1. Jimmy Vegas last eliminated Spencer Slade to win the Clearfield 10 Year Anniversary Battle Royal

2. Andrew Palace pinned Mambo Italiano

3. Bulk Nasty and Zander Gabriel (aka Steak and Eggs, aka Friends no Best Friends, aka Bulk Nasty & Bulk Nasty) defeated The STDs

4. John McChesney pinned Zach Nystrom

5. JaXon Argos pinned Facade to retain the IWC World Heavyweight Championship

6. The Culmination defeated Jami Jameson, Jason Tyler, and Stevie LeBell

7. Johnny Patch defeated The Man Dime by disqualification to retain the IWC Super Indy Championship

8. Kato and Sebastion defeated The Regulators (Chris LeRusso and Officer Dan)

9. Dan Hooven pinned RC Dupree in a Clearfield Street Fight with Jack Pollock as Special Referee after a a plethora of interference and assistance.

The night ended with all of the fan favorites in the ring thanking Clearfield for an amazing 10 years of wrestling!

Thank you to Shawn Tischler and crew for another night full of memories!

Up next, Winner Takes All on November 2nd!

Photo Credit Richard Fancella