IWC is very disappointed to announce the cancellation of IWC Caged Combat 2020. We worked hard to find a way to bring you this event, but due to recent guidance from the United States Government, we cannot move forward with the event.

IWC will return to Clearfield in November 2020, and your pre-orderes tickets will automatically roll forward to our November event. If you would rather have a refund, please email

We hope to see you back in November 2020. In the meantime, we will miss our friends in Clearfield. You can keep up with us on social media, and with a subscription to the IWC Network at

As of present time, IWC plans to return on May 2nd in White Oak, PA with IWC Proving Ground 9! Tickets are available at! Please note that this event is not part of the Court Time Season Pass package as it will be held at The White Oak Athletic Association.