IWC’s IGNITION proved to be as explosive as the name suggests, with surprise returns, surprise outcomes, and surprise dinosaurs?  You can re-live the event right now with a subscription to the IWC Network, or catch the replay on FITE TV!

Launching off the event, the Rad Boyz (Jake Wily and Braden Elliott), along with Jason Tyler, were accompanied to the ring by ‘Rad Rex’ – Jake and Braden’s pet lizard who drank a case of Energy drinks.  Still, the new Culmination (Gory, Remy LaVey, and Philip Archer) would prove to be as organized as they are devious by dismantling the Rad Boyz and Jason Tyler, and earning the victory.

Jock Samson defeated the “Peak Athlete” Preston Everest thanks to a some of his own high flying, but also a miscue from Preston’s good bud Johnny Patch.

Just before Ashley D’Amboise was set to defend the IWC Women’s Championship against Ella Shae, the Queen of the Silver Screen Katie Arquette would return and demand she be added to the match, making it a Triple Threat match.  With persistence and precision, Ashley D’Amboise would pin Katie Arquette and retain the IWC Women’s Championship.

The Mane Event (TME) retained the IWC Tag Team Championships by defeating the team of Iron Mike Bonner and Julian Jay.

Derek Dillinger defeated Anthony Young, defending his Super Indy Championship.  After the match ended, Derek Dillinger, Elijah Dean, and Zach Nystrom attempted to beat down Anthony Young but would be interrupted by Andrew Palace and Jack Pollock.  An enraged Andrew Palace would be escorted from the building after striking an IWC referee.

Alexander Apollo defeated Jaxon Argos to retain the IWC Highstakes Championship.  After Argos complained he wasn’t able to win the Reset Button last month, the Greek God Apollo would choose a “16-Bit Rules” stipulation and win by throwing Argos over the top rope.

The Team of Spencer Slade, with Justin Labar, and Tito Oric defeated “Big Time” Bill Collier and Jimi the Hippie with an ankle lock from Spencer Slade.  Bill Collier and Spencer Slade will look to settle their rivalry next month at IWC’s Twenty One event.

RC Dupree and Eddie Knoxxx defeated Steak N Eggs, IWC Heavyweight Champion Bulk Nasty and Zander Gabriel.  RC Dupree attacked Zander Gabriel before the bell, causing medical to take Zander to the locker room.  After Bulk Nasty would be double teamed and even busted open, Zander would return to save his Best Friend.  However, a big boot from RC Dupree would reinjure Zander and give Dupree the opening for an easy pin, and now a claim for an IWC Heavyweight Championship match.

Big League John McChesney defeated the Man Dime Elijah Dean.  After a Super Kick would miss Elijah Dean and hit the referee, chaos would follow.  First, Zach Nystrom would summon out Tito Oric to break McChesney.  Then, Anthony Young would attack Tito Oric to help McChesney.  To aid Elijah Dean, Derek Dillinger would strike Anthony Young with the Super Indy title.  But Jack Pollock would knock Derek out of the ring and cheer on Big League.   While the Cover Girl Julia Lynn checked on Anthony Young, McChesney would land a Super Kick directly in Elijah Dean’s face and secure a pinball victory.

You can watch this entire event right now on the IWC Network, and get tickets to our 21st Anniversary Event on March 19th to see what happens next – both at!