IWC returns home to Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA with Winner Takes All 2018! Several matches have been announced so let’s take a look!

Before Jack Pollock successfully defended his IWC World Heavyweight Championship against 5 other competitors in a ladder match at Unbreakable, the wheels were turning for his next title defense. A former IWC World Heavyweight Champion had gotten word of how poorly Pollock has represented IWC as a champion thus far in his title reign. As a result, he reached out to IWC promoter Justin Plummer and Plummer offered him a title match at Winner Takes All on November 10th, if Pollock should successfully defend his title in the ladder match. Pollock did, and shortly after Plummer announced that at Winner Takes All, Jack Pollock defends the IWC World Heavyweight Title in an Extreme Rules match against the “Innovator of Violence”, ECW Original, and former IWC World Heavyweight Champion TOMMY DREAMER! Will Pollock be able to weasel his way out of this one with his championship still around his waist?

After Team Storm defended their IWC Tag Team Titles against the Lethal Enforcers at Unbreakable, they were confronted on the video screen by none other than Mr. Entertainment, RJ City. RJ informed the duo that he was seeking out the IWC Triple Crown after winning the IWC Super Indy and World Heavyweight Titles. To do that, he’d need to win the IWC Tag Team Championship… but his partner was scheduled to be former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, the infamous David Arquette. Unfortunately, Arquette was forced to pull out due to an injury and filming obligations. Instead, RJ has called upon another man seeking the elusive IWC Triple Crown… Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana! Will the two former Super Indy Tournament winners be able to shut Jaxon Argos up once and for all?

Katie Arquette finally gets the shot she feels is long overdue. On November 10th, she challenges IWC Women’s Champion Britt Baker at Winner Takes All! Back in March, Arquette pinned Baker after hitting her with the title belt and was awarded the victory… until a second referee came to the ring to inform the first referee what actually happened. The title and the match were awarded to Baker and Arquette was incensed. Baker hasn’t defended the title since May against Mercedes Martinez at the RISE 7.5: Steel event. In the meantime, the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Silver Screen” has been calling out the champ left and right. After Arquette was awarded the #1 contendership with a win over Jinx and Ray Lyn, the “Mayor of Brittsburgh” finally granted her a shot at the title. Will this finally be Arquette’s moment in the spotlight? Or will Baker’s year-long reign continue?

The IWC Super Indy Championship will be on the line at Winner Takes All as “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham defends the title aganst Dylan Bostic and Gory! The former champion Gory had his chance to regain the title at Proving Ground 7 by facing Super Indy 17 winner Gresham. After working on Gory’s knee furiously the entire match, Gresham smashed Gory’s knee into oblivion and the referee stopped the match and awarded it to Gresham. Gory was able to recover and defeated MJF at Unbreakable. In the meantime, Super Indy 14 winner Bostic returned to IWC and took out two top students of the Iron City Wrestling Academy, Stevie Lebell and Jason Tyler. After Gory’s win over MJF, Bostic attacked and humiliated Gory, and declared himself the #1 contender to the title. IWC management felt differently and after Gory wasn’t pinned and didn’t submit in his match with Gresham, they feld he deserved another shot and a chance at revenge against Bostic. So, on November 10th, Gresham will have to defend against two men! Will he be able to escape with the title? Or will one of these former champions regain the title?

The IWC High Stakes Title will be on the line at Winner Takes All! Whomever the champion may be after November 3rd’s Clearfield Carnage 5 (where current champion Chest Flexor defends against Professor Ryan Dye, Mambo Italiano, and Officer Dan Murphy) will take on PB Smooth, #1 Brian Johnson, and Johnny Patch! Flexor has had some memorable title defenses since winning the title in August. If he is able to retain in Clearfield, he has some dynamic personalities to fend off here. The 7′ giant PB Smooth has yet to make an impact in singles action in IWC, but this would be the perfect platform for him to make a name for himself. #1 Brian Johnson makes his IWC debut! Out of Philadelphia, he likes to call himself the “President of Professional Wrestling”. Finally, there’s Iron City Wrestling Academy “The American Daredevil” Johnny Patch! Patch has been very impressive in his short career thus far. Who will walk away with the championship on November 10th?

