CAGED FURY 2022 Results

CAGED FURY 2022 would end with the IWC Heavyweight Champion Elijah Dean narrowly escaping an enraged Bill Collier, but a victorious Money Shot in WAR GAMES.  The IWC returned home to the Marx Court Time venue and brought a steel cage, new debuts, and a little bit of Whiz!!  You can re-live the event right now with a subscription to the IWC Network.


The Pre-Event Special Attraction featured The Good Budz (Johnny Patch and Preston Everest) defeating Glenn Spectre & Gerard Garrett in tag team competition..

1)   Bill Collier competed in a 3-man Gauntlet match, defeating Chase Gold, Remy LeVay, and a returning Jami Jameson

2)  Kilff Klepto, dressed as Jaxon Argos, defeated Jaxon Argos.  Argos still refused to shake the hand of a member of Brotherly Love

3)  Alexander Apollo retained his IWC High Stakes Championship in a classic Wrestling match as Jock Samson

4)  Cole Karter announced he sustained an injury during Superstar Shodown 3, but will be healed and entering the annual Super Indy Tournament on October 8th

5)  Spencer Slade defeated Ashton Day with an ankle lock submisison

6)  Andrew Palace defeated Steve Pena, Katie Arquette’s handpicked opponent.  Palace would thwart a low-blow attempt from Katie, but choose not to physically retaliate.

7)  The Lebanon Don & Tito Oric defeated Julian Jay & RJ Booker, retaining their (Disputed) IWC Tag Team Championships

8)  Ashley D’Amboise retained her IWC Women’s Championship against Ray Lyn, inside of a steel cage

9)  The team of Money Shot (Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom) & Derek Dillinger defeated John McChesney, Jack Pollock, and Anthony Young insde of WAR GAMES, inside of a steel cage.  After the match, Bill Collier would tear off the cage door and send Money Shot climbing over the cage to escape.


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