IWC and MAMSPAC are very disappointed to announce the cancellation of IWC Night of the Superstars 9. We worked hard to find a way to bring you this ninth annual school fundraising event, but decided that we could not present an event of this magnitude in these uncertain times.

We are working hard to ensure this same lineup of Superstars is available when we eventually do hold this event on APRIL 10, 2021. Save the date!

Refunds for tickets ordered via PayPal will be automatically processed over the next two weeks.

If you purchased your tickets at Sheetz locations in Meadville, please return your ticket to that site for your refund.

We hope to see you back on April 10, 2021. In the meantime, we will miss our friends in Meadville. You can keep up with us on social media, and with a subscription to the IWC Network at Please take care!