JANUARY 19th, 2019

Results by JTM – Photos by Damian Lynch

  1. Elijah Dean def. Johnny Patch

  2. John McChesney def. IWC Super Indy Champion Jonathan Gresham to win the title
  3. IWC Women’s Champion Katie Arquette def. Dani Grey
  4. Jaxon Argos won the 16bit Challenge, last eliminating Gory to earn the power of the Reset Button (also entered: Chris LeRusso, Lee Moriarty, Jinx, Mambo Italiano, John Rodin, Dan Hooven, Bulk Nasty, Jimmy Vega$, Paxton Calloway, The Hurricane, RC Dupree, Stevie Lebell, Dave Kich, and Jock Samson)
  5. IWC Tag Team Champions The Mane Event (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.) def. Andrew Palace & DJZ
  6. IWC High Stakes Champion Chest Flexor & The Sexy Talented Dudes (Corey Futuristic, Billy Ruxpin, Pump Ferrari, & Ginger) def. Jami Jameson in a handicap match
  7. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow def. Dylan Bostic

IWC kicked off 2019 with the return of the infamous Reset Button at Reloaded 5.0! After its debut in 2015, Reloaded has become one of the most anticipated events in IWC’s calendar year, and this year’s edition was no different. With a special appearance from Pittsburgh’s own Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle giving IWC his seal of approval, this event was sure to be a special night.

As is tradition, the Reset Button chooses the challengers for every championship match at Reloaded. The first title match of the night was for the IWC Super Indy Championship. After champion Jonatham Gresham made his entrance, the proceedings were interrupted by Dylan Bostic, who insisted that he should get the title shot because he became #1 contender at the Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling Classic back in December. Instead, the Reset Button chose none other than 6-time IWC Super Indy Champion, returning from injury after 18 months, “Big League” John McChesney! Bostic took exception and had words withMcChesney, but wouldn’t be seen for the rest of the bout.

McChesney seemingly hasn’t lost a step inside the squared circle after being out for a year and a half with shoulder surgery. After a sprint with Gresham, McChesney was able to pick up the win with a quick superkick out of nowhere! This marks the record 7th Super Indy Title win for McChesney!

This wasn’t the last we saw of McChesney or Bostic. For the IWC World Heavyweight Title match later in the night, Bostic was chosen by the Reset Button as the opponent for champion Wardlow. When Bostic tried to use a chair against Wardlow, McChesney appeared and stole the chair and ran to the back with it. Frustrated, Bostic grabbed another chair and threw it at the champ, but Wardlow ducked and it hit ref CJ Sensation. While Sensation was out, Bostic tried every underhanded tactic he could to win the title, but eventually he was put down with an All Day Driver from Wardlow, who retained his title!

After the match, as the fans were celebrating Wardlow’s victory and birthday, Bulk Nasty appeared to challenge Wardlow. When Bulk backed down, Wardlow returned to his victory party. But Bulk ran back in and took Wardlow down, planting him with a powerbomb and posing above him with the title belt! These two men will meet on February 16th at Cold Blooded!

In the show-stealer of the night, the IWC Tag Team Champions The Mane Event defended their titles against two men chosen by the Reset Button, Andrew Palace & DJZ! DJZ is the only triple crown champion in IWC history, and a win here would elevate Palace to the same level. The two former IWC World Heavyweight Champions held their own against Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr., despite never having teamed before. In the end, the tag team experience of TME won out over the singles success of Palace & DJZ, but this was surely a fantastic match and huge win for TME!

The IWC High Stakes Title was up for grabs as champion Chest Flexordefended against his Reset Button opponent, “The Country Hammer” Jami Jameson. Flexor had a plan, as the High Stakes Champion picks the stipulation for the title defenses. Instead of Jameson facing Flexor alone, he would have to defeat all the Sexy Talented Dudes (Flexor, Corey Futuristic, Billy Ruxpin, Pump Ferrari, and even Ginger) to win the title. Jameson had someone watching his back as well: Marshall Gambino, who has been assisting the production crew since his retirement in August, stepped in as the special guest referee to ensure the handicap match stayed as fair as possible. The numbers were against them, though. A low blow from Ginger to Jameson behind Gambino’s back ensured the victory for Flexor. Does this signal a change in attitude for the STDs?

