Pillman Wins Super Indy, Full Results

IWC Super Indy 19 was another one for the history books as 8 of the best professional wrestlers in North America came together to compete for the prestigious IWC Super Indy Championship in this 19th annual tournament.  While Lee Moriarty have have stolen the show, particularly with his second round victory over former tournament winner Josh Alexander, he may have been too worn down by the time he faced the red hot Brian Pillman, Jr.  In the end, Pillman outlasted the 7 other competitors to permanently secure his name in the historic record books as Super Indy Tournament Champion.  In an emotional moment, Pillman gave tribute to his legendary father as he stood with his new title in the center of the ring under the bring lights of the beautiful Washington Wildthings Stadium.  This will be a moment that will be remembered forever!  The full bracket played out as follows:

In addition to this amazing tournament, IWC Women’s Champion Ray Lyn successfully defended her title vs. the debuting Dani Mo in a fast paced, exciting contest!

Later in the night, Andrew Palace, Bill Collier, Anthony Young, and Spencer Slade were set to take on Jock Samson, Angelik, The Man Dime, and Mambo Italiano in an IWC All-Star Showcase match.  However, before the match started, Jock Samson declared that he would no longer wrestle for IWC until he got (what he claimed) to be a rightful re-match for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship.  Jock assigned the newest Regulator, Deputy Don Murphy, to be his replacement in the match.  In the end, Andrew Palace was able to score the pinfall victory to launch his team to victory!

An incredible night took a horrible turn for the worse when the highly anticipated IWC World Heavyweight Title match was set to begin.  In what was promoted as one of the biggest rematches in IWC history, Pollock vs. Vegas II was interrupted once again by an angry Jock Samson and The Regulators.  As Jock and The Regulators forced their way through security to ringside, a prideful Vegas challenged Jock to join the title match in a 3-way elimination match!  Jock joined Pollock and Vegas, and the no-holds-barred battle began.  After brawling all over Washington Wildthings Park, the most shocking moment of the night occurred.  The Champion, Jimmy Vegas, was eliminated.  It took two cowbell shots to the head from Jock, a mafia kick from Pollock, and the weight of both men to make the pin, but it was official.  The champ was out and a new champ would be crowned.  After MUCH controversy, The Regulators took advantage of the no-DQ stipulation and took down Jack Pollock in a Five-on-One onslaught.  While staring into the eyes of IWC Owner Justin Plummer, Jock Samson placed one foot on the chest of Pollock as the referee counted to three.  Jock Samson became the new IWC Champion.

It didn’t take long for Jock to declare that he would make good on his promise.  Next Saturday, he will drive the IWC title to Harrisburg, hand it over to the governor, and shut down the IWC once and for all.

Will IWC find a way to stop The Regulators and save the company?  Will Saturday’s event at The Brownsville Drive-In be the final event in IWC History?  Find out with tickets here.

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