The war between Bulk Nasty and Jimmy Vega$ has been brewing for nearly a year. Bulk put Vega$ on the shelf in March and Vega$ was out of action until October at Unbreakable. Vega$ returned as the mystery 6th man in the 6-way ladder match for the IWC World Heavyweight Title, but as he climbed the ladder to grab the championship, Bulk interfered. The two men brawled to the locker room area where they were seperated by several members of security and the IWC roster. The ring will need to be reinforced for this one as the two monsters meet in the squared circle! Which one will walk away with the victory?

Ever since Chris LeRusso superkicked Wardlow at Caged Fury 2018, “the Man With WAR In His Name” has been looking for revenge against LeRusso and Team Labar. With Justin Labar “injured at home until the Wardlow issue has been taken care of,” LeRusso and Bulk Nasty have been trying to take Wardlow out of IWC. Not only did they cost Wardlow the IWC World Heavyweight Championship inside the steel cage, they’re trying to take away his livelihood and professional wrestling career. LeRusso has been trying to attack Wardlow with a steel chair the last several months and has yet to succeed. While Wardlow has the size advantage, LeRusso has the speed advantae, and his cunning veteran instincts. With Bulk preoccupied with Vega$, how will LeRusso fare on his own against Wardlow? Will Wardlow finally put away LeRusso once and for all?

Two graduates of the Iron City Wrestling Academy will meet at Winner Takes All as 2017 graduate Jami Jameson meets 2018 graduate “The Ronin” Stevie Lebell! Lebell only made his professional wrestling debut in September, but he has already impressed IWC officials with his martial arts techniques and his deceptive agility. Jameson has displayed an incredible willingness to sacrifice himself and his body to get a victory in the squared circle, and served as a longtime protege to the recently-retired former 5-time IWC Tag Team Champion Marshall “The Bull” Gambino. Will “Judo combat” beat out the “Country Hammer” on November 10th?

Former IWC World Heavyweight Champion Andrew Palace has challenged Jock Samson to a bullrope match. Unfortunately, Samson will not be in Elizabeth on November 10th. But, Palace has a one-track mind. He has issued an open challenge in the hopes that Jock will change his mind and appear at Winner Takes All anyways to meet him in the ring. Either way, Palace will face off against someone, but who will answer the challenge?

Keith Haught appears to stand alone. When his best friend Remy Lavey turned his back on Haught back in February, several members of the locker room stepped up on Haught’s behalf. But, as they stepped up, they also fell down at the hands of Remy Lavey and his new back-up, the Cogar Brothers. First it was Jason Tyler, then Santana Diamonds. Dan Hooven stood by Haught through it all, and they even recruited Pittsburgh wrestling stand-out Shawn Phoenix to their side. Phoenix helped even the odds as he took out Otis Cogar with a fireball, and we haven’t seen Otis since. Phoenix was taken out in October after going off the top rope through a table on the floor face first, fracturing his skull. From there, Lavey and Atticus Cogar target Hooven’s knee with a hammer, then took him out with a chair in Clearfield. The only man left standing on his side is Keith Haught. On November 10th, he wants to address the IWC fans on where he stands. What will Keith have to say? Will The Culmination be listening?

Kicking off our live event as the fans file in will see two teams looking for a victory as Hollywood Couture takes on The Mane Event! The former IWC Tag Champs Ganon Jones, Jr. & Duke Davis have the size advantage over Calvin Couture & “The ManDime” Elijah Dean. However, Hollywood Couture have a ruthless nature, as well as the “Queen of the Silver Screen” Katie Arquette by their side. Which team will get the win in this special attraction pre-show match?