IWC Women’s Champion Katie Arquette defended the title in a match against a Reset Button opponent, but ended up with more on her plate than expected. The Reset Button proved its unpredictability as it chose backstage interviewer and Iron City Wrestling Academy trainee Dani Grey to challenge for the title. Grey was given the opportunity to decline, as she hasn’t finished her professional wrestling training yet. But, when Arquette insulted Dani, she put her hair up and squared up, accepting the opportunity at the title! It wasn’t much of a match, however, as the more experienced Arquette took advantage of a mistake and planted Dani with the Falcon Arrow to get the win. After the match, IWC owner Justin Plummer informed Arquette and her entourage that she would still have to defend the title against another Reset Button opponent in February at Cold Blooded…. and the Reset Button chose none other than Madison Rayne!

The most innovative use of the Reset Button came in the form of the 16bit Challenge. There would be 16 competitors chosen by the Reset Button at random intervals. Contestants could be eliminated by pinfall, submission, or over-the-top-rope elimination. The first man to enter was “The Heir Apparent” Chris LeRusso. The second man was “The Apex of Combat” Lee Moriarty, making his surprise IWC debut! Moriarty has been making waves over the last two years in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. Third out was the “Bloody Adorable” Jinx, who wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the men in the match, including #4 Mambo Italiano. #5 John Rodin returned to IWC and broke the first rule (don’t mess with Mambo). Dan Hooven entered at #6 and eliminated LeRusso with The Philly Special. Bulk Nasty changed the mood as he entered at #7 and eliminated Jinx, Mambo, Moriarty, Rodin, and his old rival Hooven.

Bulk was alone in the ring when Jimmy Vega$ entered at #8. After their many battles the last several months, Bulk had Vega$’ number and eliminated him following a low blow. But neither man expected #9, Paxton Calloway. As the 7′ monster from Ohio emerged from the entrance, he towered over Vega$ and even had a head above Bulk, the crowd was in awe. Bulk couldn’t knock over Calloway, but used Calloway’s momentum to topple him over the top rope before we could see anymore between the two. With Bulk nasty running the board, throwing out Vega$ and and even bigger monster in Calloway, who could possibly challenge Bulk Nasty? THE HURRICANE!

Hurricane Helms returned to IWC for the first time since 2001 to a HUGE ovation and was able to chokeslam Bulk and throw him over the top to the floor! Entering next were Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree of Team Storm, who were able to double-team Hurricane and drop him to the floor. Next out was “The Ronin” Stevie Lebell, who wasn’t able to overcome the numbers game of Team Storm. Neither was #14, ring announcer Dave Kich. After Kich shocked the crowd by ripping off his shirt and revealing he’s the world’s most jacked ring announcer, he was hit with a double team Brainstorm and eliminated. #15 fared a little better as “The New Age Plague” Gory hit the ring and was able to fend off both members of Team Storm… until #16 Jock Samson entered the fray as the final entrant of the 16bit Challenge.

Gory was able to eliminate RC Dupree, but was still stuck 2-on-1 against Jaxon & Jock, who formed an uneasy alliance… until Argos knocked Jock onto the ring apron and the two men started trading hands. Gory springboard dropkicked Argos into Jock, who hit the floor and was eliminated. Argos & Gory traded shots back and forth, and tried to eliminate each other. Argos had Gory backed into the ropes when Jock appeared out of nowhere to rope Gory with his bullrope and choke him over the ropes. Argos boosted Gory out to the floor to win the 16bit Challenge. As a result, Jaxon Argos now controls the power of the Reset Button for one year and can shake up the rankings and challenge for anychampionship when he sees fit!

This wasn’t the end of the night for Argos and Team Storm. Jack Pollock had an announcement to make. After shaking hands and making amends with IWC owner Justin Plummer, Pollock announced that he has been wrestling on a bad wheel for the last 10 months and will require surgery that might keep him out of action for a long time. He entrusted Team Storm to continue taking over IWC… and Jaxon Argos laid him out! Argos convinced RC Dupree to put the boots to Pollock as well, proclaiming that they got what they wanted from him and they were done with him. As they posed over the fallen body of their former leader, Team Storm promised to take over IWC once again in 2019… without Pollock.

In other action, Iron City Wrestling Academy graduates “The ManDime” Elijah Dean and “American Daredevil” Johnny Patch opened up the night continuing their game of one-upsmanship. Patch eliminated Dime from the Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling Classic battle royal. Then, Dime beat out Patch to win the 2018 Rookie of the Year. Now, Dime earned a one-on-one victory over Patch, pinning him following a rolling elbow. What will happen on February 16th as the two men do battle in a dream partner tag team match, where Dime has chosen his trainer Chris LeRusso, and Patch has chosen WCW legend GLACIER as his partner?

IWC returns on February 16th with Cold Blooded, featuring Glacier, Madison Rayne, and more! Be sure to join us on March 16th as well, when we celebrate 18 years of IWC with… EIGHTEEN!