IWC Reloaded 6.0 on January 18th!

The infamous RESET BUTTON is back on January 18th for the most unpredictable night in all of professional wrestling when IWC presents Reloaded 6.0!

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New to the IWC? Want to know how this event works? It’s easy! For one night only, every IWC Champion will defend their title versus opponents that are randomly selected by the infamous Reset Button.  The Reset Button is a computer that is programmed to erase all existing IWC Championship Contender standings and choose a NEW randomly generated #1 contender! That contender receives a title shot ON THE SPOT!  And the most exciting part is that ANYONE can show up?  Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below to see some of the most shocking Reset Button selections from our past events:

Even more exciting, the 16-bit challenging will return again this year! The winner of this match will receive the power of the Reset Button for one full year! This means, at any point, they can activate the Reset Button and receive a shot at any IWC title of their choice, on the spot! This match was so exciting last year, that it was a finalist for match of the year.  Take a look at the full match from last year below:

We have already heard that at least one former WWE Superstar plans to be in the locker room in hopes of being selected by the Reset Button! We hope to see you at The Court Time Sports Center on January 18th for IWC Reloaded 6.0!

The following Reset Button Title Matches have been signed.  Who will be the lucky challengers selected by the Reset Button?


PLUS, When The New Team Big League came together at our last event, they left two major casualties in Andrew Palace and Spencer Slade. IWC management has decided to give these two men revenge, but they won’t be outnumbered! The RESET BUTTON will even the odds!

“The Cologne Connoisseur” Chase Gold is the best smelling man in pro wrestling. He’s a former R&D scent consultant for the top perfume companies in the world, but he’s now on a mission to freshen up the IWC with his signature musk, and he has demanded to start with IWC Legend, Jimmy Vegas! But the only thing Vegas smells is a chance to welcome this rookie to the business the old fashioned way! Will Chase get a sniff of success on January 18th, or will Vegas end this rookies career before it can begin?!

Finally, come early for this special Facebook Live attraction at 6:30 PM! After impressive rookie debuts last month, Anthony Young, Vic Braun, and Miles Monroe will get another opportunity to prove themselves on January 18th! But they will have to find a way to work together, because they will be facing three members of The Culmination, a brotherhood that has their sights set on taking over the IWC in 2020!

Don’t miss the most exciting and unpredictable night of the year! If you can’t be there live, join us on the IWC Network or iPPV and watch LIVE from the comfort of your own home! Subscribe to watch!