IWC Reloaded on January 22nd!

The most unpredictable night in professional wrestling is back on January 22nd and Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA when IWC present RELOADED!  Anyone can show up when IWC’s champions defend their titles against mystery opponents randomly selected by the infamous RESET BUTTON!  At past IWC Reloaded events, WWE Legends, current television stars, and surprises from IWC’s past have all been selected to make surprise appearances and challenge for IWC gold!  Who will show up this year?!


It’s not an easy night for our champions, as their championship advantage is thrown out the window when the RESET BUTTON chooses their opponents, right there on the spot, with no time to prepare! ANYONE can walk out of this event on January 22nd with IWC gold!

And if you thought the Royal Rumble was exciting, you won’t want to miss IWC’s 16-BIT CHALLENGE!  16 competitors will be chosen by the Reset Button at random intervals in this gauntlet style match.  Elimination occurs by pinfall, submission, or by being thrown over the top rope and onto the arena floor.  The winner of this match wins the power of the Reset Button, meaning that they can reset the championship standings and give themselves an immediate title match for ANY IWC title, at any place or any time!  But don’t take our word for how exciting this is, check out one of the past 16-Bit Challenge matches below.  Who will show up this year?!

Don’t miss the most unpredictable and exciting night of the year on January 22nd as new, shocking surprises are unleashed and Pittsburgh Wrestling Memories are made!