IWC returns to our home base of Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA on Saturday night August 10th with our summer annual, Caged Fury 2019! Doors open for VIP ticketholders at 6, with a Facebook Live Free-For-All kickoff show at 6:30, and belltime at 7:00! Tickets are on sale now here! Of course, if you can’t make it live, the event will be broadcast here at on iPPV, and as part of the IWC Network for only $9.99/month!

We previously announced several matches to the card, but we have even more for you today!

We announced that “Perfect10n” Shawn Spears would be making his IWC debut against “The ManDime” Elijah Dean at Caged Fury, but don’t forget there will be a very special pre-show meet & greet with “The Chairman” before the event! This is your only chance to meet Spears at Caged Fury! Tickets are on sale now!

Another steel cage match has been announced for Caged Fury! Gory will team with Johnny Patch to take on The Culmination’s Atticus Cogar & Remy Lavey! Tensions have been rising between Gory and the Culmination in the last few months, and it seemed to come to a head at Threat Level Midnight: The Sequel to the Sequel. Gory was surrounded in the ring by all 3 members of the Culmination, but was saved by Johnny Patch before any serious damage was done. Gory challenged the Culmination to finally have it out inside the steel cage! Will he finally put their issue to rest?

IWC Women’s Champion Katie Arquette will defend the title against the “American Bombshell” Dani Grey! Grey is one of the newest products of the Iron City Wrestling Academy, and made her debut at Proving Ground back in May. That night, Grey scored a pinfall on Arquette during a six-person tag team main event. In the process, Grey suffered a broken wrist that put her on the shelf for several months. Now that she’s back, Grey has been granted a title match against her antagonist! Will Katie’s reign of dominance continue? Or will Grey shock the world once again?

IWC management has finally given into Zander Gabriel’s demands and scheduled him a tag team match with his supposed best friend Bulk Nasty! The duo scored a win over Dan Hooven & Super Hentai at Proving Ground in May, but it seemed to be a very one-sided performance from Bulk. At Caged Fury, they will take on two more rookies from the Iron City Wrestling Academy, Spencer Slade & “Sure Shot” Zach Nystrom! Will Bulk & Zander finally be on the same page?

IWC owner Justin Plummer took to social media and promised a “major announcement” for Caged Fury! He also followed that up with the fact that he got off the phone with an “old friend.” What does Plummer have in store for Caged Fury?

A huge match has been set for the Facebook Live Free-For-All Kickoff Match! “The Country Hammer” Jami Jameson will take on Mambo Italiano! If you can’t make it live to Caged Fury, be sure to check out the Facebook Live kickoff show on the IWC Facebook! Then, follow it up here at by catching the show on iPPV!

Plus previously announced:

At Threat Level Midnight: The Sequel to the Sequel, the next challenger for Jaxon Argos’ IWC World Heavyweight Championship made his presence felt. “Big League” John McChesney defeated Bulk Nasty and declared his intentions to challenge for the title in a steel cage match against the winner of the night’s main event. After Jaxon Argos retained the title thanks to shenanigans from RC Dupree and Josh Alexander, McChesney superkicked Argos and held the title above his prone body. With over 20 cage matches over McChesney’s 18-year career, Argos will need to be at the top of his game to defeat the former 3-time IWC World Heavyweight Champion.  Who will walk out of the cage with the championship?

The IWC Super Indy Championship will be on the line inside the cage as Wardlow takes on “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander! Usually a steel cage would be used to keep other people out… but in this case, the cage will be necessary to keep these two men in! After Wardlow pinned Alexander in the finals of Super Indy 18, Alexander snapped. He attacked Wardlow, stole the Super Indy Title belt, and cost Wardlow the IWC World Heavyweight Title as Jaxon Argos cashed in the Reset Button to win the title… all at once. At Threat Level Midnight: The Sequel to the Sequel, Wardlow attacked Alexander and stole the title back, but then Alexander attacked Wardlow and cost him his rematch against Argos in the main event. Wardlow snapped and it took the entire locker room to keep the two men apart. IWC owner Justin Plummer demanded their rematch take place inside the steel cage! Who will leave Caged Fury as the rightful Super Indy Champion?

When it was announced that “Perfect10n” Shawn Spears was coming to IWC, one man took exception. At Threat Level Midnight, “The ManDime” Elijah Dean called out the man formerly known as Tye Dillinger the only way he knew how… by declaring he’s the only 10 in IWC!  With the “Dime Piece” by his side, will he finish out his rookie year with the biggest victory yet? Or will Spears prove he really is… “Perfect10n”?

Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr. will be looking for revenge as The Mane Event challenges the brand new IWC Tag Team Champions The Regulators for the titles! At Threat Level Midnight: The Sequel to the Sequel, Jock Samson & Chris LeRusso challenged TME for the titles. Officer Dan Murphy appeared at ringside and assisted in Ganon Jones, Jr. tumbling to the floor. With the referee distracted, “The Gavel” David Lawless slipped in the ring and nailed Duke Davis with Jock’s cowbell, giving the Regulators the win… and two new members in Lawless & Order. Will TME be able to regain the titles? Or will lightning strike twice for the Regulators? And what role will Lawless & Order play?

RC Dupree has not defended the IWC High Stakes Title since winning it back in February at Cold Blooded. Sure, he’s come close. He had a match scheduled against Jaxon Argos at Proving Ground 8 in May, but Argos attacked the referee and the match never began. Then, he was scheduled to take on Dan Hooven at Threat Level Midnight: The Sequel to the Sequel, but RC showed up in a neck brace with a doctor’s note claiming he was too injured to wrestle. Now, RC is scheduled to take on his old nemesis Andrew Palace at Caged Fury 2019. Will RC be able to weasel out of this one? Or will he actually defend the championship this time??

All this, plus all the fun and surprises you’ve come to expect from IWC!