Super Indy 21 Results!!

Cole Karter is the first and only back-to-back IWC Super Indy Tournament winner and you’re new IWC Super Indy Champion. Through Heavyweights and Madmen, Cole Karter won his second Super Indy Tournament dethroning Derek Dillinger! Andrew Palace made a “guest appearance” and the IWC Heavyweight Champion Elijah Dean served Bill Collier a Knuckle sandwhich.   You can re-live the event right now with a subscription to the IWC Network.
1) Cole Karter defeated Brian Pillman Jr., via Pinfall
2) Dak Draper defeated Dalton Castle, via Disqualification
3) Channing Decker deafeated Calvin Tankman, via Tap out
4) Derek Dillinger defeated Delirious, via Pinfall
5) Cole Karter defeated Dak Draper, via Pinfall
6) Derek Dillinger defeated Channing Decker, via Pinfall
7) Ashley D’Amboise defeated Katie Arquette to retain her IWC Women’s Championship, via Pinfall
8.) Bill Collier, Anthony Young, & TME defeated Jock Samson, Spencer Slade, & Money Shot. Money Shot attacked Bill Collier and Anthony Young after the match.
9) Cole Karter defeated Derek Dillinger, via Pinfall. Cole Karter is the winner of the 21st Super Indy Tournamenet, and first ever back-to-back tournament winner!
Prepare for IWC’s Winner Takes All on Saturday Novmeber 5th!