Hey! I got an ideal! Everybody should come check out IWC’s Threat Level Midnight: Part Deux on Saturday night July 14th, 2018! Well, you know… belltime is at 7:00 at Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA. Doot doot doot!

In case you couldn’t tell, we have a special guest at Threat Level Midnight: Part Deux, and he’s already having a huge impact on IWC! Ex-WWE and Impact Wrestling executive, and current host of the 2-time Podcast of the Year “Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard”… it’s Bruce Prichard! Brother Love will be in the house on July 14th to lay down the law as the special guest general manager while IWC owner Justin Plummer has his hands full that night. Take a look at the impact Bruce has already had on IWC…

What was originally scheduled to be two title matches, Prichard has combined into one huge six-man tag team main event! IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow teams with IWC Tag Team Champions “Titan” Dennis Jackson & Chris LeRusso to defend their titles against Andrew Palace & The Mane Event! This has been brewing since March when Wardlow recapture the title from Palace in the middle of chaos involving Team Labar, TME, and Justin Labar. Which team will walk away with ALL the gold?

While Justin Plummer is not a trained wrestler, and has never stepped foot inside a wrestling ring for competition, nobody really blames the owner of IWC for challenging Jack Pollock to a match. Although Pollock is more experienced than Plummer, never underestimate a man whose family has been threatened. Back in March, Pollock had been fired from IWC. His Team Storm partners interrupted Justin and his wife Jenny Plummer in the ring, insulting Jenny and making demands. When Plummer left the ring to confront them, Pollock ran in from the crowd and put a bag over Jenny’s head while Jaxon Argos demanded Pollock be reinstated to IWC. Plummer agreed but promised to make Team Storm’s lives a living hell. His efforts have mostly been for naught, as Team Storm is still running ramptant in IWC, interfering in each others’ matches. After Pollock defeated Plummer’s longtime family friend Shane Taylor with help from RC Dupree and a low blow, Plummer vowed to finish Pollock himself! Pollock has since said if he can’t beat Plummer, he doesn’t deserve to be in a ring anymore. But, if he wins, he’ll earn a shot at the IWC World Heavyweight Title. Will Plummer finally be able to get his revenge on Pollock in this Street Fight?

Legendary luchadore Rey Bucanero comes to iWC on July 14th! A mainstay in CMLL, the oldest wrestling promotion in the world, Bucanero comes from a legendary wrestling family in Mexico. He has been seen on WWF’s Super Astros show in the 90s, as well as appearing with New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, and Ring of Honor. At Threat Level Midnight: Part Deux, Bucanero will take on his frequent tag team partner and protege Sam Adonis! Adonis is a hero every time he returns home to IWC, and this time he wants to show IWC what CMLL is all about! Will it be a happy homecoming for Adonis? Or will the teacher school his student in his own town?

Keith Haught has been at a crossroads. His hand was forced at Seventeen in March where his former friend and tag partner Remy Lavey was unrelenting until Haught struck Lavey back. Eventually, Lavey was disqualified and the Cogars attacked. One man who came to Keith’s rescue was Dan Hooven. Our former ringside photographer-turned-underdog had been attacked and bullied himself a year ago when he entered professional wrestling. Sticking up for the little guy, Hooven has stood by Haught’s side several times now, and will do so again on July 14th! Will the dangerous and brutal Cogars run through Haught & Hooven? Or will the underdogs be able to overcome the odds yet again? What role will Remy Lavey play in the match?

The IWC women’s division hits new levels as Bruce Prichard has brought in some new talent to the mix! “The Queen of the Silver Screen” Katie Arquette will be in action taking on Regina “Honey” Badger! Badger has made her name in the Pittsburgh wrestling scene for the last several years for her ruthless, unorthodox nature. After an impressive showing at the RISE Ascent TV tapings in May, Badger makes her IWC debut on July 14th! Will Arquette be able to stay on her game against the “feral female of professional wrestling”? Or will Badger’s debut be a successful one?

Prichard continues to shake things up as he pits former iWC Super Indy CHampion Gory against the venomous & vile serpant of the Nile, Ophidian! These two men tore down the house back in October, with Gory coming out the victor. They were scheduled to meet again in April, only to join forces to take on DJZ and Rey Mysterio, Jr. With Gory looking to get back into the Super Indy title hunt, he would need a win over Ophidian here. But will Ophidian be able to play spoiler and ruin Gory’s chances at the new IWC Super Indy CHampion Jonathan Gresham?

Marshall “The Bull” Gambino is no stranger to controversy over his professional wrestling career. That controversy rears its ugly head on July 14th as Marshall takes on the manager of the Sexy Talented Dudes, Ginger! Marshall issued the challenge at Super Indy 17, appearing to challenge Flexor. But he made his intentions known, and even made the match a Dog Collar Match! Ginger has no wrestling experience, so what is Marshall thinking? Has he gotten inside the head of Chest Flexor?