IWC returns to our home base of Court Time Sports Center for our annual tournament spectacular, Super Indy 17! This year’s Super Indy Tournament takes place on Saturday night June 9th, 2018 at 7:00 PM in Elizabeth, PA. Every year, the top talent from all across the wrestling world converge to compete in the prestigious Super Indy Tournament. We previously announced the 8 men scheduled to compete in Super Indy 17: Gory, Jeff Cobb, Joey Janela, David Starr, Ethan Page, Jaxon Argos, and Jonathan Gresham. Now we have the opening round matches, and the brackets for the tournament! Plus, another huge non-tournament match with championship implications!

The first two men to qualify for Super Indy 17 are pitted against one another in a grudge match that has been building for over a year now. Jaxon Argos has been a thorn in the side of Jonathan Gresham, getting the better of him in each opportunity. After Argos and Team Storm were able to manipulate himself a spot in Super Indy this year by holding IWC owner Justin Plummer’s wife Jenny hostage, Plummer announced that not only would Argos be in Super Indy, but his longtime rival Gresham would be Argos’ first round opponent! Gresham has been to the finals of the Super Indy Tournament two years in a row now, but has not been able to win in the finals, falling to Josh Alexander in 2016 and Adam Cole in 2017. Gresham feels 2018 is finally his year, but will he be able to get past the loudmouthed Canadian sympathizer first?

Gory will enter Super Indy 17 looking to become only the second man to ever enter the Super Indy Tournament as champion, and leave as champion. In the first round, he will have to face off with Anthony Henry! Henry came within inches of capturing the Super Indy Title in the same match that Gory won the title back in August 2017. This time he is determined not to leave empty handed. Will Gory even be able to make it through the first round?

Two of the most controversial and outspoken individuals in Super Indy 17 will meet in the squared circle as “All Ego” Ethan Page takes on “Bad Boy” Joey Janela in the opening round! Janela is on a roll in 2018, very recently winning AIW’s JT Lightning Invitational Tournament… a tournament Page won several years ago. Who will walk away from this one with the victory and move on to the second round?

This match is sure to be a barn-burner, as “The Product” David Starr takes on “The King of the Suplex” Jeff Cobb in the opening round of Super Indy 17! Both men have high-profile tournament experience, with Starr winning CZW’s Best of the Best tournament this year, while Cobb was a finalist in PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles last year. Both men have extensive amateur wrestling backrgounds, with Cobb even competing in the 2004 Summer Olympics. Which one of these men will advance to the second round?

Pressure has been building between these men for months, and they will meet in tag team action on June 9th at Super Indy 17! Wardlow and Andrew Palace recently traded the IWC World Heavyweight Title back and forth, and now Wardlow has the gold. Palace wants to get back in the title hunt, and this very well may be his opportunity. Meanwhile, Chris LeRusso still has a $25,000 bounty on the head of “Titan” Dennis Jackson, but nobody has been able to take out the giant yet. Who wil walk away victorious in this non-tournament tag match?

All this, plus the semi-finals and final rounds of the tournament, and this previously announced non-tournament match…

After Jack Pollock and Team Storm took Jenny Plummer hostage to get his job back in a despicable scene that took place at SEVENTEEN in March, IWC owner Justin Plummer has vowed to make their lives a living hell. At Super Indy 17, Jack Pollock is going to face a man who has been a family friend of the Plummers for over a decade, “Notorious” Shane Taylor. Several years ago, only a year into his pro wrestling career, Pollock had a run-in with Taylor that left him beaten and bloodied. Today, Pollock is a little older, and a little wiser. But, Taylor is still the dangerous problem solver that he was back then, but now he’s a little leaner and a lot meaner. Jack Pollock is in for a fight on June 9th. Will he be able to survive?