SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2018
Results by JTM – Photos by Damian Lynch

Andrew Palace def. Elijah Dean
Katie Arquette def. Jinx and Ray Lyn to become #1 contender to the IWC Women’s Title
Wardlow def. Chris LeRusso via DQ
DJZ def. Johnny Patch
Sadie Gang (Darin Dinero & Colby Redd) def. Officer Dan Murphy & Phillip Archer, Billy Ruxpin & Mambo Italiano, and Jami Jameson & Jason Tyler
Shawn Phoenix def. Atticus Cogar via DQ
IWC High Stakes Champion Chest Flexor def. Professor Ryan Dye in an over-the-top-rope “Tiki Death Match”
Dylan Bostic def. Stevie Lebell
IWC Super Indy Champion Jonathan Gresham def. Gory

IWC’s showcase of young talent returned at the White Oak Athletic Association as IWC presented Proving Ground 7! We had several Iron City Wrestling Academy students making their in-ring debuts, as well as other young talent seeking to break out!

Team Storm kicked off the night with their “Team Storm Championship Extravaganza Bonanza Celebration Coronation Ceremony.” The celebration was short-lived as The Mane Event interrupted the celebration. Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree were quickly dispatched and the duo put IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jack Pollock through a table! IWC owner Justin Plummer took the opportunity to inform Pollock that both Ganon Jones, Jr. & Duke Davis of TME would be involved in the 6-way ladder match in two weeks at Unbreakable!

The main event of the evening saw IWC Super Indy Champion Jonathan Gresham defend the title against former champion Gory. Gory lost the title in the Super Indy 17 tournament that Gresham won, but Gresham never formally defeated Gory to win the title himself, so Gory was granted this rematch. “The Octopus” lived up to his name as he seemed to grow several limbs to put Gory in all kinds of kneebars and deathlocks intended to weaken the knee and leg of the former champ. While Gory put up a valiant effort, the match was awarded to Gresham via referee stoppage when Gory was no longer fighting back as Gresham pounded his knee into the mat. Gresham retains the title, but Gory never officially tapped out or submitted. Will this look favorably on Gory as he looks for another rematch in the future?

In October 2014, a youngster known as Shiima Xion debuted in IWC at “Youth Gone Wild.” It was only fitting that 14 years later, he was there to help usher in a new generation of high-flying talent from the ICWA. He was challenged by “The American Daredevil” Johnny Patch. The veteran DJZ was able to keep Patch grounded for the most part. Avoiding a breathtaking shooting star press from Patch allowed DJZ to take the advantage and hit the ZDT for the win. Despite the loss, the future looks bright for “The American Daredevil.”

IWC High Stakes Champion Chest Flexor defended his title against another ICWA graduate, the bizarre and twisted Professor Ryan Dye. Dye brought several concoctions to the ring with him, even hiding one in the referee’s back pocket before the match began. As the High Stakes Champion, Flexor chose the stipulation to the match and decided on a “Tiki Death Match” where the only way to win is throw your opponent over the top and to the floor. While Dye attempted to drink his concoctions to give him some kind of boost during the match, they all backfired and Flexor was able to toss him over the top to the floor and retain the championship.

“The Ronin” Stevie Lebell made his debut out of the ICWA taking on a big challenge in a former IWC Super Indy Champion “The Moneyweight” Dylan Bostic. Lebell attempted to use his extensive knowledge of judo throws and submissions, but ultimately the veteran knowledge of Bostic won out after he was able to hit a backstabber. Bostic appears to be back in the hunt for the Super Indy Title after his victory over Lebell.

Wardlow broke away from Team Labar at Caged Fury, and at Proving Ground 7 he sought revenge against one of the members, Chris LeRusso. LeRusso tried to use his speed and agility to avoid the larger Wardlow, but he underestimated Wardlow’s deceptive quickness. Just when it appeared that Wardlow was going to pick up the win, Bulk Nasty appeared at ringside to distract him. LeRusso used the advantage to try and hit Wardlow with a chair, but it backfired and LeRusso hightailed it to the locker room. Wardlow was awarded the win via DQ, but be sure that LeRusso hasn’t seen the last of Wardlow. Also, conspicuous by his absence was Justin LaBar, who LeRusso announced would not appear in IWC again until Team LaBar had rid IWC of Wardlow once and for all…

The war between The Culmination and Keith Haught continued at Proving Ground. Atticus Cogar of The Culmination battled “The Firebird” Shawn Phoenix in a match between the smaller members of each side. Before the event began, The Culmination attacked Haught with kendo sticks, taking him away from ringside. However, Haught’s frequent tag partner as of late, Dan Hooven, was still able to help out Phoenix and try to take Remy Lavey out of the equation as well. The match broke down and Phoenix was awarded the victory via DQ, but the battle wasn’t over. The action spilled over to a nearby scaffolding area. Hooven attempted to jump off of the stands but was hit by a trash can by Lavey. The Culmination attempted to throw Phoenix off of the scaffold, but he fought back and instead hit a breathtaking dive off the scaffold onto the Culmination and staff members below!

Former IWC World Heavyweight Champion Andrew Palace took on a debuting ICWA grad that has been seen at Katie Arquette’s side for the last several months, “TheManDime” Elijah Dean. While Dean tried every backhanded tactic he could think of, Palace was able to put him away with a vicious piledriver. Arquette accosted her “Boo Boo Bear” for losing the match and promised to show how it was done in her match…

The #1 contendership to the IWC Women’s Title was up for grabs as Katie Arquette, Jinx, and Ray Lyn squared off for a shot at champion Britt Baker. The scrappy Jinx appeared to have the win after hitting a rolling bulldog to Ray Lyn, but Arquette appeared out of nowhere, pulled Jinx from the ring, and covered Ray Lyn for the win. Arquette has been calling out Baker for months and finally gets her shot in November!

Sadie Gang picked up another victory in a big four-way tag team match featuring many first-time teams, including Jami Jameson & Jason Tyler, Mambo Italiano & Billy Ruxpin, and ICWA grad “The Survivor” Phillip Archer & Officer Dan Murphy. Darin Dinero & Colby Redd seem to be on a roll since joining forces to storm the tag division. While the other teams were unsuccessful, many of them impressed IWC management, including Jason Tyler who was awarded an opportunity at Unbreakable against Dylan Bostic, and Jameson who earned a shot at the IWC High Stakes Title!

IWC returns home to Court Time Sports Center in under two weeks with Unbreakable, then again on November 10th with Winner Takes All! In between, we go to our home away from home in Clearfield on November 3rd with Clearfield Carnage 5! Stay tuned to for more details in the coming weeks on these and future live events!