Debut Episodes of IWC Spotlight & Bulk’s Book Club!

The IWC Network is excited to announce two new exclusives, free to you for a limited time before moving exclusively to the IWC Network with the rest of our unique and exclusive content!

In our first ever episode of “IWC Spotlight”, Nick Lendl and Justin Plummer interview Channing Decker and take a deep dive into his career, including NEVER before told stories!  Decker holds the IWC records, along with Trent Gibson, for the longest individual tag team title reign AND the most cumulative days as tag team champion!  He also runs Toronto’s famous Greektown Wrestling, and just returned from a tour of Japan!  You can’t miss this EXCLUSIVE peak behind the curtain of one of the best in the game today!

Who says Bulk can’t read?! In this premiere episode of “Bulk’s Book Club”, watch Bulk tackle the classic, Green Eggs and Ham. Do you agree with this scholar’s critique?!