NOVEMBER 4th, 2017
Results by Nick Lendl – Photos by Damian Lynch

Team Storm (Jack Pollock, Jaxon Argos, & RC Dupree) vs. Darin Dinero & Sauna Club (Dan Hooven & Santana Diamonds)
Keith Haught def. Mambo Italiano
Channing Decker def. Ganon Jones, Jr.
Katie Arquette def. Jinx
IWC Super Indy Champion and Welterweight Wrestling Champion Gory def. Rayo
Bulk Nasty def. Shane InYaFace, Colby Redd, and IWC High Stakes Champion Jimmy Vega$ in a No DQ, Falls-Count-Anywhere Match to win the title
Duke Davis def. Trent Gibson
Marshall Gambino & Jami Jameson def. Lawless & Order (David Lawless, Esq. & Officer Dan Murphy) and the Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor & Corey Futuristic)
Andrew Palace def. Chris LeRusso

It was another action-packed night this past weekend as IWC returned to Clearfield, PA to present Clearfield Carnage 3! Number One Contender Andrew Palace defeated Chris LeRusso in the main event, renewing their rivalry that was named “Feud of the Year” in 2016! LeRusso had Bulk Nasty with him at ringside, but Palace was quick to find backup as “TheTitan” Dennis Jackson volunteered to stand in Palace’s corner. The presence of Jackson at ringside clearly caught LeRusso off guard, as the two have been at each other’s throats over the last few months. Bulk was able to eliminate the threat of Jackson as the two fought all the way to the locker room, but LeRusso was ultimately planted with a Hernia Driver and pinned for the three count!

The big story is what happened after the match, however. As Palace was celebrating his victory, IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow made his way to the ring and got right in the face of the Number One Contender! Palace didn’t back down, but was easily hoisted up and slammed hard to the mat by the fresh, much larger champion! Wardlow will surely look to continue his dominance when these two meet at Winner Takes All for the IWC World Heavyweight Title! Will Wardlow’s undefeated reign continue into 2018, or will Palace’s journey to the top of the IWC mountain finally culminate on December 9th?

Team Storm gained momentum heading into Winner Takes All, defeating Darin Dinero, Santana Diamonds and Dan Hooven in a Six-Man-Tag Team Match, and they’re going to need it… On December 9th Jaxon Argos faces Jonathan Gresham and Jack Pollock goes one on one with Darin Dinero.

To make matters worse for Team Storm, their one year anniversary in IWC may be their last! IWC Owner Justin Plummer announced that if Pollock or Argos lose their matches, Team Storm’s contracts will be terminated! With Gresham and Dinero looking to take out Team Storm, Pollock, Argos and Dupree had better come up with a plan if they want to be a part of IWC in 2018!

Katie Arquette picked up a victory over Jinx at Clearfield Carnage, and it would prove to be the biggest win of her career. Following the victory, it was announced on that Arquette would be part of a Fatal-4-Way Match for the IWC Women’s Championship at Winner Takes All against LuFisto, Ray Lyn and current champion Britt Baker.

Looking at the three other women involved in the match, it’s easy to pit Arquette as the clear underdog. However, “The Queen of the Silver Screen” has been in the ring with each of these women over the last few months and though she hasn’t been able to pick up a victory, she’s taken mental notes on each of her opponents. And let’s not forget Arquette will have Calvin Couture at ringside with her. The stage may in fact be set for her biggest scene to date on December 9th, becoming the new IWC Women’s Champion!

Clearfield Carnage proved to be a history-making night as for the first time ever, the Welterweight Wrestling Championship was defended in an IWC ring! Welterweight Wrestling is a promotion based in Cleveland, and run by IWC’s own Joe Dombrowski. Their events feature the top performers from around the world 185 pounds and under competing in Professional Wrestling’s first Welterweight Division!

Last month on Internet Pay-Per-View, Gory became the new Welterweight Champion and speculation began almost immediately as to whether the championship would be defended in IWC. Justin Plummer was quick to please the fans and announced that Gory’s scheduled IWC Super Indy Title defense against Rayo at Clearfield Carnage would now be a double title match!

Over the last few months, Gory has been involved in some of the most exciting Super Indy Title matches to date, defeating names like Anthony Henry, Chris LeRusso and Ophidian to name a few. This streak continued in Clearfield as Rayo gave Gory perhaps his toughest title defense to date, but “The New Age Plague” was able to knock of his latest challenger, forcing Rayo to tap out in the center of the ring! It was a history-making moment for Gory, but now with both championships in his possession, he’ll have twice the number of challengers gunning for him…

Ever since Locked N’ Loaded shocked The Fraternity and became IWC Tag Team Champions at Caged Fury, Channing Decker and Trent Gibson have been lobbying for a title rematch. After coming up short in a Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match at Unbreakable in October, Justin Plummer told the obnoxious Frat boys that if they wanted another shot at the titles, they’d have to beat Ganon Jones Jr. and Duke Davis in singles matches at Clearfield Carnage!

At first, The Frat’s night seemed to be going according to plan. Channing Decker was able to slide past Ganon Jones Jr. for a quick three count thanks to a distraction from Trent Gibson on the outside, but later in the night Duke Davis was able to even the score, picking up a win over Gibson. What does this mean for the IWC Tag Team Titles? With all the other teams gunning for the top spot in the division, who will get a title shot at Winner Takes All?

The IWC High Stakes Championship returned in October and since winning the title, Jimmy Vegas has made no bones about defending the championship against all comers. What’s unique about the High Stakes Championship is that the champion decides the stipulation for title matches. With Shane InYaFace, Bulk Nasty and Colby Redd all coming for the title at Clearfield Carnage, Vegas made the match a No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight!

It was a wild match to say the least and fans had trouble keeping up with all the action! All four men brawled on the outside of the ring for several minutes and Jimmy Vegas laid into Bulk Nasty with multiple weapons he brought with him to the ring in a trash can! It was a match made for the IWC legend Vegas, but it wasn’t his night. Perhaps the pressure of having three challengers got to Vegas… Say what you will, but nonetheless Vegas was Powerbombed and pinned by the ”Human Crime Scene” to begin the first championship reign in IWC for Bulk Nasty!

It’s well known that in a previous life Bulk Nasty respected and even looked up to Jimmy Vegas, but it’s clear that whatever respect was once there is gone now. Following the match there was a look in Bulk’s eyes I’ve never seen before. It’s evident that the 300 pounder has his eyes set on cementing himself as THE big man in IWC!

In other action, Keith Haught defeated Mambo Italiano in a rematch from High Stakes 2, and Marshall Gambino and Jami Jameson picked up a win over The STD’s and Lawless & Order in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match!

Next up on the IWC calendar is the biggest night of the year as we present Winner Takes All on December 9th from The Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA! Already announced is the huge IWC World Heavyweight Title Match between Wardlow and Andrew Palace, as well as Jack Pollock vs. Darin Dinero, Jaxon Argos vs. Jonathan Gresham, and Britt Baker, LuFisto, Ray Lyn and Katie Arquette in a Fatal-4-Way Match for the IWC Women’s Championship! Keep checking back here at and on Facebook/Twitter for the latest updates!