IWC celebrates our seventeenth anniversary with SEVENTEEN at Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA! SEVENTEEN goes down on Saturday night March 17th with a 7:00 PM belltime.

IWC World Heavyweight Champion Andrew Palace will defend against the former champion Wardlow at SEVENTEEN! Palace was the first and only person to be able to pin Wardlow’s shoulders to the mat back in December at Winner Takes All to capture the IWC World Heavyweight Championship. Wardlow inserted himself into the title match between Palace and Dylan Bostic at Reloaded 4.0 in February only to have problems with Bostic leading to miscommunciation between the two, and Palace pinning Bostic to retain, much to the chagrin of Wardlow and his manager Justin Labar. Are Wardlow and Labar still on the same page after Reloaded? Will Palace be able to retain the title against the monster?

You never know who will show up when we hit the Reset Button. This was never more evident than at Reloaded 4.0 when none other than former WWF Light Heavyweight Champion GILLBERG was chosen by the Reset Button to challenge IWC High Stakes Champion Bulk Nasty! Since the High Stakes Champion chooses the stipulation for their title defenses, Bulk chose a No DQ match. Unfortunately for him, that was just the opportunity Jimmy Vega$ needed to attack Bulk and pull Gillberg on top for the title win! But the celebration was short-lived as the lights went out and none other than JAMES ELLSWORTH appeared on the screen, challenging Gillberg for SEVENTEEN! Will “The Big Hog” walk out of Court Time Sports Center with the title? Will Gillberg be able to capture lightning in a bottle twice?

IWC Super Indy Champion Gory will defend the title against his former tag team championship partner and former rival, DJZ! Way back in 2004 when two young lions named “The New Face” Jason Gory and “The First Filipino Supermodel of Professional Wrestling” Shiima Xion made their professional wrestling debuts, the two men were constantly at each others’ throats. The rivalry even spilled over to the IWC Year End Awards as the two men were both voted the 2004 Rookie of the Year. After almost two years of hatred, the two men formed a mutual respect for one another and eventually teamed up. BabyFace Fire took the IWC tag team division by storm, capped off with an incredible championship win inside a steel cage against The Gambino Brothers at IWC’s 100th Show in December 2007. The two men have since gone their seperate ways, with Shiima becoming DJ Zema Ion in Impact Wrestling, and Gory travelling the world as “The New Age Plague”, but they will forever be tied by their experiences training together, battling across the country, and their tag team glory. On March 17th, Gory and DJZ tangle one more time, this time for the IWC Super Indy Championship. Which man will walk away with the bragging rights nearly 14 years later?

IWC Women’s Champion Britt Baker will defend her title against Laurel Van Ness at SEVENTEEN! Van Ness has appeared in IWC previously as Chelsea Green, but since joining Impact Wrestling she has become a bit of a hot mess. Will this new attitude help her finally defeat “the Mayor of Brittsburgh”?  Will Baker continue her run as IWC Women’s Champion?

At Winner Takes All in December, The Mane Event (fka Locked & Loaded) came into the event as the reigning IWC Tag Team Champions, defending the titles against former champions The Fraternity in a Frat House Brawl. In a match that seemed like it would favor the challengers, TME had Channing Decker & Trent Gibson reeling when Colby Redd of Upper Echelon threw Ganon Jones Jr. through a table at ringside. That allowed The Frat to give Duke Davis the Keg Stand to recapture the tag titles for the third time. Since then, Duke & Ganon disposed of Upper Echelon in a TLC Match at Reloaded 4.0, and now have their sights set back on the IWC tag team gold! Will they be able to recapture the titles at SEVENTEEN? Or will The Frat’s unprecidented reign over the IWC tag division remain intact?

Jonathan Gresham will finally gets his hands on Jaxon Argos after he was forced to pull out of this match originally scheduled for February 17th. Argos has been the thorn in Gresham’s side for over a year now. It appears no matter what, Argos has a leg up on the veteran Gresham. At Caged Fury, Argos eliminated Gresham from War Games with a low blow. When the two men one-on-one at Winner Takes All in December, Argos used the Canadian flag and a distraction by RC Dupree and (the recently fired) Jack Pollock at ringside to get the win. With that in mind, IWC owner Justin Plummer signed Argos to face Gresham at Reloaded 4.0 in a Submission Match! Unfortunately, Gresham was forced to pull out of the match at the last minute, and Argos took the opportunity to celebrate at Gresham’s expense. The stipulation obviously favors Gresham, a submission specialist who calls himself “The Octopus” for his mastery of the Octopus submission. But Argos called out Gresham by using a submission of his own to defeat Dan Hooven and Jinx: the single-leg Boston Crab, as made famous by his trainer and mentor Lance Storm! Will Gresham finally be able to put Argos down? Or will the 2x Rookie of the Year be able to once again squeak out a victory?

Sam Adonis returns to IWC to celebrate our seventeenth anniversary as he teams with the only man on the active roster to compete at the very first IWC live event in March 2001, Jimmy Vega$! The two men will take on Benjamin C. Steele’s duo of Chris LeRusso & Bulk Nasty! The two giants Bulk & Vega$ have been at odds lately, taking shots back and forth over the last several IWC live events. The last time we saw Adonis, he was challenging then-IWC Super Indy Champion Chris LeRusso (with special guest ring announcer Chris Jericho). LeRusso escaped with the victory thanks to help from Steele at ringside and a shot to Adonis’ head with the title belt. With Vega$ by his side, can he exact a bit of revenge against the “Heir Apparent”?

After being missing-in-action for nearly a year, Remy Lavey returned to IWC on February 17th. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the warm and fuzzy reunion that his tag team partner, “The Bearcat” Keith Haught was hoping for. Remy pulled Haught in for a hug, but as the lights went out, it appeared it was all a ruse. As the lights came on, the wild and dangerous Cogar Brothers, Atticus and Otis, attacked Haught. Lavey introduced IWC to “The Culmination” as the trio left Haught laying in the ring. A match between the former tag team champions Haught and Lavey has been signed for SEVENTEEN. What will happen when they meet for the first time? Why has Remy turned his back on the Bearcat? Will Keith’s heart be in the match after being shunned by his former friend?