Wrestling At The Ballpark Results!

1. Money Shot and Young Tony def. Atticus Cogar and The Culmination.

2. Tito Oric won a #1 contender battle royal to earn a shot at Andrew Palace for the IWC Championship later in the night. He last eliminated RC Dupree with the help off his boss, The Lebanon Don. The Don and Tito continued their assault on RC after the match before Andrew Palace made the save! (also entered in the battle royal: RC Dupree, Lebanon Don, Cole Karter, Marshall Gambino, Mambo Italiano, Alexander Apollo, Thicc Vic Braun, VJ Hales, Miles Monroe, Preston Everest, Julian Jay, Hardcore Hooven, Jami Jameson, Chris LeRusso, David Lawless, Esq., Deputy Don Murphy, Good Neighbor John, Malakai Gage, and Lucio Deveer)

3. Katie Arquette def. Queen Aminata to retain the IWC Women’s Championship.

4. The Mane Event def. Johnny Patch and Jayce Karr.

5. “Big Time” Bill Collier def. Angelik to retain the IWC Super Indy Championship.

6. Jock Samson def. Bulk Nasty in a bullrope match with significant interference from The Regulators.

7. Josh Alexander def. Spencer Slade in a very close contest to retain the Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship. After the match Alexander extended his hand to Slade as a show of respect, only to take a cheap shot from Slade.

8. Andrew Palace def. Tito Oric to retain the IWC World Heavyweight Championship as the rain started to come down hard. The Lebanon Don once again tried to interfere, but was neutralized by a vengeful RC Dupree.

IWC Wrestling at the Ballpark is available NOW on the IWC Network! Thank you all for an incredible night!