IWC’s summer annual specatular CAGED FURY returns with at least 8 huge matches on Saturday night August 11th, 2018! The action kicks off at 7:00 PM at our home base of Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA! You never know what will happen in IWC, and when the cage goes up, the unexpected happens! CM Punk made the save for his team way back at Caged Fury 1 in June 2004, “Fabulous” John McChesney cemented his legacy with a breathtaking dive off the cage at Caged Fury 2, Sterling James Keenan (now Corey Graves) and Team IWC taking out The Unholy Alliance in War Games at No Excuses 2 in 2006, Gory & Shiima Xion (now DJZ) defied the odds and became champions at A Call To Arms: Controlled Chaos in 2007, “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney made his final appearance in IWC in War Games at Caged Fury 2010, John McChesney returned to IWC to attack brand new champion Rhino inside the cage at Caged Fury 2015, and who could forget Andrew Palace finally getting revenge on Jack Pollock and Team Storm last year at Caged Fury 2017? This year at Caged Fury 2018 will be no different with two huge matches inside the 15-foot-high steel cage!

IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow will defend his title against “The Next Trending Topic” Jack Pollock! Pollock earned his title shot at Threat Level Midnight: Part Deux by pinning the owner of IWC Justin Plummer in a grudge match. Wardlow is once again on a roll in IWC after regaining the title from Andrew Palace back in March at Seventeen after a controversial ending to the event which saw the formation of a new Team Labar, an alliance with Palace and The Mane Event, and Pollock with Team Storm sticking their nose in between. With all the extra bodies getting involved lately, the decision was made to pit the two athletes inside the steel cage! With the walls up and the cage door locked so nobody can get in or out, which man will emerge victorious?

Marshall “The Bull” Gambino will defend the IWC High Stakes Title inside the steel cage against Chest Flexor in what has been called “Marshall Gambino’s Final Match!” Gambino and Flexor have had their issues over the High Stakes title as of late. After Gambino challenged Flexor’s wife and manager Ginger to a dog collar match at Threat Level Midnight: Part Deux, Flexor got involved, the Sexy Talented Dudes came to his aid, and Jami Jameson returned with a barbed wire board to even the odds. Gambino challenged Flexor to one final match for the title inside the cage so none of the STDs or Jameson could get involved. Which of these two men will walk away with the High Stakes Championship? Is this really the swan song for the legendary Gambino family in IWC?

IWC Super Indy Champion Jonathan Gresham will make his first defense of the title against former champion Gory! At Super Indy 17 in June, Gory was pinned in the second round by “The Product” David Starr while Starr had a handful of tights. Later that night in the finals, Gresham made Starr submit to his trademark Octopus Hold. After nearly a year as a successful Super Indy Champion, Gory has been granted a match for the title against the new champion and Super Indy Tournament winner Gresham! Will he make Gresham’s title reign short-lived? Or will this be just the beginning of a long reign for the “Octopus”?

After Special Guest General Manager Bruce Prichard gave Team Storm a match against Shane Taylor at Threat Level Midnight: Part Deux, he decided they were good sports and gave them a shot at the IWC Tag Team Titles at Caged Fury 2018. However, IWC owner Justin Plummer wasn’t just going to leave it at that. Prichard’s controversial decision-making at the end of Threat Level Midnight saw him cost The Mane Event the tag team titles against Team Labar (and Andrew Palace the IWC World Heavyweight Title), so Plummer granted TME a rematch against Team Labar at Caged Fury, making it a triple threat match! Which of these three teams will walk away with the IWC Tag Team Championship?

Another controversial move by Bruce Prichard saw him re-hire Jock Samson at the end of Threat Level Midnight: Part Deux, with Jock attacking Andrew Palace. Jock very publicly quit IWC back in March and took his bag with him out the front door, threatening to go to every other wrestling promotion in the Pittsburgh area. On social media, Jock called out IWC owner Justin Plummer and Palace for their so-called “unprofessioanal” behavior, but failed to present any proof or examples. To finally even the score, Plummer put Jock in the ring with Palace at Caged Fury 2018 so Jock could put up or shut up! Will he be able to put his money where his mouth is?

Katie Arquette seems to be on a quest for another title shot against IWC Women’s Champion Britt Baker. Back in March, a controversial ending saw Baker awarded the championship after Arquette seemingly won the title after hitting Baker with it. Arquette picked up victories over Jinx in April and May, and even challenged the SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy at the RISE Ascent TV tapings in May. At Threat Level Midnight, during her hard-fought bout with newcomer to IWC Honey Badger, Arquette told anyone who would listen she wanted Baker. But, she will continue to need to prove herself as she takes on the world-travelled Jordynne Grace! “Thick Mama Pump” makes her long-awaited IWC debut on August 11th and wants to make her own impact on the women’s division and earn a shot at Baker. Will she ruin Katie’s momentum and steal the moment for herself?

In a huge No Disqualification Match, The Culmination will take on Keith Haught, Dan Hooven, and a mystery partner! The Culmination have made Keith Haught’s life a living hell. After Haught’s best friend Remy Lavey turned his back on Haught and joined the dangerous Cogar Brothers, the Culmination have made it their mission to see Keith alone and distraught. One made who hasn’t let that happen is Dan Hooven. While The Culmination has sought to destroy anybody who aligns themselves with Haught, including Jason Tyler and Santana Diamonds, Hooven has stood by Haught through thick and thin. But, they’re only two men taking on a team of three. Do Haught & Hooven have anybody explosive enough to stand by them and take out Lavey & The Cogars? We’ll have to find out on August 11th!

Two tag teams make their IWC debut in two different ways on August 11th! Ohio stand-outs Tre Lamar & Chase Oliver, known as No Consequences, make their IWC debuts against two IWC mainstays Darin Dinero & Colby Redd, debuting their new team the Sadie Gang! Lamar & Oliver come to IWC from the AIW Traning Academy in Cleveland, OH. With a little over a year in wrestling under their belt, they’ve quickly become two of the top young stars in AIW. Meanwhile, Dinero & Redd have decided that their whole may be greater than the sum of its parts and decided to try their hand at the tag team division in IWC. Which young team will make an impact on their first nights in IWC?