IWC Reloaded 7.0 Results

IWC Reloaded 7.0 carried the tradition of being the most unpredictable night in wrestling, with many major surprises and historic moments!  Replays are available  right now on the IWC Network at and FITE TV!
Results as follows:
1. TME defeated Swole Patrol to become #1 contenders to the N.E.W. Tag Team Championships on July 9th and Superstar Showdown!
2. Bill Collier retained the IWC Super Indy Championship by defeating Mance Warner and Matthew Justice in a triple threat match when he pinned Mance. After the match, Justice challenged Collier to an extreme rules match on July 17 at IWC FITE NITE, and he’s bringing ECW Legend Bill Alfonso with him!
3. The Lebanon Don defeated Nick Lendl to retain the IWC High Stakes Championship. After the match, he and Tito continued their assault on Lendl until RC Dupree, Cole Karter, and Alexander Apollo made a valiant save.
4. Money shot defeated The Sexy Fireman and WWE Legend Bushwhacker Luke after multiple distractions by The Dime Piece caused Luke to chase her off leaving The Sexy Fireman to take the 2 to 1 defeat. After the match, The Sexy Fireman and Bushwhacker Luke got revenge in a memorable way!
5. Bulk Nasty won the 16-Bit challenge and the power of the Reset Button which grants him a shot at any IWC Championship, at any time and any place! Bulk last eliminated Spencer Slade, who entered at #1 and went coast to coast. Young Tony finished in third placed, and Cole Karter rounded out the final four. Other highlights included WWE Legend Henry O. Godwinn dumping his bucket of slop on Chase Gold and Ella Shae, and the long awaited return of Jack Pollock – who has singled out Chris LeRusso as the man who attacked him last December! Entry order of the participants chosen at random was follows:
Spencer Slade
Keith Haught
Cole Karter
Chris LeRusso
Julian Jay
WWE Legend Henry O. Godwinn
Chase Gold
RC Dupree
Young Tony
Hardcore Hooven
Jack Pollock
Jock Samson
Alexander Apollo
Calvin Couture
Bulk Nasty
6. Katie Arquette defeated Jody Threat to retain the IWC Women’s Championship. Near the end of the match, Threat attempted to use Katie’s own championship belt as a weapon against her, but AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker made the surprise save and helped her old friend secure the title defense. Britt and Katie celebrated together with their respective championship titles!
7. Andrew Palace defeated Derek Dillinger with a roll-up to retain the IWC World Heavyweight Championship. After the match Derek attacked Palace, leaving him laying in the ring. At this point, Bulk Nasty arrived wasting no time to cash in on his title opportunity via the Reset Button, but before he could press the button, Jack Samson and The Regulators attacked! Palace and Bulk were able to fend off The Regulators, but Jock stole the Reset Button from Bulk in the process.