Quick Results from IWC Unbreakable 2019

Quick Results from IWC Unbreakable 2019:

1. Bulk Nasty and Zander Gabriel (Steak and Eggs?) def. Jason Tyler and Keith Haught

2. Man Dime def. Paris Sahara

3. Team Storm introduced their newest member, Rhino! Rhino promised to win the #1 contender contract and rip it up.

4. Dylan Bostic def. Spencer Slade

5. Katie Arquette def. Calvin Couture

6. Dan Hooven def. RC Dupree with the help of Jack Pollock to become new IWC Highstakes Champion!

7. Wardlow made one final appearance to thank the fans and say goodbye in an emotional farewell that we will remember forever.

8. Lebanon Don def. Mambo Italiano after paying him a large sum of money to take an intentional count out.

9. Johnny Patch took advantage of a Josh Alexander leg injury to score the pin and capture the IWC Super Indy Title.

10. Duke Davis def. Chris LeRusso, effectively ending the feud between TME and The Regulators!

11. The Culmination def. Gory in a handicap match by referee stoppage after intentionally injuring him. After the match, Shawn Phoenix made his return to chase off The Culmination and announced that his first match back will be November 2nd!

12. Rhino won the six-man Unbreakable ladder match to become #1 contender to the IWC Heavyweight Championship. Jack Pollock was close to getting the victory before he was taken out by a vengeful RC Dupree. After the match, Rhino broke his deal with JaXon Argos and GORED him through a table. After unveiling that he was playing Argos all along, he set their title match on November 2nd to be EXTREME RULES!

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