High Stakes 3 Quick Results


SEPTEMBER 13th, 2019

Results by Jeremy Klingensmith – Photos by Damian Lynch HERE

1. TME defeated The Regulators to become 3X IWC Tag Team Champions

2. John McChesney defeated The Man Dime Elijah Dean

3. Wardlow defeated Johnny Patch

4. RC Dupree defeated Dan Hooven in a 6 way match with Beastman, Atticus Cogar, Bulk Nasty, and Jami Jameson, to retain the IWC High Stakes Title

5. Jimmy Nutts defeated Dylan Bostic by DQ

6. Andrew Palace defeated Lee Moriarty to snap his losing streak

7. Calvin Couture defeated Katie Arquette in a 6 person tag match with Mambo Italiano and Ziggy Haim with Calvin and Spencer Slade and Zach Nystrom with Katie

8. Jaxon Argos defeated Gory to retain the IWC World Heavyweight title

After the match, Team Storm continued their attack on Gory until Jack Pollock intervened.  Although he couldn’t touch Argos due to the restraining order, he invited Kevin Nash to finish the job!

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