The STD’s in a Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match and were able to pick up a win over Marshall Gambino and Jami Jameson and The Mega Plowers. Midway through the match, David Lawless appeared at ringside, breaking his trademark gavel over the back of Gambino, leading to the first elimination. The STD’s were able to then capitalize on a Mega Plowers miscommunication and roll up Magnum CK for the three count! Tension between Magnum CK and Jack Samson was evident following the match as Jock was more than upset with the loss. Shane InYaFace made his way to the ring and tried his best to get cooler heads to prevail, but for the second month in a row, Samson walked out on his tag team partner. It’s safe to say this hasn’t been a good summer for The Mega Plowers.

In other action, “The Titan” Dennis Jackson made his IWC debut, picking up what many would call an upset over one of IWC’s top stars, Chris LeRusso. After venting his frustration over being left out of the Super Indy Title Match, LeRusso issued an open challenge and was undoubtedly caught off guard at the presence of the 6’ 8”, 282 pound Jackson, who answered the call. No need to make excuses for “The Heir Apparent” however, I’m sure LeRusso and manager BC Steele will have their own list of reasons for the loss when we get to Rural Valley next month!

It’s been a huge summer for IWC and we plan on keeping the momentum rolling as we head to Rural Valley next month for the Rural Valley Rumble on September 16th! Keep checking back here at and on Facebook/Twitter for the latest updates!