IWC  turned TWENTY-ONE and the we couldn’t have asked for a better birthday!  From the lowest of low blows to the highest Spine Busters, IWC celebrated TWENTY-ONE years of the best Professional Wrestling.  You can re-live the event right now with a subscription to the IWC Network.


The Mane Event (TME) retained the IWC Tag Team Championships by defeating the Philly and Marino Experience (PME).

Jock Samson defeated former Super Indy Champion Johnny Patch thanks to missed Shooting Star from the High-Flying Daredevil.  Jack Samson would take advantage and defeat the second of Good Bud.

With Remy LaVey missing and Dior Castro returning for a brief distraction, the team of Brotherly Love were able to sneak a roll-up pin against the Culmination and continue their undefeated streak in IWC.

Ella Shae lost to Queen Aminata due to Chase Gold, Ella’s husband, throwing in the towel and surrendering on her behalf.  There’s no word on who drove home.

Derek Dillinger defended the Super Indy Championship by defeating Andrew Palace, but not without help.  Katie Arquette would interfere to protect Palace – or so we thought!  Katie Arquette shocked the IWC Faithful in attendance by delivering a low blow to Andrew Palace and causing him to lose his match.

‘Hardcore’ Daniel Hooven, still recovering from shoulder surgery, made a huge announcement after intermission.  Accompanied by his tag team partner Jami Jameson, Daniel Hooven announced he would be retiring from the IWC.  After 10 years of photography and wrestling, Daniel Hooven leaves as the only IWC High Stakes Champion in history to be endorsed by Shane Douglas.

Alexander Apollo defended the IWC High Stakes Championship by defeating Mambo Italiano in a ‘2-Count’ stipulation match.

Bill Collier defeated Spencer Slade in a Best 2 Out of 3 Falls.  While the first fall came from Slade in the opening minutes, Collier would comeback winning 2 pin falls straight.  Slade reluctantly shook Collier’s hand after the match.

Elijah Dean, Tito Oric, and Lebanon Don defeated Jack Pollock, Anthony Young, and John McChesney.  With Derek Dillinger baiting Jack Pollock away from the match, Elijah Dean literally caught Anthony Young off guard and deliver a monster Spine Buster.

Bulk Nasty defended the IWC Heavyweight Championship by defeating the ‘Wolf of IWC’ RC Dupree.  Still Dizzy from a cane shot to the head, Bulk managed to deliver a BulkBomb to Dupree for the count of three.  After the match, Elijah Dean and Zach Nystrom beat down Bulk, prepared activate the Reset Button on the Champ.  Big Time Bill Collier would save Bulk, but perhaps leave warning for who Bulk can expect next.


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