SEPTEMBER 16th, 2017
Results by Nick Lendl – Photos by Damian Lynch

Darin Dinero def. Chris LeRusso
Andrew Palace def. Jon Rodin
Ganon Jones, Jr. def. RC Dupree
Platinum World Tour (Dylan Bostic & Ray Lyn) def. Hollywood Couture (Calvin Couture & Katie Arquette)
Bulk Nasty def. Jason Tyler
Jami Jameson & Marshall Gambino def. Lawless & Order (David Lawless & Officer Dan Murphy) and the Sexy Talented Dudes in a Rural Valley Lockdown Match
Jimmy Vega$ won the 20-man Rural Valley Rumble, last eliminating Jaxon Argos

IWC returned to Rural Valley this past weekend as we presented the Rural Valley Rumble! The main event featured the first-ever 20-man, over the top rope Rural Valley Rumble Match, which was ultimately won by Jimmy Vegas! The winner of the Rumble Match would advance to the main event of next month’s Unbreakable event for a chance to become number one contender for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd was buzzing all night and couldn’t wait for the Rural Valley Rumble Match to finally begin! The unlucky draw of the night went to Team Storm’s RC Dupree, entering the match at the dreaded number one position. The action picked up from there as STD Billy Ruxpin, “The Titan” Dennis Jackson, Dan Hooven and others started filling up the ring!

As with WWE’s Royal Rumble events, there were surprise entrants as well as T-Rex made his return to IWC after appearing earlier this year at Reloaded! A Team Storm alliance wasn’t even a thought as Jaxon Argos entered the match at #12, well after partner RC had been eliminated. Argos held his own, making it to the final six, even at one point doing his best Shawn Michaels impression, skinning the cat… or “skinning the fat” as some have called it.

Argos joined Chris LeRusso, Bulk Nasty, Andrew Palace, Dylan Bostic and Jimmy Vegas at the conclusion of the match, which saw Vegas win the Rumble after last eliminating Bostic! Vegas came in at #20 and had some impressive eliminations, including taking out Bulk Nasty, who was the heavy favorite going into the match. Vegas now heads to Unbreakable next month as he will be one of six entrants in a Ladder Match to determine a new number one contender for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship!

The first-ever Rural Valley Lockdown match was everything it was being hyped up to be as Lawless and Order, The STD’s and Marshall Gambino and Jami Jameson beat the hell out of each other all throughout the building! One member of each team started the match handcuffed to the ring post, but once all team members were set free, all hell broke loose! Countless chair shots and barbwire 2×4’s were just a taste of what was to come…

Chest Flexor brought a taser into the ring and used it on Officer Dan Murphy and Davis Lawless as Marshall Gambino sent Cory Futuristic crashing through a table after a huge spear from the bleachers above! As fans tried their best to keep up with the action, Jamison was able to score a pinfall out of nowhere in the ring and add an important win to the tag team resume of he and Marshall The Bull.

What was originally scheduled to be an IWC Tag Team Championship match turned into a singles match as Locked N’ Loaded’s Duke Davis was unable to make it to the event due to a family emergency. That didn’t stop his tag team partner, Ganon Jones Jr., from showing up to Rural Valley to represent his team. Jaxon Argos was running his mouth as usual, demanding Ganon hand the titles over, claiming Team Storm should be awarded the titles due to forfeit. Ganon laughed at the Rookie of the Year’s demands, but proposed a singles match with one of the two instead.

To the surprise of many, RC Dupree, Team Storm’s darkhorse, accepted the challenge and quickly unloaded on Ganon as the referee called for the bell to make the match official! Dupree impressed early on in what was his first singles match in IWC, but ultimately succumbed to the size and power of the much bigger Ganon Jones Jr.

Without a doubt an impressive win for Ganon, he’ll be looking forward to his partner returning and their first Championship defense. As for Dupree, however… The Eccentric Artist opened a lot of eyes and is gaining a somewhat cult-like following among the IWC fanbase. Above I referred to RC as Team Storm’s darkhorse, but he may in fact turn out to be the most dangerous of the three. As he says himself, “Don’t Sleep on Dupree.”

The Platinum World Tour officially returned to IWC at the Rural Valley Rumble, as Dylan Bostic and Ray Lyn made their way to the ring surprisingly greeting the IWC fans with open arms. Perhaps a change of heart? The two were even taking pictures and high-fiving fans at ringside! This caught the attention of Calvin Couture and Katie Arquette, who weren’t buying the act.

Hollywood Couture as they’ve named themselves, came to the ring badmouthing Bostic, Ray Lyn and the Rural Valley crowd. A quick war of words between the four turned into a Mixed-Tag Team Match, eventually won by Bostic and Ray Lyn. As it turns out, it only took one win for the ego of Bostic to take over and for him to return to his old ways as Bostic began running down the IWC crowd and the fans in Rural Valley following the match, claiming they were all “poor and stupid.” This is the Dylan Bostic we remember and unfortunately for us, “The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling” is just getting started…

If you’ve been in attendance for any recent IWC events you may have seen Jason Tyler. He’s a young man that’s been training at the Iron City Wrestling Academy, the official training school of IWC. He sits at ringside and works as Security during our live events in an effort to “pay his dues” as many veterans of the locker room will stress is a crucial element in a career in Pro Wrestling.

Over the last few months Tyler has been the victim of constant harassment from the 300 pound Bulk Nasty, who will often bully Tyler during his matches. After months of enduring the continuous humiliation, Tyler finally stood up for himself in Rural Valley, getting in the face of Bulk at the beginning of the show. This infuriated “The Human Crime Scene” and manager BC Steele was able to talk Tyler into stepping in the ring with Bulk one-on-one!

Guts are important in this line of work, but so are smarts. Agreeing to wrestle Bulk Nasty in your first ever Pro Wrestling match is a horrible idea, no matter who you are and Jason Tyler found that out first hand. Bulk destroyed Tyler, easily picking up the win. Tyler refers to himself as “The Five Alarm Fire,” but on this night at least, the fire was emphatically put out.

In other action, Andrew Palace defeated longtime friend Jon Rodin and Darin Dinero continued his impressive comeback, picking up a win over Chris LeRusso.

Next up on the IWC calendar is Unbreakable on October 14th when we return to the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA. On that night, six of the top contenders on the IWC roster will compete in a Ladder Match for a future World Heavyweight Title shot! We already know the first entrant will be Jimmy Vegas, but who will join the IWC mainstay? Keep checking back here at and on Facebook/Twitter for the latest updates!