OCTOBER 14th, 2017
Results by Nick Lendl – Photos by Damian Lynch

Shane InYaFace & Magnum CK vs. Jock Samson & ??? was ruled a no-contest
Britt Baker def. Ray Lyn and IWC Women’s Champion Lufisto to win the title
IWC Super Indy Champion Gory def. Ophidian
IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow def. Punishment Martinez
Jami Jameson won a 10-man gauntlet match to earn an opportunity at the IWC High Stakes Title (Gauntlet eliminations in order: Chris LeRusso def. Chest Flexor; Chris LeRusso def. Jason Tyler; Chris LeRusso def. Keith Haught; Dennis Jackson def. Chris LeRusso; Nick Comoroto def. Dennis Jackson via count-out; Nick Comoroto def. Gabriel; Jami Jameson def. Nick Comoroto)
IWC Tag Team Champions Locked & Loaded (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.) def. Team Storm (Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree) and The Fraternity (Channing Decker & Trent Gibson)
Andrew Palace def. Jack Pollock, Darin Dinero, Bulk Nasty, Jimmy Vega$, and Dylan Bostic in a ladder match to become #1 contender to the IWC World Heavyweight Title

IWC returned to The Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA this past weekend as we presented Unbreakable! The main event featured a Six-Man Ladder Match where the winner would earn an IWC World Heavyweight Championship Match at Winner Takes All on December 9th. IWC mainstay Jimmy Vegas was the first entrant announced for the match after winning The Rural Valley Rumble last month and later on, Andrew Palace, Bulk Nasty, Dylan Bostic, Darin Dinero and Jack Pollock were added to the mix as well!

Palace was able to pull down the briefcase and win the match to advance to Winner Takes All after outlasting the five other contenders in what was a truly grueling main event! Palace had a small gash on the side of his head after taking a hard shot from the ladder during the course of the match, but it was a small price to pay for victory, especially considering Bulk Nasty was powerbombed hard through a ladder to the floor on the outside and Darin Dinero and longtime rival Jack Pollock were motionless after crashing through a table in the ring! Palace has been scratching and clawing for a fair, one-on-one opportunity at the IWC World Heavyweight Championship all year and on December 9th he’ll get his shot! The only question is, will Wardlow still be champion come December 9th?

In what would be the first of many surprises throughout the night, Britt Baker returned to IWC for the first time since losing the Women’s Championship to LuFisto back in July at Threat Level Midnight! Britt reminded everyone of her championship rematch clause and asked to be inserted into the Women’s Championship match between LuFisto and Ray Lyn right then and there! LuFisto accepted the challenge, but would regret her decision as Baker was able to pick up a 3 count on Ray Lyn to become a 2 time IWC Women’s Champion! Ray Lyn was shocked, but not as shocked as LuFisto, who will undoubtedly be challenging Baker for an eventual, much anticipated rematch!

Cashing in on their Championship rematch clause didn’t work out as well for The Fraternity, however. They too inserted themselves into an already scheduled Title Match, forcing the Tag Team Champions, Locked N’ Loaded, to defend their titles in a Triple Threat Match as well! This didn’t sit well with the other team in the match, Team Storm’s Jaxon Argos and RC Dupree.

Team Storm was scheduled to receive an IWC Tag Team Title shot last month at The Rural Valley Rumble, but the match was postponed due to a family emergency that caused Duke Davis to miss the event. As expected, Argos and Dupree were furious following the match as Davis and Ganon Jones Jr. were able to score a pinfall and leave Unbreakable asIWC Tag Team Champions. The Frat wasn’t happy either as neither Decker nor Gibson took the pinfall.

Before things got out of control, IWC Owner Justin Plummer made his way to the ring. Plummer said he was sick and tired of Team Storm’s constant complaining and even threatened to fire Argos and Dupree! Instead he announced a huge match for Winner Takes All on December 9th between Argos and the returning Jonathan Gresham! You could almost see the color leave the face of the 2016 Rookie of the Year, but that wasn’t all… Plummer also announced that if Argos loses to Gresham, Argos and Dupree will be fired from IWC! I don’t think Argos is going to be able to talk his way out of this one!

That wasn’t the only announcement Justin Plummer made at Unbreakable. Plummer also announced the return of the IWC High Stakes Championship on October 27th in Wheeling, West Virginia. The High Stakes Championship was once used as a launching pad for IWC Superstars often lost in the shuffle to be seen and taken to the next level, and with so many new faces coming into the fold each and every month, this is the perfect time to re-introduce the title that hasn’t been seen since 2001.

This announcement was followed by an impromptu 10-Man Gauntlet Match where the winner would automatically advance to the Championship match at IWC High Stakes 2 on October 27th! The match featured Chris LeRusso, Calvin Couture, Chest Flexor from the STD’s, Dan Hooven, Nick Commoroto, Dennis Jackson, Gabriel, Jason Tyler and Keith Haught, but was ultimately won by Jami Jamison! “The Country Hammer” has had an impressive rookie year thus far, and now looks to cap it off by winning his first ever championship!

This summer and leading into the fall was bizarre to say the least for The Mega Plowers. Magnum CK had been injured, forcing Jock Samson to find a new partner in the form of former undefeated MMA star, Shane InYaFace. The team seemed to be meshing well until Jock unexpectedly turned on Shane following a loss at Threat Level Midnight in July.

Jock took things a little too far, whipping Shane with a bull rope and even hitting him over the head with a cowbell! It was a side of Jock we hadn’t seen in IWC and perhaps a side Magnum CK hadn’t seen either as he came to the aid of Shane pleading with Jock to stop! To the surprise ofthe IWC fans, Samson instead attacked Magnum, striking him repeatedly with the cowbell and leaving on his own. It was after this attack that Shane and Magnum told Jock to find a partner for Unbreakable because they were challenging him to a Tag Team Match!

Speculation began as to who Jock would bring to Unbreakable to take down Shane and his longtime former Tag Team partner, but it was all a ruse… Magnum attacked Shane from behind as the bell rang while Jock looked on smiling and eventually joined in on the attack! It’s apparent The Mega Plowers are back together, or maybe they were never apart… But why did they stage this false breakup in the first place? Why did they use Shane? Why did they choose Shane? There are still a lot more questions than answers.

In other action, Wardlow remained undefeated, defeating Ring of Honor’s Punishment Martinez to retain the IWC World Heavyweight Championship and Gory successfully defended his IWC Super Indy Championship against Ophidian in what some are calling a match of the year candidate!

Next up on the IWC Calendar is High Stakes 2 from the Wheeling Casino in Wheeling, West Virginia where WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler returns to IWC and we will crown a brand new IWC High Stakes Champion! Keep checking back here at IWCwrestling.com and on Facebook/Twitter for the latest updates!