IWC returns to Meadville Area High School for one of our biggest shows every year, Night of the Superstars! This year’s edition takes place on Saturday April 14th, 2017! There will be a huge Meet & Greet from 4:00-7:00 PM, a pre-show beginning at 7:00 PM, and the main card beginning at 8:00 PM. We announced the superstars already, now we have the matches signed for Night of the Superstars 7!

The main event has been set for April 14th in Meadville and it’s a dream match for the ages! Former IWC World Heavyweight Champion DJZ takes on lucha libre legend Rey Mysterio Jr! DJZ is one of the best and brightest high flyers in professional wrestling today. It’s only natural that he face off with one of the best high flyers of all time!

Don’t cross the boss! After Jack Pollock was fired in December, he and his Team Storm partners manipulated IWC owner Justin Plummer into re-signing Pollock to IWC by threatening Plummer’s wife Jenny. Now, Team Storm will have to deal with the consequences. Pollock will be faced with former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger in Meadville! Will Pollock make it out of Meadville in one piece?

After Keith Haught’s longtime friend Remy Lavey attacked him repeatedly and aligned himself with the dangerous Cogar Brothers, Haught is on the hunt for a new best friend. He just may have found it in the form of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi! Will Rikishi and Haught be able to topple one of the best tag teams in IWC history?

Mark Henry will be in the house less than a week before being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame! What better way for “The World’s Strongest Man” to celebrate than by hosting the “World’s Strongest Battle Royal”?! Some of the best in IWC will converge on Meadville on April 14th to compete for a shot at the IWC World Heavyweight Title, including Andrew Palace, Dylan Bostic, Chris LeRusso, The Mane Event, Team Storm members Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree, Jimmy Vega$, Bulk Nasty, Jami Jameson, “The Titan” Dennis Jackson”, PB Smooth, Dan Hooven, Culmination members Remy Lavey & The Cogar Brothers, Mambo Italiano, Lawless & Order members “The Gavel” David Lawless & Officer Dan Murphy, Billy Ruxpin, Jay Flash, and more! Who will walk away from Meadville with a shot at the IWC Champion?

Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness returns to IWC to try and take the IWC Women’s Title from Britt Baker! Baker has been a dominant champion, defeating all comers en route to two championship reigns and a featured spot on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on CNN. Has she finally met her match in the form of the “Hot Mess”? Or will she continue her reign of dominance over the IWC women’s division?

Two-time IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow will be defending the title for the first time in his second reign as he takes on “Double D” Darin Dinero! Darin is on a mission for gold in IWC, recently coming up short in a bid for the IWC Tag Team Titles alongside ECW’s “Hardcore Icon” The Sandman. Now he’s on his own as he takes on the most dominant IWC Champion in recent memory. Wardlow only has one blemish on his perfect record in IWC… will Dinero be able to make the second?

One year after being publicly endorsed by The Hardys in an IWC ring in Meadville, Gory returns to IWC to defend the IWC Super Indy Title against the cobra Ophidian! These two men met once in IWC already in October 2017. That night, Gory came out on top after an incredible back-and-forth competition that some called an IWC Match of the Year Candidate. Ophidian came within inches of winning the title several times, so IWC officials have decided to give him one more shot at the title in Meadville! Will the second time be the charm for the “Master of the Snake Style”?

The IWC High Stakes Title is on the line as Marshall “The Bull” Gambino defends against five challengers in a six-way scramble match! His opponents on April 14th all have their own motivations for victory. Former ringside photographer-turned-wrestler Dan Hooven is looking for a big singles win and his first taste of gold in IWC. “The Country Hammer” Jami Jameson was a protege of Gambino… until “The Bull” threw him off the top rope through a table on the floor. Pretty Boy Smooth is a seven-foot-tall monster who previously competed in tag team competition, but wants to pick up his first major singles victory. Chest Flexor was a longtime member of Gambino’s entourage, but wants to prove the student has surpassed the teacher. Draven is willing to pull out all the stops to pick up his first major victory in IWC. Which man will walk away from Meadville with the High Stakes Title?

IWC’s last live event (Seventeen from March 17th in Elizabeth, PA) ended in a massive war between three factions. Two teams on opposing sides are Team Storm and The Mane Event. Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree are on the bad side of IWC promoter Justin Plummer, so Plummer chose to put them against the biggest, baddest tag team in that battle… former IWC Tag Team Champions “Pro Wrestling’s All-Star” Ganon Jones, Jr. & “The Metahuman” Duke Davis, The Mane Event! Will Duke & Ganon finally shut Argos & Dupree up once and for all?

Two of IWC’s fastest rising women will square off in Meadville as “The Queen of the Silver Screen” Katie Arquette takes on “Bloody Adorable” Jinx! These two women trained together at IWC’s training facility, the Iron City Wrestling Academy, but they couldn’t be more different. A school rivalry formed quickly and they frequently find themselves on opposite sides of the squared circle. The latest chapter to their rivalry will be written on April 14th! Which of these women will walk away with the latest victory?

IWC legend “Big League” John McChesney will be in the house on April 14th serving as the official host of Night of the Superstars 7! McChesney has been out of action since July, nursing a shoulder injury. While he’s itching to get back into the ring, he has yet to be medically cleared. But, he has held such a presence on Night of the Superstars events in the past, including main evening with such superstars as Carlito, Elias, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Goldust, The Steiner Brothers, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, and most recently Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. With that kind of history in Meadville, McChesney couldn’t just sit at home on April 14th, so he will be hosting out live event that night!