Winner Takes All 2019 Quick Results



IWC Winner Takes All 2019 Results:

Free-For-All Match: Hardcore Hooven defeated Jami Jameson in a submission match to retain the IWC High Stakes Championship.

1. Bulk Nasty & Zander Gabriel aka Steak and Eggs aka Bulk Nasty and Bulk Nasty defeated The Regulators (Chris LeRusso & Jock Samson).

2. Dyaln Bostic and Jimmy Nutts wrestled to a no contest when Jimmy Nutts suffered an injury during the match.

3. Johnny Patch pinned The Man Dime to retain the IWC Super Indy Championship. Following the match, Johnny Patch was attacked by a man who resembled Gory. More info on this situation coming soon!

4. Jack Pollock pinned RC Dupree.

5. Brian Cage pinned Andrew Palace.

6. Lebanon Don defeated Jimmy Vegas via count out after he once again paid a large sum on cash to his opponent to take the intentional count out. After the count out, a “man in a Jimmy Vegas Mask” left The Don laying in the middle of the ring with a Cha-Ching Slam.

7. Team Arquette (Katie Arquette, Spencer Slade, Zach Nystrom) defeated Team Twerk (Ray Lyn, Calvin, and Mambo). Katie has now officially earned a rematch for the IWC Women’s Championship.

8. Shawn Phoenix pinned Atticus Cogar. After the match, The Culmination attacked Phoenix and challenged him to a stretcher match on December 7th!

9. The North (Josh Alexander and Ethan Page) defeated The Mane Event (Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr.) in a winner takes all tag team title match. The North retained the Impact World Tag Team Championships, and became NEW IWC tag Team Champions.

10. JaXon Argos pinned Rhino to retain the IWC World Heavyweight Championship in an Extreme Rules Match with help from RC Dupree. After the match, a brawl broke out between Argos and Jack Pollock, and the main event for the second annual Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling Classic was set – JaXon Argos vs. Jack Pollock for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship!

Thank you EVERYONE for an unbelievable, history making night!

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