Fight Night Results!

Before the event, Swole Patrol attacked Brotherly Love as the new duo from Philly attempted to serve cheesesteaks to the crowd.

  1. RC Dupree, Alexander Apollo, & Cole Karter (w/ Nick Lendl) def. Tito Oric & IWC Tag Team Champions Money Shot (Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom) (w/ Lebanon Don & The Dime Piece) when Karter pinned Oric.
  2. The Mane Event (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.) def. The Runway (Calvin Couture & Tyler Klein)
  3. IWC Women’s Champion Katie Arquette def. Allie Katch
  4. Spencer Slade def. Philip Archer. After the match, a mysterious video played on the screen and Archer disappeared from the ringside area.
  5. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Andrew Palace def. Derek Dillinger
  6. Chase Gold (w/ Ella Shae) def. Henry O. Godwinn after Derek Dillinger hit Godwinn with his clapboard. Before the match, Godwinn & Dillinger had a staredown in the entranceway. After the bout, Chase & Ella stole Godwinn’s slop bucket!
  7. Hardcore Hammer Time (Hardcore Hooven & Jami Jameson) vs. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) was ruled a no-contest as the two teams brawled before the match could even begin. As the Gambinos retreated, HHT attacked several IWC staff members in the ring for holding them back.
  8. Bulk Nasty (w/ Zander Gabriel) def. Jock Samson (w/ The Regulators). As a result, Bulk Nasty retained the Reset Button and The Regulators were forced to disband!
  9. Jack Pollock def. Chris LeRusso. After the match, Pollock demanded to know if Chris LeRusso didn’t attack him in December, then who did? The lights went out, and when they came back on, a giant 6’5″ man appeared in the ring and stared Pollock down until a masked man attacked Pollock from behind. The masked man revealed himself to be none other than Pollock’s former Team Storm teammate RC Dupree!
  10. Matthew Justice (w/ Bill Alfonso) def. IWC Super Indy Champion “Big Time” Bill Collier to win the title in one of the most explosive No Disqualification matches in IWC history! This one must be seen to be believed! After the match, the two men agreed to run the match back again on August 14th, 2021, but this time inside a 15 foot high STEEL CAGE!