IWC returns to our home away from home on Saturday night November 3rd with Clearfield Carnage 5! The action kicks off at 7:30 PM at the Clearfield County Fairgrounds Expo 1 Building, and with all your IWC favorites set to appear, this one is sure to feature all the carnage you’ve come to expect from IWC!

A week before IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jack Pollock and IWC Tag Team Champions Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree, collectively known as Team Storm, have some of the biggest title defenses in their title reigns thus far, they have decided they will not defend those titles in Clearfield. Instead, they have challenged any three Iron City Wrestling Academy graduates to step up and take on the champs! Answering the challenge will be 2017 graduate “The Five Alarm Fire” Jason Tyler and 2018 graduates “The Ronin” Stevie Lebell & “The Survivor” Phillip Archer! Archer & Lebell have impressed in their short careers thus far, and Tyler recently took former IWC Super Indy Champion Dylan Bostic to the limit at Unbreakable. Will they shock the world and be able to upset Team Storm?

The 2016 Feud of the Year comes to Clearfield as “The Moneyweight” Dylan Bostic takes on Andrew Palace! Palace has been embroiled in a deadly feud with Jock Samson which has seen both men sacrifice victory in favor of hanging their opponent with Jock’s bullrope. Bostic has recently returned to IWC after several months away, and immediately set his sights on the Super Indy scene, attacking former champion Gory and challenging champion Jonathan Gresham. With Palace’s mind elsewhere, will Bostic be able to parlay that into a major victory over a former IWC World Heavyweight Champion? Or will Palace put a damper on Bostic’s return to Super Indy glory a week before his title opportunity?

The IWC High Stakes Title will be on the line as champion Chest Flexor defends against Professor Ryan Dye, Mambo Italiano, and Officer Dan Murphy! Dye made his professional wrestling debut against Flexor in September, coming up short in what Flexor dubbed a “Tiki Death Match” in which Dye lost by being thrown over the top rope. The Professor contests that he was never pinned, and thus deserves a rematch. Mambo Italiano has made several appearances in IWC in which he calls himself the best dancer in the world. Will those dancing skills come in handy against three other men? Officer Dan Murphy is big, tough, and mean. Will he abuse his power and bring justice to the High Stakes division? And what stipulation will Flexor choose?

Team Labar members Chris LeRusso & Bulk Nasty will team up to take on the unlikely team of Wardlow & Jimmy Vega$! While Vega$ & Wardlow are two big, mean former IWC World Heavyweight Champions and seem like a good team on paper… keep in mind they were beating the tar out of each other inside a steel cage a little over a year ago. But when the enemy of my enemy is my friend, it makes for strange bedfellows inside the squared circle. LeRusso & Bulk have cost Wardlow & Vega$ the IWC World Heavyweight Title both within the span of two months. Will Wardow & Vega$ get their revenge? What role with the much smaller LeRusso play? What happens with the irresistable force meets the immovable object? Be sure to be ringside at Clearfield Carnage 5 to find out!

What started as a bitter rivalry between two former best friends has turned into a dangerous blood feud between two factions. On one side, Remy Lavey felt his former best friend Keith Haught was weak and he wanted to be part of something strong, so Lavey recruited the brutal Atticus & Otis Cogar to IWC. Haught may have lost his best friend, but he had more than enough friends to back him up in the fight against The Culmination. This came in the form of Jason Tyler & Dan Hooven. Unfortunately, Jason Tyler was taken out by The Culmination. To counter that, Haught & Hooven recruited “The Firebird” Shawn Phoenix to join the fight. Phoenix threw a fireball in Otis’ face, and Otis has not been seen in IWC since. Atticus Cogar wanted revenge for his brother, so after they defeated Hooven & Phoenix, The Culmination attempted to take him out of IWC. Phoenix battled back only to land face first on the floor following a 450 attempt on Atticus, thus fracturing his skull and rupturing his ear drum. When it’s eye for an eye, which man ends up blind first? Can either team afford to lose anymore soldiers? What will happen when The Culmination battles Haught & Hooven in Clearifled?

Former 2-time IWC Super Indy Champion Gory has been having a banner year in IWC. With hard-fought victories over Jeff Cobb, MJF, and Anthony Henry, he is looking to get back into the hunt for the Super Indy Title. Standing in his way is the youngster fresh out of the Iron City Wrestling Academy, “The American Daredevil” Johnny Patch. Patch took Gory’s former training partner, tag team partner, and longtime rival DJZ to the limit in his professional wrestling debut. Will he be able to do the same with Gory and sneak away with a victory? Gory is usually able to instill fear in his opponents, but what happens when his opponent is fearless?

Sadie Gang has taken IWC by storm! Darin Dinero & Colby Redd have found success as a team in IWC thus far, with victories over No Consequences, Hollywood Couture, and a plethora of duos in a four-way tag in September. Now they face their biggest challenge as a team yet: Corey Futuristic and his imaginary friend Billy Ruxpin, members of the Sexy Talented Dudes! Will they be able to keep up the momentum against the STDs? Or will they fall to the Future?

“The ManDime” Elijah Dean will take on “The Country Hammer” Jami Jameson in this battle of total opposites! Where “The ManDime” prefers the finer things in life, pampering himself, working on his tan, and taking care of his pretty face, Jameson could care less about those things. He’s happy with a simpler way of life, hard work in the sun, his farmer’s tan, and doesn’t mind getting punched in the face a few times if he gets his licks in too. Which man’s philosophy will help him in battle and ensure the victory?