IWC Superstar of the Decade!

Over the past few weeks, we have been crunching numbers and statistics for all of the top stars throughout the last ten years in IWC to objectively determine the IWC SUPERSTAR OF THE DECADE! We used the following point system to rank the top stars in IWC:

  • Each IWC World Heavyweight Championship Reign – 200 points
  • Each day as IWC World Heavyweight Champion – 2 points
  • Each IWC Super Indy Championship Reign – 100 points
  • Each day as IWC Super Indy Champion – 2 points
  • Each IWC Women’s Championship Reign – 200 points
  • Each day as IWC Women’s Champion – 1 point
  • Each IWC Tag Team Championship Reign – 100 points
  • Each day as IWC Tag Team Champion – 1 point
  • Super Indy Tournament Winner Bonus – 150 points
  • Bonus for each record/special accomplishment – 75 points

The scoring has been calculated, and by the slimmest of margins, the IWC Superstar of the decade has been determined!

Congratulations to “Big League” John McChesney, your IWC Superstar of the decade!  With an impressive THREE IWC World Heavyweight Title reigns and THREE IWC Super Indy title reigns this decade, John McChesney is the top scorer.  Big League scored 2,723 points, which was just good enough to edge out our runner-up, Wardlow, who came VERY close with 2,702 points.

“Big League” was one of the only IWC stars to be a mainstay in the company every year throughout the decade.  From 2010 through 2019,  McChesney had memorable feuds and matches with the likes of Jimmy DeMarco, Logan Shulo (WWE’s Elias), Dalton Castle, Rhino, Jimmy Nutts, Adam Cole, Chris LeRusso, Wardlow, The Fraternity, JaXon Argos, and more!  McChesney also holds the record for total IWC Super Indy Title reigns, and is one of only four men to hold the IWC World Heavyweight Championship three times.

Check out our full standings below! IWC Wrestling is going on nineteen years of operation, with these past ten being instrumental in growth and popularity. Congratulations to all of the superstars who made this list and have been part of a memorable and historic run!

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