IWC returns to our home base of Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA on Saturday night February 17th, 2017 at 7:00 PM! The infamous Reset Button returns as IWC presents Reloaded 4.0!

As has become the tradition, every IWC championship opponent will be chosen by the infamous Reset Button… and you never know what might happen when IWC hits the Reset Button! We’ve seen some incredible surprises, including WWE Superstar Virgil, “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham, AN ACTUAL T-REX, ringside photographer Dan Hooven, Shane Taylor, Chelsea Green, and much more! On February 17th, join us to find out who our champions will be pitted against! Will it be friend, or foe, or someone completely unexpected! Word has it that several well known superstars will be in the house on February 17th, hoping that the Reset Button will choose them!

IWC World Heavyweight Champion Andrew Palace will make his second defense of the title on February 17th. Fresh off a successful title defense against Dylan Bostic, but with seemingly everybody nipping at his heels, will Palace be able to withstand whoever the Reset Button chooses?

IWC Womens’ Champion Britt Baker will defend her title against an opponent chosen by the Reset Button. Baker has been nearly unstoppable, defeating almost every challenger put in her path. Who will be chosen to step up and take on the Mayor of Brittsburgh?

IWC Super Indy Champion Gory has a nearly impossible chance of walking out of Reloaded 4.0 as the champion. He will face not just one, but THREE other opponents chosen by the Reset Button! We’ve seen Gory overcome the odds before, but is the deck stacked too much against the “New Age Plague” this time?

After regaining the titles in a brutal Frat House Match against Locked & Loaded, The Fraternity will defend their titles for the first time in their third reign. After reigning supreme over the IWC tag team division for nearly two years, who is left for Channing Decker & Trent Gibson?

It seems like it’s “Bulk Vs. Everybody” as of late. That continues as IWC High Stakes Champion Bulk Nasty takes on an opponent chosen by the Reset Button. After defending the title against almost the entire roster in a battle royal at Winner Takes All, and a grueling defense against “The Reaper” Matt Conard that saw both men battle in the cold, snowy parking lot of Rural Valley, who will be chosen to take on the “Walking Crime Scene”?

Jaxon Argos has been the thorn in Jonathan Gresham’s side for over a year now. It appears no matter what, Argos has a leg up on the veteran Gresham. At Caged Fury, Argos eliminated Gresham from War Games with a low blow. When the two men one-on-one at Winner Takes All in December, Argos used the Canadian flag and a distraction by RC Dupree and (the recently fired) Jack Pollock at ringside to get the win. With that in mind, IWC owner Justin Plummer signed Argos to face Gresham at Reloaded 4.0 in a Submission Match! The stipulation obviously favors Gresham, a submission specialist who calls himself “The Octopus” for his mastery of the Octopus submission. But Argos called out Gresham by using a submission of his own to defeat Dan Hooven: the single-leg Boston Crab, as made famous by his trainer and mentor Lance Storm! Will Gresham finally be able to put Argos down? Or will the 2x Rookie of the Year be able to once again squeak out a victory?

Locked & Loaded were moments away from retaining the IWC Tag Team Titles at Winner Takes All when Upper Echelon’s Colby Redd hit the ring and threw Ganon Jones, Jr. off the top through a table on the floor. The Fraternity regained the titles,, then Redd & PB Smooth hit the ring to finish off Duke Davis. The “Litty Lions” looked for revenge at Fallout against Redd & Smooth, but were only able to get a victory by technicality. When it looked like Davis & Jones, Jr. were about to finish the newcomers, Redd introduced a chair into the match and attacked Locked & LOaded with it, drawing the disqualification. After the bout, Locked & Loaded decided after Redd & Smooth used a table and chairs, there was only one more logical step… a TLC Match at Reloaded 4.0 on February 17th!

Jock Samson and Shane InYaFace have been on a collision course as of late. Ever since Jock and his tag partner Magnum CK pulled the wool over the eyes of Shane and his girlfriend Ellie Fredericks, the two men have been destined for battle. They finally met one-on-one at Fallout, but the result wasn’t exactly what Shane was looking for. After drawing Ellie into the ring and forcing a kiss on her, Jock used the distraction to hit Shane with his cowbell and get the win. Shane has promised he isn’t finished with Jock yet! The two men meet again at Reloaded on February 17th! Will Shane get the revenge he seeks?

At Fallout on January 20th, “The Heir Apparant” Chris LeRusso announced he has placed a $25,000 bounty on the head of “Titan” Dennis Jackson! Ever since Titan’s debut in IWC, LeRusso has been unable to get the better of him, much to LeRusso’s dismay. Instead, he’s willing to let other people do his dirty work for him. Four men have stepped up to try and take him out on February 17th, as LeRusso teams with Calvin Couture, Mambo Italiano, and Lawless & Order (“The Gavel” David Lawless and Officer Dan Murphy). Titan has backup of his own, in the form of photographer-turned-wrestler Dan Hooven and “The Country Hammer” Jami Jameson! Will Titan be able to withstand LeRusso and his goons? Or will someone collect on LeRusso’s bounty?