New IWC Network Shows Available Now!

During the Government mandated shutdown of small business, IWC has been doing everything we can to create content for out beloved fans!  This week, we have a ton of new IWC Network exclusive episodes for you!  Check it out for free for a limited time right here!  To see ALL episodes (and a TON of historical events from our 19-year history), be sure to subscribe to The IWC Network!

IWC Zander Zone

The IWC Network hit, IWC’s Zander Zone, is back for a second episode! This time, see two explosive personalities compete as IWC Women’s Champ Ray Lyn faces Jock Samson, hosted by Zander Gabriel!

IWC Spotlight with Nick Lendl

In this episode of IWC Spotlight, Nick Lendl and Justin Plummer interview Hardcore Hooven and take a deep dive into his career, including NEVER before told stories! How did he meet Justin Plummer? What national televisions shows was he on before he broke into wrestling? How’d he get his start? Plus, college stories and so much more!

Bulk’s Book Club

Who says Bulk can’t read?! After a CONTROVERSIAL episode one, Bulk is back to review “Everybody Poops”! He get a little classy, but puts our censors to the test! Do you agree with this review?

Wrestling with Quarantine

Things seem to be getting worse before they are getting better for The Lebanon Don. Will he finally find a way to reclaim his wealth?!